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Tara’s Dick Girl Bonus is Tara’s Second Assignment!

Ok the short story is, the dick girl bonus alone has grown to over 50 images, so I’ve decided to release it separately, the initial price will be $4.95. The release is within 24hrs from now, so stay tuned!

Do not worry though! Since I announced it as such a combo of both the first and second assignment (buy both as a pack) will also be available for at least a couple of weeks at $5.95.

Here is the updated promo. There will be bigger previews and lots more info at release, make sure you check them out πŸ™‚

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  1. FRANKLIN 120

    Miro… Revolutionary, Visionary, and all around Friggin Genius. I only hope that at some point you perhaps make like a ten minute video with Sayako and perhaps both Ayako and Tara where some cum-inflation comes into play. The thought of Sayako blasting enough love-juice to cause those two’s stomach’s to bulge out, possibly even make them pass out, is absolutely wild. While I know making one for free is probably outta the question, it’s still worth suggesting for those who can afford to buy it right?

  2. Hav

    hi miro
    i like ur work and i have one Q to u
    what software u use to create Character ( Tara ) and others ( grount )
    tnx for an….

    • miro miro

      hey there, well I use a bunch of software like poser, poser fusion, fireworks, 3ds max, photoshop, zbrush, messiah, morcloth, octane, beautiful bends, vray and a bunch of other tools, whatever it takes to get the job done basically πŸ™‚

  3. Chikoto

    miro just make 3 distinct cocks for Sayako.
    Publish images here on the site with just one size and then maybe buyers can customize their purchase by selecting the cock type that they want Sayako to have.
    And then ofc we would need to see images of those cocks attacked to Sayako to make up our minds….

    • miro miro

      Well the evil nuns set really gives me an opportunity to give each dick girl a different cock, so we’ll be able to use that as a way to test different sizes and shapes and such =)

    • miro miro

      There are few frames where she starts really tiny and grows to that huge meat sausage between her legs… check them out πŸ™‚

  4. Chikoto

    Actually I’m in favor of a smaller cock as well….. it’s just too damn big imo….
    got nothing against the length but the thickness is just way over the top imo….
    Miro maybe you could offer us more than just 1 flavor and that way every1 is satisfied??

    • miro miro

      Believe it or not I used cringe looking at that amount of stretch, but somehow I’ve gotten used to the sight of it in terms of the thickness, not sure if that’ good or bad thing, lol . Like I think this is the limit for blow jobs, but I still like it, love it actually. But even with the vote I’m not sure the general public is ready for this size πŸ˜€ offering various sizes could be the solution as you suggest!

      • If the length was kept the same but the thickness was reduced then the cock would look really weird and very disproportioned.

        But I agree with you that as it stands, it is at the limit for blowjobs, anal and vagina too, at least for human male-human female depictions of sex, monster, mutants etc. could be bigger

        • miro miro

          Ok let’s all take a step back and observe what you just said… monsters, mutants… but you think dick girls are wierd ….. oooo k! o_0

          Umm, donno I think long and thinner could look good, but then again experiments need to be conducted and sanctioned before any sort of conclusion can be reached πŸ˜€

          • Fair enough, what I said was a little illogical, but no more illogical than the “whether or not a futa should have balls because it makes her look less feminine” debate going on in the forum! (surely the thing that makes a girl less feminine is the big dick swinging between her legs?)

            Everybody has their own tastes, I respect that, I just think the female form is perfect “as is” adding the penis ruins the beauty of the woman the same as chopping one of her legs off, or giving her a third tit!

  5. Matty

    miro, I really like your art! I appreciate the content.

    I was finally able to purchase Tara’s first assignment. It was really impressive. Thank you!

    I just have two suggestions, that I humbly offer-

    1.) I would like to see the dicks be a little bit closer to reality! The HUGE cocks are OK, but I would love to see them be just a smidgeon smaller-more realistic to at least ‘porn star’ size.

    2.) Facials. I really want to see big facials. Shots right in Tara’s eyes, and covering her face…that would be very welcome!

    Thanks again for your efforts!

