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Artist Features: MongoBongo [Exclusives]

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Saying Mongo Bongo is different from other 3DX artists is not giving him enough credit. Let’s be honest: He doesn’t play it safe. Mongo has created a style that’s fun, different, and at times, head turning. You’ll never know what to expect from him. From demons to monsters to even a turkey (!), you’re definitely gonna be surprised by what you see. But while you might wonder what the hell is going on, you can’t help but love what Mongo has done. He creates a vivid design with girls that pop out in front of you. As the old adage goes, just when you think you know the answers, Mongo Bongo changes the questions.

Let’s start with the name, how did you come up with Mongo Bongo?

It was a name used once for a stereotypical Barbarian character in a RPG. It’s funny and has a nice rhyme to it that makes it easy to remember. So just sorta ran with it.

Give us a bit of background about you and when and how you entered the 3DX field?

Hmmm… Got into it about 5 years ago or so. Had always wanted a program to help with poses for my very amateur-ish art. Found Poser, and never picked up a pencil again. In any case, started over at Renderosity, then found Renderotica, and it just sorta spiraled from there.

What country are you from and how popular is 3DX over there?

From the United States of America (though other countries are looking more and more appealing these days :-P). And apparently it’s fairly popular as almost half my blog views come from North America.

What in your eyes makes 3DX special compared to regular porn? Where do you see 3DX heading in the future?

Well the fact that you can do a heck of alot more in 3DX than you can in real life makes it pretty damn awesome to me. Monsters, spaceships, etc. Plus it’s alot easier to go back and repose/relight/fix things than in real life too. As for the future? Depends on how many CGI movies continue to get made. Raise a generation used to seeing those sort of things and it will become ALOT more popular.

About your art. In your own words how would you describe it?

3D porn. With a hentai bent. (For me there is a difference between porn and art. And what I do is more along the lines of porn.)

Let’s get straight to it! Congratulation on the opening of the big event! Your pay site! What was the motivation behind it and are you excited about it finally seeing the light of day?

Yay! Yeah pretty happy with it. Was fun figuring out the code and layout for it. I’ve been bouncing around the idea for awhile. It’s still got alot of room to grow, but it’s already done better than I ever thought it would at this point.

For those interested in joining. What can they expect to find on the inside?

Currently 10 sets and over 200 pics. With a new set being added every week!

You seem to work with a wide variety of girls and characters? What kind of girl do you like working with most and which are you favorite characters?

Yeah tons of different characters! Like working with the  most? Hot ones I guess. LOL. Hard to say as I have a great appreciation for all types of body styles and looks. As for my one favorite character, it’d be my poster-girl Amilee. Been working on a story/comic idea for her for a long time. Really need to get around to starting that project one of these days!

As with the variety in your characters there’s lot of range to your settings from fantasy to scifi to horror? How do you select your projects and subjects?

Mostly whatever piques my interest at the time. Influence from movies, books, doujins, whatever. It gives me lots of freedom. Downside is I got alot of half-done pieces. But whenever I get the feel for it I can always go back and pick it up later.

It’s quite obvious that monsters and creatures of all sorts are the subject of choice when it comes to those on the giving end! What is the fascination and what creatures are in store for us that you haven’t as yet explored?

It’s the advantage of 3DX! I can do all sorts of stuff that can’t be done easily in real porn. So I tend to make the most of it. And a lifetime of hentai probably hasn’t helped. LOL. As for what’s coming up? Got some more Resident Evil stuff I want to finish. ALOT more fantasy stuff – more of the wood elf girl, a new drow girl, the knight chick, etc. Also some video game related ideas bouncing about. Plus some more sci-fi sets – my Ryoko character, Warhammer40K, Clone Wars, and more. (I keep a list of all the ideas I’ve liked!)

Who or what serves as your muse or inspiration?

Like I said, moives, books, games, etc. As for particular artists, there is of course our local circle of blogs – Epoch, Vaesark, Zzomp, Hitman, KnightShinesBright, Fullytank, Neba, Zafo, and Spike are among my favorites. Other favorite 3d artists include InverseKinematics, Masat, Chimera46, Stimuli, and of course the incredible Darkway. (I hate doing lists like these cuz I always end up forgetting people LOL). For non-3d nobody beats Masamune Shirow! Also a big fan of Dr Graevling, James Lemay, Legio, and REIQ.

For the aspiring artists out there, tell us a bit about your work flow, what tools you use and how a project develops from start to finish?

My workflow? Oh man, my workflow is kinda terrible and all over the place most of the time. But when I do commissions I buckle down and get to it, so I’ll use that as an example instead. My tools are Poser 7 (waiting for Poser 2012), Photoshop CS4, and a perverted imagination.

First step is to get the character concept together – general description, influence pics, and the like. Do a mock-up of the character with morphs and clothing. If everything looks good then the real work begins – textures and Poser material room. I spend alot of time altering textures in Photoshop or at least creating masking layers for other textures. And also modifying the nodes in the material room to get the right look or combination. Then comes posing, which is really one of the easier parts. Just some detail work in getting hands and feet right. Then camera angles which can be a pain. (Helpful hint for Poser – use a 20 to 35mm lens instead of the defaults.) And for lighting I generally use an ambient light of 80 luminosity, a near white front overhead light, a colored backlight, and occasionally a range-limited spotlight parented to the camera if it’s a dark scene. Then do some draft test renders to make sure everything is good. If it works, do the final render at near max settings. Hopefully that doesn’t take all day.

Then save as a png, import to Photoshop and do postwork. Cuz no matter how much you try, you are always gonna have some poke thru or something that doesn’t look quite right (long hair is the worst for this). So fix things with some clone stamp and smudge work. Do any cum/fluid effects (which is a total bitch to try and get right!). Then finally color and contrast correction, apply a frame, and signature tag.

On a different note. What’s your view on the divide between Poser and Daz3D. Which camp do you belong to and how do you see things evolving between DazStudio 4/V5 and Poser Pro?

Personally I use Poser simply cuz that’s what I originally bought and am used to. I don’t really fall into any camp per se. Always found the arguments to be silly. Every program has it’s ups and downs. I tend to recommend DazStudio to noobs cuz the base program is free (which is the biggest selling point). Never used it myself though. But from what I’ve seen, DazStudio might be a better program with all the plug-ins you can buy for it. It seems to have a better engine for doing realistic light. Though since my stuff tends to have a more “toon” feel I don’t need it so much. As to how they evolve? Not sure. We’ll see how Poser 2012 does I guess.

What are you plans for the near future?

Moar porn! Really just keep hitting my sets each week and enjoying doing this stuff.

Any last words for the Affect3d viewers?


Where can we find out more about you?



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  1. Love your stuff, bro. Always ‘different’ which makes it so cool. And your postwork style (with the bold lines) is definitely a stylistic look all your own. Kudos, my friend!

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