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Ayako & Tara, Part 2

(Author’s Note: this next chapter is written in second-person to preserve the spirit of the Ayako series by keeping you, the audience, in the driver’s seat… so to speak.  I understand that this is an unusual voice for reading, but it was a creative decision I made to avoid giving the male character a name or a third-person description.  After all, one of the things that drew me to Miro’s work was the “first-person shooter” perspective.  So enjoy! …and remember that YOU are Ayako’s boyfriend!)

(P.S. if you haven’t read the first chapter, check it out here)


The pictures sent to your phone gave you an instant hard-on.  You knew Ayako was a babe, but it never occurred to you that she could be this kinky.  The first images were fairly simple; just shots of her naked, or even a few close-ups of her sweet little pussy, but as the messages kept coming in, they kept getting hotter and nastier.  The only strange thing you noticed was that she wasn’t taking the pictures herself!

After the third or fourth picture, you see an incredible shot of another girl sitting on Ayako’s face and getting eaten out.  After that, the girl behind the camera is stuffing your girl’s tight cunt with a huge strap-on dildo.  In your mind you can almost hear the sound of Ayako getting pounding hard until she cums her fucking brains out!  You never figured Ayako for a dyke, but here was the proof right in front of your eyes.  Regardless, you’ve never been one to say no to porn, and right or wrong it’s all good for stroke material.

Still, the real question kept gnawing at your brain; who was this other girl, and why did she send you these pictures?  They came from Ayako’s phone, so it must have been someone close to her.  Perhaps she had a secret lesbian girlfriend whom she never told you about?  If so, is she pissed off and trying to mark her territory?  Or is she horny and wants to bring you in on the action?

The phone rings before you’re able to finish jacking off… it’s her, it’s Ayako.  So what’s it gonna be, you think to yourself, is it gonna be your sweet baby calling to make your dreams come true, or is it her angry lezzie friend calling to bitch you out?  You answer the phone without a sound, holding back to hear what she says.

“Hi there… um…” you hear Ayako’s voice on the other end, sounding sweet and adorable as usual, “Can you please come over… um… I’d really love to see you again… OUCH!”  She suddenly shrieks, as though someone had just slapped her, “I’m sorry Mistress… I mean… I need you… um… to come over and fuck my horny slut pussy right now,” you hear what sounds like a giggle before the phone suddenly hangs up… her suddenly lewd tone flips a switch in your brain, and a surge of excitement begins rushing through your body.


Springing from your seat, you dart out the door, trying desperately to cram your still hard cock back into your pants before the neighbors see you.  You leap into your car and race out of the driveway, vaulting over speed bumps and peeling around every corner.  Your mind is racing, and no matter how fast you drive it all seems to be moving in slow motion.  Her house is just a few more miles away…

As you reach Ayako’s front door, your heart is pounding and sweat is dripping off your brow.  Never in your life have you been in such a hurry to get somewhere, and now that you’re finally here, you find that you need a minute to catch your breath.  Something has changed… your girl seems to be bringing you deeper into her world, but what she’s shown is even hotter than you imagined it could be!  Sure most chicks act like they want romance, and you know they’re just posturing for sake of their reputation, but for once a girl is about to show you her truly sinful nature.  The only question left is whether or not you’re man enough to handle it!

Taking a moment to straighten your shirt and take in a deep breath, you ring the doorbell and wait eagerly for an answer.  A few moments later, the door creaks open and Ayako is standing before you; wearing nothing but a collar around her neck.  Her sumptuous curves tempt your eyes, even as her demure smile seems to take your breath away.  Taking a moment to drink in the sight of her, you find your eyes drawn to the collar, and the word “SLUT” embossed neatly in white letters against the black leather.  There is also a large steel ring attached to the center, dangling above her collarbone.  It looks as if someone has been pulling her around on a leash all afternoon!

“Um… please come in,” she whimpers, her face bushing red as she wrings her hands together nervously, “My Mistress is waiting for you.”  She takes you by the hand, and leads you slowly down the hallway.  The playful bounce of her large breasts, and gentle sway of her hips help you feel more at ease; a reminder of just how sweet this girl’s charms can be.  You have half the mind to take her right there in the middle of the hall, but prudence persuades you to wait and see where all this is going.

As your eyes scan down her voluptuous body, a peculiar sight catches your eye; poking out from between her butt cheeks, you notice the crystal studded base of a glass butt plug shimmering in the afternoon light.  It seems to be glaring you right in the face as it bobs between those firm, round ass cheeks.  You feel your hard-on lurch, rubbing achingly against the front of your pants; the powerful tickle of pleasure shoots straight to your brain, leaving your jaw dropped and gasping for a breath.

“This way please,” Ayako gestures, ushering you to the living room.  She leaves you in the hallway, then crosses in front of you towards the sofa.  Seated in the center you find a tall, stunning blonde dressed in a snow white corset and bodice, lacy garters, and white stockings that run almost the entire length of her toned, sexy legs.  As you enter the room, her eyes immediately lock on to yours, halting you dead in your tracks.