    • miro miro

      Yes, I’m thinking about downsizing them. The extra huge size may not work quite as well for realistic 3DX stuff unfortunately as it would for 2D stuff for example. I’ll still keep the big shlongs around cause I personally like the girls chocking on them, but they may need get confined to an extras fetish folder or similar πŸ™
      Well Tara’s getting pretty heavily creamed facially with the 2nd assignment. Although I think I will add a close-up of the facial treatment on the todo list for the next one!

        • miro miro

          Actually I’m in favor of the big cock myself, so it definitely won’t be eliminated altogether, but maybe not feature quite as prominent (if that’s possible at all πŸ˜‰ ) …early days, though.

          • Matty


            I feel that every fan should get what they want to see. I have no problem with that. I just would really like to see more realistic proportions. That is just a request from this fan! I think that you can satisfy everyone with the artwork that you procure. I personally dig “disproportionate” size in media where it is non-human, but then again…I would love to see huge facials that may be impossible for humans to achieve….so my request is a bit misaligned with my requested preference! In any case…I am definitely thankful!

  6. Chikoto

    miro, you mean I can buy this dickgirl set and the next one for 5.95 both when it comes out? it’s going to be available in the store tab right?
    and what about that haloween special u promised us? πŸ™‚ I am absolutely drooling too see that one:P

  7. I would go further than Name (Required) and ask is there any chance of Tara posing in a solo set of images?

    I admit it..she my newest obsession, from head to toes she’s just so beautiful and sexy that I don’t need to see her surrounded by cock……well, not ALL the time!

      • Maybe she could display herself in all her shiny, beautiful naked glory in lots of “I wish fredfred5150 was here” poses?

        Maybe have a relaxing hot soapy bath? (shes must need a wash after her assignments)

        Maybe she could amuse herself with a few large, realistic-looking sex toys?

        Is it obvious I really, really like her? πŸ™‚

          • I’d be happy with that!

            Maybe the “Evil Nuns” catch Tara innocently playing with herself, then maybe they join in and giving her some other things to play with?

          • miro miro

            With that many girls I’m not sure how much alone time is possible πŸ˜‰ … but we should be able to manage some pins ups.

  8. Dutch

    You should put in a option to buy via Automatische incasso (for the dutch people) cause it’s the only way
    i can buy as a dutch man since i have no mastercard or visa.

    • miro miro

      That sounds complicated, try the options available when you get to the order form as I understand it there are some bank options. Or you can contact me via the contacts form for other options.

  9. herolulu

    I have purchased Tara’s First Assignment Released .This is very nice picture, but resolution is too low, this picture will be best if that’s resolution is 1920X1080.

    • miro miro

      The original ones were 1280×720, yeah they’re a bit small, all the new ones including the dick girl set are 1600×900, which fits 1920×1080 nicely, which is my native resolution as well. It almost fits the screen and there’s little quality loss when you go full screen.

  10. Name (required)

    Is there any way you can do a version of this but with a man instead of a dick girl? Those preview images look great buy futa is a serious turn off for me.

    • Tiffany

      ….he already did. That’s Tara’s First Assignment (which was just released only a few days ago!). Jeez… you can’t have pure male on female in every single one. @_@

      • Name (required)

        These pictures are obviously different from those. And I’m not demanding male on female for every set. I was hoping that he could just swap the models and re-render the set.

        I clearly don’t no anything about the process of making these pictures but if it’s something that can be done quickly, simply, and most importantly cheaply, then I’d be interested in buying this set.

        • miro miro

          In theory that’s possible but in practice there’d be some adjustments that would have to occur for size, shape, etc. Plus some of the images only work if she’s a dick girl, like her masturbating. And a girl poses differently to what a guy would, etc

  11. munrah

    Oh yes ! I’ m waiting my prize for one week .I hope it’s as hot as the first assignment.Curiously after seeing the promos pics, i think the three guys set is hoter.But wait and see.

    • Deshwitat Deshwitat

      Sorry sorry my bad, i’m very tired and misread that, i read “I’m totally excited /sarcasm” thought you were making fun of me lol. Ignore that thumbs down! nothing to see here! move along

      • It’s cool :p I didn’t even see your post, Session Manager doesn’t like to refresh the page when I reopen the browser, so just a coincedence I was saying the same thing you were.

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