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Artist Gallery: Fullytank’s Paladin Returns [Exclusives]

We heard what you had to say, you wanted to see more of Fullytank. And so he’s back by popular demand. This time Fullytank presents us with another set featuring the Paladin!

The Paladin finds herself in a dangerous situation, outnumbered by werewolf creatures who have become filled with desire at the sight of the scantily-clad knight. She tries to fight her way through the creatures, but she’s no match for the creatures as they take her down with ease.  With the Paladin on the ground with her ass up, the beasts begin to sate their lust…


Keep checking the site as we’ll be featuring more of Fullytank’s works here on Affect3D!


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  1. rodny

    I’m new to ;your work and think your paladin series is fantastic. I am having trouble finding where your full series are posted. I have been to Hentai Foundry, Affected and Deviant. I have the Chalice, Fight and the werewolves. I have seen some of the Military Gal and the Apprentice. I have searched Deviant and Folundry and only get a few. I do better on google and bing for images. Can you give me some hints please? Keep up the good work. Love It!

  2. okumo1

    Hi Fully! You are such an great artist! Thank you for sharing your stuff with us. Hope to see your new site soon?!


    ps Apprentice is needed 🙂

  3. Spidu

    There is a story behind this, on his website. The paladins are actually trained to “fail” their quests and be raped by monsters, to stop the monsters from attacking the human villages. When they can get what they want from the paladins, they stay in their caves. They are even trained to fall in erotic positions, but they aren’t aware of all this themselves, they just think they are going a good thing, even if they fail.

    • Vernie

      Spidu, thanks for relating the story from Fullytank’s website. I assume you’re refering to his blog site that was taken down. I hope when Fullytank has his website back up, he includes this explanation. If you’re not refering to the taken down blog, please tell me if there is still a website that is accessible. One more question: How do I apply for the job of Paladin trainer!?!

  4. CyCaDeLiC

    Welcome back! Loving how close the shots are to each other time-wise, not even speaking of the beautiful paladin doing what she’s best at…dealing with monsters the more personal way. Even werewolves need some human love from time to time! 😉

  5. Jennifer

    I love this series, the surprise ,the struggle,then the conquest. Awesome, facial expressions, positions, this shows fullytank taking his art to another level. We, meaning the girls, all love you fully. Keep them coming!! xoxo

  6. Vernie

    The pointy ears of paladins affect their hearing and their peripheral vision. Why else are they so easy to sneak up on? … and when they’re toppled, why do they always land AU-FD (Ass Up – Face Down)? I’m so happy Fullytank is on this site and sharing his brillant art with us!

  7. Katzekage

    Dit his Paladin ever have won a fight? But i think she lose on purpose so she can have all the dick she needs and don´t want to tell anyone 🙂

    honor katzekage

  8. munrah

    very good set . I’m happy to see new angle with his work.
    But PLEASE Fullytank if you hear me, could you make more apprentice artwork?

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