“That’s her… the other girl,” you think to yourself, “it has to be.”  You notice her scanning over your body, her eyes coming to rest on the crotch of your pants.  Her eyes seem to widen a bit as she notices your hard-on straining hard against the pleats.  She flashes a devilish smile, as she seems to enjoy your painful predicament.

Meanwhile, you notice Ayako drop to her knees, and begin crawling on all fours towards the blonde on the sofa.  Her ass wiggles dangerously as she slinks slowly across the floor, teasing you with the sight of that glass plug wedged inside.  She obediently heels at the blonde’s ankles then lays her head lovingly in her lap.  Without breaking eye contact with you, the girl gently pets Ayako’s hair and face.  It’s suddenly clear to you that they’ve been playing together like this for a very long time.

“Hello, I’m Tara,” she announces; her voice regal and powerful, “welcome to my home.”  Lifting Ayako’s head from her lap, she cradles the busty girl’s face in her hands, and then draws her in close for a gentle kiss.  “That’s my baby,” she coos, prompting Ayako to sit up on her heels, “Now go to your corner like a good girl.”  Ayako promptly obeys, crawling across the room towards the steps.  Once there she assumes her previous position, sitting obediently on her heels with her hands crossed behind her back.

“Don’t mind her,” Tara explains, “Ayako has been very bad lately, so she needs to make it up to me.”  Tara stands, brandishing a black leather leash, then follows the girl towards her corner.  She fastens the clasp of the leash to the steel ring on Ayako’s collar, and then ties the other end to an eye-hole hook drilled into the side of the small staircase.  She gives it a quick tug to make sure it’s secure before petting the girl conspicuously on the forehead.

“Ayako didn’t tell you about me… did you girl?”  Tara chides gently, stroking her fingernail along the girl’s cheek.  “See, we have a rule around here.  She’s not allowed to have any fun without me, but now that she’s broken the rules, she has to be punished.”

Tara stands up from the corner and moves alongside you, her hands stroking up the leg of your pants towards the tent pitched out in front.  With one hand she grips your cock through your pants, while the other hand takes a firm hold of your ass cheeks.  She purrs and nibbles at your earlobe as you clench your buttocks and gets your cock to leap, throbbing hard against her hand.  “So, this is what’s going to happen,” she continues, whispering into your ear, “I’m going to fuck you while she watches,” then suddenly projecting her voice again, “and if she’s a very good girl… I’ll allow her to join in.”

She takes a firm hold of your hand, and leads you towards the sofa, sitting you down, and parting your knees gently before dropping to her knees.  Her hands slide effortlessly and gracefully along the inside of your thighs before reaching your aching cock still caged inside your pants.  You can see the smile on her face as she teases you some more, stroking your shaft and rubbing your cock head through the fabric.

“Did you like those pictures I sent you?” She asks, fingering the length of your fly as she takes hold of the zipper.  “Did you know that Ayako was such a naughty girl?”  She continues peeling your zipper down with teasingly slow anticipation, “What am I saying, of course you do… after all it was you who fucked her last night, didn’t you?”

With a flick of her wrist, your pant fly opens; your steel hard cock springing to attention.  You feel the cool air brush against your shaft as your erection leaps out, causing a long-restrained exhale as the pressure finally abates, leaving you bare and exposed before this tauntingly dominant woman.  You feel Tara’s fingernails clutching at your thighs as she watches your cock bounce, eagerly begging for her attention.

“Wow, that’s quite a monster you have there!” she purrs, her fingertips dancing up your leg, “Looks like Ayako wasn’t exaggerating after all,” she brushes her fingertips along the side of your balls towards the base of your cock, tickling that sweet spot before taking a firm hold of your shaft.

“Now listen,” she barks, suddenly changing her tone, “before you get carried away, let’s get one thing clear.  Ayako is my girl!  That pussy belongs to me, and if you want to use it then you have to satisfy me first!”

Before you can utter a sound, she dives towards your cock, instantly drawing the head between her lips, and sucking powerfully.  She lets loose with a resounding *pop* before stroking your shaft firmly with both hands.  “I’m sure you had a good time with my girl last night, but I’ll bet she didn’t do this to you.”  She dives down again, locking her lips around your cock-head as her hands continue to rub your shaft.  You feel your cock getting wetter and slicker as Tara draws you deeper into her strong sucking mouth.  Her hands shift to your hips, and you feel a strong exhale brush against your navel as your cock slips past her gullet and plunges into her throat.

Suddenly a sensation overwhelms you as you begin to realize that, despite being crammed with every inch of your cock, she’s able to flex her throat as if swallowing, milking the head of your cock even as it is being pressed within the vice grip of her tight, wet throat.  You try to buck your hips, as you feel her deep throat sucking you further inside, but her iron grip on your hips prevents it.

