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Umemaro’s Pizza Takeout Obscenity Video Preview!

Today, my dear friends is a special day. Today we get a glimpse of what Umemaro’s been cooking up over the last year or so! So let me present to you, the full video preview of Umemaro’s 11th master piece Pizza Takeout Obscenity. And yes my deepest fears have been confirmed, this title will not only be epic, no it will likely edge out Dr. Sugimoto’s Lecherous Treatment and quite possibly dethrone Sugimoto herself as the queen of 3DX! Yes, I thought I’d never speak the words but… fuck me this shit looks hot!!

Pizza girl’s tits are simply magnificent, the most massive of any girl he’s featured so far and even her side kick is well equipped. On top of that both would have to be the cutest, sexiest most gorgeous girls Umemaro’s brought to life yet. I don’t know about about you, but I for one will be on serious withdrawal until this baby hits the shelves. Until then I’ll have to stock up on my “epic” vocab it seems, to do this title justice! Affect3D readers… enjoy!

Thanks again to Knox for the info!


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    • miro miro

      I think they were just intended as promo pics and to be censored before publishing them, just cause I haven’t heard about any intention of releasing in the US and because he seems quite content with releasing via the English dlsite.
      Of course it would be great if I was wrong =)

  1. I am always stunned to watch the aminations done by Umemaro. The rendering is amazing , comparable to youw own renderings, and the animation … *yummy*. As a render-fan myself (far from being this professional) it would have been interesting to know, which render software he uses.


  2. munrah

    i hope we could see one time a movie with the pizza girl(i don’t remember her name) and Shoko Sugimoto(the doctor).
    These two girl are absolutely outstanding.

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