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Tara’s Second Assignment Released & Server Issues…. again!

Server downtime couldn’t have come at a better time o_0, just as Tara wants to show off her magical dick girl cock disappearing act! We’re constantly hitting the load limit with our host, but there isn’t an easy upgrade. It looks like the only remaining option may be a dedicated server, which we’re seriously trying to avoid, because of the huge costs involved. Bear with us as we try to optimize the site and exhaust other options first. If all else fails we will upgrade, but this will have to be a last resort.


Quick, while the site is up… !!

Tara’ Second Assignment

So………on to the good news! Tara’s second assignment is here. First check out the previews attached to this little gallery.

Then head straight on over to Tara’s Assignments page… and check out Sayako titty fucking herself!


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  2. luminox999

    A little disappointed I didn’t get to see Tara swallow that dickgirls thick load. I really wanted to see her mouth get filled with thick cum and try to swallow it all while seeing her cheeks buldge out from her mouth being pumped full of jizz. Also want to see dickgirls in schoolgirl outfits with kneesocks, skirts, and panties with their thick cock and balls trapped inside showing their huge throbbing bulge.

  3. DirtyOlFart

    The things you are doing is just so WOW!! I just love the sharpness and the sense of reality in the fantastic pictures, it’s really quite awesome art. Sayako and Ayako’s just so good, the two girls with gorgeous bodies and a large handsome cock. I just cheered when I found your site where it’s not censored and 3D absolutely superb. Would love to see a series with Sayako playing by herself with her big beautiful cock and letting the sperm flow like a fountain over her body. I’m a dedicated visitor of your site, and always with the hopes of finding new beautiful, sexy and hot series with the ones I like the best. Sayako & Ayako. We must not forget Tara, she is also a hottie I like very much. The stuff you are doing here is great, continue your great work, and bomb us with your hot and sexy art.
    And as said, you guys are just so damn good at what you do, and I hope for more.
    Lovely greetings from me.

  4. I am absolutely in love with that tongue texture/shader combination on Tara’s tongue in the last sample image. So pink, just the perfect amount of specularity, and it seems somewhat translucent. There’s something really inviting about it, like it has an air of being candy-flavored. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I want to suck on it! Great job!

    • miro miro

      Sorry, about the wait. The download links usually come through right after the order I believe, however sometimes especially if manual validation is involved it can take up to a few hours before you receive the email. If you still haven’t in a few hours time use the contact page and send me your order number so I can check this out for you.

  5. teddy

    Really looking forward to this! Just a heads up, I had trouble extracting it because the file path ended up being over 260 characters! Had to pull out the zipped folders within the zipped bundle folder to get it to work.

  6. Dewey

    Hey miro, I sent you an email and have yet gotten a reply. Just wanted to know the details since i bought Tara’s First Assignment when it first came out and wonder if i get a discount or something. And again, great job on Tara! πŸ™‚

  7. LowRoad

    Just my luck… due to my impatience, I bought both 1st and 2nd at full price. I have to say, you nailed the cock size on the 2nd as well… keep that up… the bigger, the better… Tara can handle as big as you throw at her. Plus, the bigger you make it, the less I have to morph them to my liking, lol (I know, shudder to think, right?).
    Maybe since I went full price on both, you’ll give me consideration in future. But I have to say (again) well done! I love what you folks are doing here. Cheers!

  8. munrah

    after seeing the first second assignement i can tell this:it ‘s a great work you made here.BUT i would like to the the three guys rubbing their cock on Tara face and body, playing with tara breast with their cock in their hand.(like in the Zzomp story)I think they comes too fast.I would love to see too a double penetration with the three guys and some anal penetration with sayako.
    NOW i waiking with great impatience the evil nuns in your next halloween set.
    i hope you can add some of my suggestion.
    PS: Sayako give fantastic powerfull cumshot, i have greatly appreciate them.

      • munrah

        finally i found it and i don’t regret to have wait.The facial powerfullcumshot are purely awesome.Sayako is coming too fast.She need to train hersel to increase her stamina.

        • miro miro

          Sayako hasn’t cum in 4 hours, cause she’s going to come in second πŸ˜‰ …. but um you did see add the extra images to the first blow job right? you need to add them to the main folder (if you dont mind the stretch) … cause it takes her like 10 images to cum in that one, takes her an awful lot of time to swallow that huge cock I spose o_0

  9. Alan

    I’d LOVE to see a full set of Sayako tit-fucking herself until she comes in her own face. But, that said…amazing work! Thank you for creating it for us to see!

    • miro miro

      Maybe in combination with auto fellatio? But either option sounds good to me… quite frankly with dick girls there are lots of options to explore πŸ™‚

  10. Deshwitat Deshwitat

    Wow, amazing as usual Miro, i loved the “Proceed with caution” folder and how Sayako kept pumping away after she came…truly frackin epic (ya i said frackin!)
    I hope the 3 evil nuns purchased this set as well for some ideas…

  11. bozworth

    This was a great set, but too bad Tara didn’t get to feel that huge cock inside her this time around. Hopefully next time πŸ˜‰

  12. I got the first asignment for less than 5GBP sterling, thats less than a Playboy or a Hustler, I found that very affordable despite being unemployed.

    I’d be willing to pay more, but really just for animatable content,

  13. Hobbs

    Hey Miro, long time watcher, but only first time actually saying something, and I want my first words to be:

    Your work is -amazing-.

    The lighting is spot on, the models are gorgeous, your positioning on all of your characters are anatomically perfect…I have no complaints, and nothing but absolute nice things to say about your work. Seriously inspiring stuff.

    Now on to the bad things:

    I want this set. Both, really, but BMT declined my card. I have the money, and use the card for every other online purchase. It’s even registered to paypal, and hasn’t been turned down by anything but this site.

    Is there a middle ground you can reach me on? I can pay directly through paypal if you’ll let me, I just want to avoid having to go out and get a prepaid card for 7 bucks when I’ve got way mroe sitting on my main card.

    I would even pay a little extra if it meant doing it in an easier fashion…Honestly, I think you’re undercharging for such impeccable work.

    Anyways, get in touch, or put your E-mail here so I can. Can’t wait to get this straightened out, heh…..Heh.


  14. munrah

    hey Miro i have the same request as “myself”.Before buying the first assignezment, i hope to receive the second assignement as prize.

  15. Fuck my luck. So excited to get this, server is down constantly, finally comes out, and my goddam credit card gets chain declined because my bank is dumb as hell.

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