With slight gag, Tara releases her grip and slips your cock slowly and achingly from the tight recesses of her throat.  As she evacuates, her gasping mouth drools all over your cock-head, drenching the shaft and forming a long, thick stream of saliva to her lips.  You can feel the glow of her satisfaction even as your body wrenches and heaves in pleasure.  “HA HA HA!!!  …child’s play!” she laughs, noticing the awestruck expression on your face.

Without missing a beat, Tara climbs up onto the sofa, her strong legs pinning you down as she takes hold of your cock and rubbing the underside of your shaft against her silky smooth pussy lips.  “This is too easy,” she chants playfully, lifting her hips and pressing her pussy down onto your cock head, “by tonight I’ll make you my slave!”

As she descends onto your cock, you feel the soft, but powerful grip of her vaginal walls knead into your member.  The electricity in your body goes crazy as she lowers her hips, sucking your cock deeper and deeper into that tight, sweet hole.  As she gets closer to the base of your dick, the puffy lips of her outer labia seem to come alive, rippling and tickling the length of your shaft all the way down to your navel.  Awestruck, you watch as the tender nub of her clitoris begins to brush against your pubic hair, sending a ripple of pleasure into her pussy that echoes through your entire cock.  “Ooh fuck, that’s good!” Tara moans, digging her fingertips into your chest.

Not to be outdone so quickly, Tara begins rocking forward, gently thrusting your cock in and out of her pussy a few careful inches at a time.  As you feel her touch bottom again, she rolls her hips, grinding her clit against the base of your cock, and then slides all the way up until only your cock head is left inside her.  From there she undulates her spine, shaking her ass playfully as her cunt rapidly swallows and releases only the top half of your dick.  She then pumps down briskly, and you’re completely inside her again where she resumes grinding on your cock; rolling and swaying her hips in such a way that her smooth pussy seems to be massaging your dick from all sides at the same time.


“Looks like I’ve got your attention,” she gloats, savoring the look of pure rapture in your eyes, “There’s no cock that I can’t defeat.”  Her thrusts accelerate as she lifts her hips again and resumes her undulation; only this time with the added stimulation of her strong vaginal walls clenching the head of your cock, milking you closer and closer to orgasm.  She slides her hands to the back of your neck, pulling you closer until you can feel the heat of her breath on your lips.  “Now cum for me,” she moans, swallowing your entire cock again with her silky smooth pussy, “Shoot your load inside me!”

You feel a pinch as her fingernails dig into the back of your neck, and then a scratch as her grip tightens, clawing into your skin.  Suddenly unable to concentrate on the tremendous sensations coursing through your cock, you feel a surge of pressure build deep within your loins, propelling you past the point of no return.  As her clit lands on your navel one last time, the floodgates release and your orgasm rumbles from the base of your cock straight to the head; spilling over into the tight confines of Tara’s tight pussy hole.

The furious heat of your cum pulsing and flooding her pussy showers your cock with an intense warmth even as the sparks of your orgasm begin ringing throughout your body.  Your hands find their way to her hips, pulling her closer as the last eruption bellows out of you, before falling back to the seat of the sofa in bliss and exhaustion.  Your body shakes and tingles as you feel the cum begin to seep slowly out of her pussy, tickling your balls a little as the sinful blend of her juices and yours begin to drench your thighs and navel.

“Hmm… guess that means I win,” she gasps, stroking your hair and kissing you gently on the cheek.  She mutes a grunt as she dismounts from your cock and stands, looming over you as she admires her handiwork.  Though exhausted, your cock is still rigid, laying against your belly and still twitching a bit.  Tara notices this and smiles, “Hard again already?  Well now, aren’t you just full of surprises?”

Tara turns away from you and walks slowly to the steps where Ayako has been watching.  Looking into her eyes you can see she’s enthralled by what she just witnessed, and though she’s managed not to collapse, you can tell she is trembling and exhausted from holding that uncomfortable position for so long.  Her eyes widen and she perks up a bit as Tara approaches her.

“So, my pet,” the blonde girl mused, “did you enjoy watching us fuck?”  Ayako lowered her head silently, unwilling to respond.  Tara reached out and stroked her cheek, then took a firm hold of her head, pulling the trembling girl’s face towards leaking snatch, “Suck on my pussy!”  She commands, thrusting her wet cunt into Ayako’s lips, “I want you to lick up all that nasty cum!”

Ayako quickly complies, sliding her tongue up between Tara’s silky pussy lips and pursing her lips atop the blonde girl’s large clitoris.  From the sofa you can see all of the action, as Tara’s towering long legs frame the image of your sweet baby bound helpless beneath her dominant Mistress.  At first she licks and sucks slowly, almost hesitantly, until the first drop of that creamy white juice touches her lips.  Then Ayako suddenly turns ravenous, lapping at the blonde girl’s dripping cunt as though her life depended on it; licking and sucking your load out of Tara’s pussy and into her hungry mouth.  Above her, Tara shakes with pleasure as the busty girl’s feeding frenzy quickly propels her towards orgasm.

“Ooh FUCK!!!”  She shrieks, “That’s it!  That’s my girl, suck me!  HARDER!!!”  Tara’s hips begin to quiver and her legs begin to buckle as she vigorously humps her pussy against Ayako’s lips and tongue.  “Ooh FUCK YEAH!!! I’M CUMMING… YEAH!  FUCK YEAIEEE!!!”

With an ecstatic gasp, Tara releases Ayako’s head then collapses beside her on the floor, giggling gently as she watches the stunned look on the busty girl’s cum-soaked face.  “That’s a good girl,” Tara smiled, giving Ayako’s erect nipple a little pinch, “I’m very happy that you did so well.  In fact, I think you deserve a special treat.”  Tara removes the leash from Ayako’s collar, and then beckons her towards the center of the room.  Ever obedient, Ayako crawls to the center of the floor in front of you.

“Now turn around,” Tara instructs, “and stick your ass in the air.”  The busty girl does as she’s told, and plants her face against the cool tile floor, presenting her pussy and ass to you in complete subservience.  Tara kneels beside her and grabs hold of the girl’s round, taut ass cheeks, kneading and shaking them as she teases you with the sight of it.

“See this?” the blonde continues, tapping her fingernail on the base of Ayako’s butt plug, “She told me how much she loved it when you fucked her ass, so she wanted to make it nice and ready for you.”  The busty girl whimpers in humiliation as Tara grabs hold of the base and begins wiggling the glass toy, slowly working it out of her asshole.  “And now that she’s drank a fresh load of cum, there’s no way she can say no… even if she wanted to.  By now the lust is overpowering her, and there is nothing left but a desire to get fucked!”

With a final tug, the butt plug pops out of Ayako’s asshole, leaving it slightly gaped, and Tara’s hand quickly comes down to deliver a resounding *SMACK* on the girl’s round butt.  You hear Ayako shriek… but it doesn’t sound painful.  Suddenly you arrive at the realization that she actually enjoys this kind of treatment!  As you watch on, Ayako begins to wiggle her ass under the blonde girl’s firm hand until Tara treats her to another… *SMACK*

“UNGH!  Thank you Mistress!”  She gasps, reeling as her hard nipples brush across the floor.  Your head is left spinning as you try to process everything you see, but the newly engorged sensation surging through your cock helps get you focused again.

“Now, my pet,” Tara continues, “Tell us what you want him to do to you.”

“Please… I…” she begins, hesitating either from embarrassment or extreme arousal, or possibly both!  “I want you to fuck me,” she whimpers, wagging her ass from side to side, “I need to feel your cock inside me… please fuck me!”

“That’s a good girl,” Tara giggles as she continues to massage the helpless girl’s butt cheeks.  “Tell him where to fuck you…” she adds with another swift spanking, “Do it now, or I’m putting you back in your corner and taking his hard cock for myself.”

“My ass!” she cries out desperately, “Please fuck me in my ass!”

“You heard the girl,” Tara laughs triumphantly, “Now get over here!”  You slide off the sofa as if in a trance, your eyes unable to look away from the busty girl’s agape asshole.  The playful swing of her hips tells you how much she wants it, and the lustful energy surging in your loins tells you how much you want it too!  As you approach Ayako’s backside, Tara takes firm hold of your cock, guiding it towards the girl’s open and inviting hole.  She presses your cock head firmly against the opening, rubbing your prick around the ring of her little pucker until the busty girl is squirming with anticipation.

“Go slow at first,” Tara warns, “her ass is nice and loose for your cock, but you’ve got to let her feel every inch as you slide it inside her,” She then pushes your cock head past the sphincter, then shifts her hands to your hip where she begins guiding you into the girl’s ass at an achingly slow pace.

“Now just a bit further…” she continues, pulling gently on your hips as more and more of your cock disappears into the deep confines of the girl’s asshole.  “Almost there…” you feel your pelvis press against the soft, firm mound of Ayako’s but cheeks, and you know that you’ve made it completely inside her.  Beneath you, Ayako’s hips begin to tremble as the elastic walls of her anus begin to collapse around your shaft.

“Now, don’t move… hold very still,” Tara resumes, releasing your hips and shifting her hands under Ayako’s belly.  Her dexterous fingers find their way to the busty girl’s clit, where she begins rubbing it in small, slow circles.

“OOOHHH my gawd!!!” Ayako cries out as the stimulation from her clit makes her asshole pulse and spasm around the entire length of your cock.  “It’s amazing!” she gasps, buckling her spine and clenching her fists, “I can’t believe it… OHH YESSS!!!  Fuck me… FUCK ME!!!”

With her free hand, Tara lays a swift smack on your ass, and like a well-trained stallion you buck immediately in response, thrusting hard against Ayako’s ass cheeks before drawing back and laying into her with a vigorous pounding.  The sensation you feel is so new, it’s like the opposite of every anal experience you’ve had before.  Instead of starting out impossibly tight and unyielding, Ayako’s asshole had been carefully prepared for you; making it so much easier to penetrate.  But then, as the added stimulation on her clit caused her muscles to continuously twitch and contract, she actually seemed to get tighter each time you thrust inside her.

“Ooh it’s SOO BIGGG!!!” Ayako gasps, biting her lip.  The elastic walls of Ayako’s butt begin to flex mightily around your shaft; squeezing out precum and pleasure from your horny cock.  The harder she clenches at you, the harder you thrust back, impaling her round butt with more cock than it seems able to handle.  Yet, with an erotic curl of her spine, Ayako starts to orgasm on that big fuck tool, gasping and panting as quiet sobs of ecstasy begin to escape her lips.

“UNGHHH!!!”  She grunts, panting and clawing in desperation as the pleasure washes over her entire body.  “Oh no… oh yes… YESSS!!!” She cries out, pushing back hard against your cock.

That’s when you begin to feel it; your cock overwhelmed with incredible pleasure from all sides as Ayako’s rectum begins twitching and sucking on your cock shaft with rapid vibrations, pummeling your cock head with an almost electric intensity.  The pulses hit you in waves, cascading along the entire length of your prick with accelerating rhythmic intensity.

Then, as your cock begins to spurt in response to the incredibly hot sensation, you begin to realize that Ayako is cumming her brains out; her body twisting and jolting with pleasure her chest heaves, pressing her big tits against the floor, and sending new thrills of excitement through her body as her fat nipples brush the cool tile and fire off jolts into her already strumming clit.

“Oh fuck!  FUUCCKK!!” she moans, pushing back hard against you as the first thick, hot ropes of cum begin firing off inside her ass.  “OOH YESSS!!!” she cries, feeling the heat of your cum flooding her asshole; sloshing and spurting out of the tight ring wrapped so snugly around your shaft.  “Come inside me… PLEASE!  Please cum in my slutty asshole!”  The squirts produce a sound that is positively obscene as the cum squelches out, bouncing between your hips and splattering all over her round ass until both of her glorious peaks are showered with your seed.

“Holy shit that was hot!”  Tara gasps, grabbing hold of the base of your cock, and slipping it gently out of Ayako’s well-fucked hole.  Still rigid, she slaps it back down between the girl’s ass crack, splattering more of your cum across her butt cheeks.  Reflexively you begin rocking your hips, sliding your prick between the girl’s generous ass-cleavage.

“Looks like you’re already ready for more,” she purrs, gently fondling your balls as your cock begins to harden again, “go sit back on the sofa like a good boy.”

Meanwhile Tara begins to pull Ayako up off the floor, “Nooo… I can’t…” she cries sheepishly, mildly resisting as her Mistress guides her towards the sofa.

“Yes you can,” Tara replies, “now turn around and sit on that cock, I wanna play with you too.”  She gently spins the girl around, and then eases her hips down towards your waiting cock.  Ayako backs into your dick at first, gently slipping the head and first few inches inside before climbing back on her hands and heels to begin riding you reverse-cowgirl style.

Ayako thrusts slowly and gently at first, re-acquainting her sensitive asshole to the intrusion of your massive cock.  As she relaxes on top of you, she leans back, hooking her arm around your neck and bracing herself to get fucked harder.  Meanwhile, Tara slides up into the gap between her legs, and begins strumming and licking at her engorged clit.

“Ohhh… oh noo!” she cries, trembling as Tara begins sucking on her clit even as you resume thrusting up inside her ass, “I can’t take much more of this… I’m gonna… OOOHHH!!!”

Faster and deeper you thrust into her, smacking loudly against her butt cheeks until she’s left flailing on top of you like a rag doll.  Beneath her you can hear Tara moaning and groaning into the girl’s pussy, vibrating her mouth as the tight seal of her lips clasps around her clit.

“OH NO!!! OH MY GAWD!!!”  She screams out, nearly deafening herself, “CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING!!! OH FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she cries, going nuts with the sensation of cumming so hard from the dick in her ass and the mouth on her pussy.  She thrashes on top of you, her head flops back against your shoulder, unable to stop herself as her body starts to quake; convulsing hard from the ridiculous intensity of her orgasm.

Beneath her, you feel Tara’s hands grab hold of your cock and slide it back out of the busty girl’s trembling anus, “Now this I’ve got to see!” she gasps, stroking you feverishly with long powerful strokes.  You feel a quick surge, then an eruption as your cum sprays out the head of your dick all over the two girls.  A few small droplets smack Tara on the cheek and forehead as the torrent surges; ultimately exploding as long, thick ropes of cum fire up into the air and splash down across Ayako’s belly and tits.

Tara goes wild, immediately diving into Ayako and wrapping her arms around the girl’s waist, licking and sucking up the fresh loads of cum off her quivering flesh.  Still shaking in your arms, Ayako starts to giggle, “Oh my gawd… that was the best ever!” she gasps, breathing heavily.

“You did so well,” Tara glowed, kissing the girl softly on her lips and face, “I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” she giggles, tickled by Tara’s soft lips and dancing tongue working its way up belly, above the peaks of her huge tits, then up into the nape of her neck.

“After that, I think you deserve a little rest,” Tara added, kissing the girl softly on the lips, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”



As you awaken on the bed, the first thing you notice is the wonderful tickle of a wet tongue flickering along the shaft of your cock; light and fast the sensation flutters from the base to the glans, then floats back down with graceful speed.  Taking a moment to savor the experience, your sensations begin to escalate as the flutters and flickers now seem to be traveling up and down the length of your dick at the same time.

Your eyes snap open to find Tara and Ayako caught in a tongue lashing duel with your tall fleshy rod caught between them.  You watch as Ayako dives to the base just as Tara tops your crown.  They meet briefly in the middle for a playful kiss and giggle before floating off again like two horny butterflies fighting over the same flower.

Your hips and legs begin to twitch, and suddenly they’re aware that you’re awake.  “Rise and shine sleepy-head,” Ayako giggles greeting you with a kiss on your crown.

“We were having too much fun to let you get away,” Tara grins slyly as she grips your cock at the base, “I hope you don’t mind.”  She adds, pointing towards the bedpost where your wrists have been cuffed while you were asleep.

“Mistress, may I please suck his cock now?”  Ayako pouts, “I feel like I’ve been waiting forever.”

“Of course,” Tara replies, sounding peculiarly lighter and more gentle than before, “and remember, you aren’t the slave anymore dear… he is.”  The busty girl’s eyes light up as Tara explains and softly kisses the girl’s cheek.

“Tara’s been teaching me how to deep throat,” Ayako announces, quickly regaining your attention, “Wanna give it a try?”

“Hang on my dear,” Tara interrupts, “you’re the one in charge now.  You don’t ask… you command.”  Ayako nods, taking mental notes as she learns, “Now, let’s try that again.”

The busty girl stares into your eyes with a new-found determination.  Slowly she begins to pump her fist on your cock, “I’m gonna take your cock into my throat,” she whispers huskily, “Does that turn you on, naughty boy?”

As she speaks, Tara begins laughing hysterically, “I’m sorry baby,” she corrects herself, “go ahead, and let’s see what you can do.”

Ayako scoots back on the bed, raising her ass in the air as she dips her head down closer to the base of your cock.  “Oh my,” she giggles, staring up at your erection from the base to the tip, “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Just do like I taught you, dear,” Tara encourages her, rubbing her softly on the back.  “Imagine a straight line from the tip of his dick to the bottom of your stomach, then just line up with it and go.  You can do it.”

The busty girl shuffles herself into position, lifting her ass higher, straightening her back, and angling your cock down towards her lips.  She takes in a deep breath, and then begins her journey down, quickly drawing in the head and first few inches before meeting any resistance.  Tara kneels down to watch closely, and continues to coach her.

“Now stick your tongue out, or else you’ll gag on it… that’s it!  When it hits the back of your mouth, you’ll start getting really wet, don’t worry about it, just exhale through your nose, as strong as you can… that’s it… now push!”

You feel the tip of your dick slide deeper, drawn in swiftly by a strong vacuum, and the tip of Ayako’s outstretched tongue tickle against your balls before quickly being evacuated.

“I did it!”  Ayako shrieks, pulling away with a short cough, covering her soaking wet mouth to cover up her drooling fit.

“Good girl,” Tara applauds, “Now do it again, and try to hold it longer this time.”


With an eager smile she dives down again, swallowing your cock whole in one swift push; this time clutching at your hips, desperately trying to keep her head down.  Back inside the tight, wet confines of her hot, buttery throat you feel your cock head swell and surge with excitement.  The thrill escalates as a rumble begins to emanate from your head down to the base of your shaft as she begins to gag.  Desperate, she clings onto your hips, clawing deeply into your skin before the pressure thrusts her off, flinging her head back rapidly as a long trail of her saliva spews through the air between her lips and your cock.

“Oh my fucking gawd!”  She gasps, coughing and heaving as she struggles to regain her breath, “Whoa… I think I’m getting dizzy!”

“Enjoy the rush, my dear,” Tara encourages her, hugging around her waist, “It’ll make the next part so much sweeter!”

“Oh hell,” Ayako swoons, clutching at her head, “This is really turning me on!”

“Well, what are you waiting for?”  Tara laughs, “Mount that stud and make him yours!”

Ayako crawls forward on the bed, dipping her chest down until she catches your cock between her massive breasts, then slinks up slowly rubbing the entire length of your shaft through her generous cleavage.  She plants a kiss at the center of your belly, and then climbs up to straddle your hips.

Without using her hands she rolls her hips back and down until she catches the underside of your shaft between the hot, wet folds of her pussy, then slowly lifts up until her clit brushes your glans.  From there she begins rotating her hips gently, teasing the tip of your cock between her pussy lips, bathing your crown with her abundant juices until it glistens with her wetness.

You next feel a gentle clenching as her pussy lips catch your cock and begin swallowing the tip.  Achingly slow, Ayako lowers her hips until the first few inches rest inside her.  From there she starts bobbing her hips slowly, undulating at her spine just as Tara did to you earlier; allowing her pussy to take up only the first half of your cock before lifting up and sliding back down.

As she begins to find her range, Ayako begins thrusting a little faster, pressing and squeezing your cock head with her muscles, milking your cock deeper inside her.  Soon she presses down, bringing you fully inside her, and grinding her clit gently against your pelvis before lifting off and starting the ritual all over again.

“Damn, you look so sexy right now,” Tara gasps, resting her head on your chest and watching the busty girl work her magic.  “Tell me how it feels.”

“Ooh… It’s amazing…” she gasps, rocking her hips to and fro as she swallows your cock entirely.

“Are you in love with his cock?”  Tara asks, rubbing her legs together.

“Yes…” Ayako gasps, rolling her head back, “Ooh… I want to do this all night long!”

“Then do it babe, he’s all yours.”  Tara turns to you and smiles, “Well, it’s not as if you’re going anywhere, now are you?” she teases, crawling up on to her knees and tugging gently on your wrists still cuffed to the bed.  “For now, let’s see if you use your tongue as well as your cock!”

With a swift kick of her gorgeous legs, Tara twirls around on the bed to face Ayako with her ass pointed straight at your head.  She backs down slowly, pressing her tidy muff into your face, nestling her silky pussy lips against your chin, and then slipping gently towards your mouth.  From there she begins rocking her hips forward and back, rubbing her clit over the tip of your outstretched tongue, trembling a bit each time.

“Come here girl, and give me a kiss,” she moans, pressing down harder to grind her pussy against your face.  You feel Ayako rock forward, pressing her hands down on your chest as her lips reach across to find Tara’s.  Above you hear the gorgeous sound of women’s lips and tongues flicking and smacking together as the two girls make out with each other even as one impales herself on your throbbing shaft while the other suffocates you with her quivering pussy lips.

“Ooh fuck!  I’m going to cum!” Tara cries out, “Please cum with me Ayako, kiss me and let’s cum together… OOH FUUCCCKKKK!!!”


Atop your face, Tara’s hips begin to buckle, shaking violently as she thrusts back harder against your lips and tongue even as her abundant juices slosh out and spatter across your face.  The taste and scent of her cum overwhelms you to the point where the control on your cock evaporates with a feverish rush, getting you to spill over and erupt deep into the crease of Ayako’s trembling pussy.

“AYIEAHHH!!!” Ayako cries, fucking down harder on your exploding cock as her insides tremor under the onslaught of your furious cannon flooding her womb and spilling out from her quaking pussy lips.  “It’s so hot… so slippery!” she moans, “Oh no… I can’t stop moving my hips!”

Faster and harder she continues to pound down on your firing cock, her hips slamming down against yours with reckless abandon as her body heaves and bucks to the crashing waves of her own climax.  “OH MY GAWD!!!” she screams, “I don’t know what to do… I just… can’t stop… CUMMINNGGG!!!  AHHHHH!!!!”

“Don’t worry babe,” Tara suddenly announces, “I know how to top this off!”  The blonde dismounts your face, and suddenly you’re able to breathe again… only to find that the intense rush radiating through Ayako’s body now begins to take hold of you.  Your hips seize up and your spine starts to lurch, tugging and straining at your outstretched arms still bound to the bed rails.

The momentum built by Ayako’s furious humping shakes the entire bed; racking and straining your body with such power, as though being drawn and quartered by a team of horses.  The tremendous heat and friction pumping all around your shaft keeps you hard as steel, while the resulting fury flaring in your cock head becomes too strong to orgasm again.  The feeling becomes unnerving, and almost painful.

At long last you see Tara approach the bed from behind Ayako, her hands massaging a slick lube onto the head and shaft of a long strap-on dildo.  “I’ve seen her go crazy like this before,” she warns, climbing up on the bed behind the busty girl, “She will only stop when she passes out.”  Tara plants a hand on Ayako’s upper back, shoving her down roughly until her huge, heaving tits press against your chest.  You feel a slight pinch as the head of Tara’s dong slides into Ayako’s asshole, grinding against your shaft through the girl’s perineum.

“UNGGHHH!!! Oh shit!  Oh NO!!!” the girl shrieks as Tara’s cock slips neatly up her butt.  Once completely inside, Tara grabs both of the girl’s shoulders, and begins slamming her hard, fucking violently against the girl’s pulsing ass cheeks until the trusts ripple through her entire body.

“Now fuck her… UNGH!!!  …as hard as you can!”  Tara grunts, her hips spanking loudly against the screaming girl, “We’ve got to make this bitch cum so hard that she faints!”

With the added pressure from Ayako’s rear end pushing her balance off, her pin on your hips starts to lift, and you’re finally able to thrust again.  As you pull out and push back inside, the added tightness of Ayako’s double-stuffed pussy and ass begins to squeeze your shaft hard, even as you feel the fat head of Tara’s strap-on grate against your glans.  Soon you’re matching the blonde’s speed and intensity, bucking powerfully into Ayako’s clenching pussy until both your cocks are hammering the helpless girl’s holes into submission.

“AAAHHHHHH!!!” she screams, clutching onto your shoulders for dear life as the two freight trains colliding inside her body derail the last of her self-control and she’s left grunting and gasping for mercy, “Almost there!” She gasps, her body rippling and quaking from the furious double pounding, “FUCK!!! OHHH FUUCCCKKKK!!!  I’M CUMMING!!! DON’T FUCKING STOP!!! KEEP FUCKING ME!!! OOOHHHHHYEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!”

At long last, you feel her hands loose and go numb, as her chest heaves and buck against you.  She gasps her breath into your neck one last time before the stars gleam in her eyes, and she falls limp on top of you.  You feel Tara’s cock slide out of Ayako’s roughly fucked ass, relieving the pressure enough for yours to pop out as well.  The very second that the cool air touches your glans, you spurt one last time, firing a single clean shot straight into the air.  With a groan, you reel your head back against the bed and suck in a deep breath.  It’s finally over.

As you start to regain your senses, you feel Tara take a gentle hold of your exhausted cock, sucking and swallowing the last of your cum before letting your sore shaft back down for a rest.  With a heavy sigh she collapses down on the bed next to you, reaching out her hand to wipe the sweat from Ayako’s brow.

“Poor girl… I think we broke her,” she says with a soft laugh, cocking up on her elbows and smiling at you.  “I got to give you credit, you’re one hell of a man… and… well… you deserve her.”  Tara’s sudden earnestness surprises you, but she quickly corrects, “Oh don’t get mushy on me, we’ll party again sometime, I promise, but for now she’s all yours.”

“Besides…” she adds with a devilish grin, “I’ve been meaning to spend more time with her sister.”  The puzzled look in your eyes amuses her, “Wait… you mean she never told you about her twin sister?” she asked, giggling hysterically, “Well, you’re in for a real treat!”

“Let me tell you all about her…”



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  1. ronin

    Really excellent. The part where I wake up to the two girls sucking my cock is fucking hot. I wish I could experience that in real life.
    So what happens with her sister? Is this the dick girl from the dick girl set?

  2. munrah

    Tara looks very cute.Her breast is 2/3 smaller as Ayako breast.Perhaps could you try to work on her butt.I d like to see her with big round curvy ass.
    All girl must have advantage & inconvenient.So Tara best point should be her lovely ass.

  3. miro miro

    First of all big thanks to HLR again for the amazing story. I love a good erotic story and you never fail to deliver, even if there’s BDSM involved which is so new to me =)

    As for Tara, note that this is really a preview or alpha version of her. I haven’t had the time to fine-tune neither her body or face. Because Tara is in such a raw state it would be the perfect time to “develop” her with your input and give her a unique look and character. So in the near feature I’ll feature a full body and face shots of her so we have a base for input and can finalize her.

    I am glad that HLR kind of forced my hand in starting on a new character, all Ayako had so far in terms of female company was her twin sister. I do sincerely apologize though for the those tiny minuscule tits, but don’t blame me that’s also HLR’s fault!

    • Katzekage

      “I do sincerely apologize though for the those tiny minuscule tits”
      I think they are sweet, big breasts are fine in most 3d arts but is variation a bad thing? no on the right body and to the right face, little cute breasts can make “things” very hard^^

      if anyone would ask me, Tara is the perfect beginning for your planed forum, a thread in wich everyone can make sugestions

      • miro miro

        Yes, that is pretty much the plan. Will get forums up by next week then we can start working on her 🙂

        Omg, you like small tits as well? I was hoping we end up making them at least 2-3 bigger? Or maybe 1 girl with small tits is ok? But yes I want to vary the boob sizes for sure for each girl.

        And I’m really excited about the third part of this story, which is going to involve Ayako’s sister. HLR has shared some of his ideas with me, that involves her and Tara and they are going enjoy a lot of quality time with each other. It’s going to be awesome, can’t wait!

        • Jack

          Well I like em big. Maybe smaller than Ayako’s but not so much >_< sorry but big boobs are my thing XD. I don't like flat chest at all.

          • Katzekage

            i like every beautiful girl^^ Big boobs small boobs.. dosn´t matter. as long as her ass ist perfect^^ hehe im that Butt loving guy XD

            But i think a girl with smaller breast can be very interesting for the “Big Boob Fraction” because they will play with the bigger ones passionately. So every Leasbian scenes can get very hot.

            This is of course a psychological thing, but if you look right on miros art you will find a rich spectrum of emotions and body language.

            So if you ask me than a pair of “small boobs” will have a lot of fun with “big boobs” whats mean a damn big fun for US^^

  4. Jack

    Man!, that was hot as hell. Great work HLR with the story, and also great work Miro with the artwork. Tara is the bomb!. Hey Miro, will you consider make pictures of a full view of her?. Like when you do Ayako in casual clothes or something like that. To know her better 😀

  5. munrah

    great!!!i hope there is a third part to come.Your ballsucking work in ayako love dickgirl was so good, i suggere to reuse it.imagine Tara being assfucked during Ayako sucks the guys balls from behind

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