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Not Just A Dickgirl, A goddess in The Dude’s A Special Lady Part 2!

Posted March 21, 2020 by Franaus

Today’s very special release from The Dude, the long-awaited A Special Lady Part 2, is here! Set in the Lust Unleashed universe, part 2 follows on from where Part 1 left us, and similarly to The Dude’s other recent releases, comes in two versions: Renders Only and Comic Only. Both versions continue to explore the rather unique life of one of Kayla Carter’s creations – Mari – and are available now in the Affect3D Store!

We pick up where Part 1 left us, with Bree and her submissive dickgirl girlfriend Mari bumping into one of Bree’s old fuckbuddies Taylor. All three are down to their alluring lingerie and Taylor just can’t wait to get her hands and mouth on Mari. After all, who wouldn’t?

As Breanna watches on, Taylor cozies up to the stunning Dickgirl. She starts by running her hands over her incredible body, discovering every curve. Naturally, Taylor then gets to her knees and lets her mouth do the exploring. Mari, to please herself and her audience, throat fucks Taylor, who just can’t believe what’s happening. Of course, it’s not long before Bree has had enough of just watching. She joins her friend at Mari’s feet and they both pleasure this goddess. One takes care of her ass, the other her massive cock. The pair both then take said cock between their lips, their lust and hunger unleashed.

It’s not long before Bree’s greed takes over and she gets her girlfriend’s cock all to herself as Taylor plays with her pussy. This then leads to Taylor sitting on Mari’s face as Bree continues to pleasure that awesome member. The two blondes then decide to make Mari cum as one gives her a tit job and the other sucks. Understandably, Mari doesn’t take long to cum all over Bree’s face and tits.

What I love in The Dude’s recent comic work (besides the epically hot bimbos) is the inner dialogue and search for self. We really get a sense of Mari’s character and desires. It’s more than just sex in this series, it’s about identity and the unique nature of these goddesses with cocks.

A Special Lady Part 2 – Renders Only contains 56 images rendered in 4k and is available for $9.95. The Comic Only version takes the same 56 images from the render version, assembles them into a 20-page comic with dialogue, and is available for the same price. You can grab either or both in the Affect3D Store now!

22 March 2020 Update: The Dude has added a discount for users wishing to purchase both the renders and comic together. You will now receive a $5 discount if you purchase both items together in the same transaction. If you purchased both of these products on 21st or 22nd of March you may email [email protected] with your transaction number to receive a $5 store credit.




Preview from The Dude: A Special Lady Pt. 2 and more

Posted March 14, 2020 by Elayn Wilde

It’s been a while since we’ve received an update from The Dude, so we decided to check in and see what’s on the rendering board. Perfect timing too, as A Special Lady Part 2 will be released at the end of March. That’s just a few weeks away, and we’ve got a few teaser images to share now. The Dude also wanted to share Legacy, currently available on Patreon.

The Dude: “The Legacy comic is a set I’ve been working on across the period of a year. It’s a story set that includes a comic numbering 60 pages, and a render set of 200 images that I created the comic from. On Patreon, if you want just the comic you can get it now in the Desire tier worth $5, and if you also want the 200 renders, you can get that from the Craving tier and up, that starts at $10.

“The story follows Kayla’s first time meeting Tatiana, and with that meeting a dickgirl for the first time in her life. Kayla is the CEO of a biotech company and Tatiana has a special request to make. In order to convince her, Tatiana invites her on her own private jet for a one-on-one. It’s a big piece of the Lust Unleashed story and lays the foundation for how and why dickgirls exist in this world.”

Sounds like a great reason to check out The Dude’s Patreon. Just like fantasy and magic, the how and why of dickgirls is always a major point of curiosity. The jet-setting sex is obviously worth a peek too.

The Dude: “As for A Special Lady, that takes place at a far later point in the LU timeline. I’m not telling the story in sequence because I want people to puzzle things together themselves a bit. In this case, Mari is a dickgirl created by Kayla, out shopping with her girlfriend Breanna. Upon entering a lingerie store in part 1, Breanna discovers that Taylor, an old girlfriend of hers works there. At first Mari is a bit jealous, but once she is introduced to Taylor sparks fly quick and the girls start having fun together. Part 2 picks up where Part 1 leaves off, namely with the girls deciding to try out bridal lingerie. After all, Breanna and Mari do have wedding plans and what better chance to doll themselves up in a practice run for their honeymoon? With Taylor putting their outfits together, this is going to be a very lingerie-focused, super girly set.”

Lingerie shopping with your dickgirl fiancé is sure to get hot in a hurry, as we can see here. More importantly, though, that gives us a whole lot more to look forward to. Bachelorette party, wedding, honeymoon… so much excitement coming soon.

For more, be sure to follow The Dude on Slushe, or support him on Patreon for the most up to date news directly from him.

Branna and Taylor share Mari’s Hard Cock in Lust Unleashed: A Special Lady! Out now!

Posted December 14, 2019 by Staff

The Dude is here, just in time for the holidays, with another futanari marvel. Blonde bimbos with big tits and insatiable sexual appetites are once again front, center, and spread in an image set and comic from the Lust Unleashed universe. This time we’re tagging along with Breanna and Mari as they meet Taylor, an old lover of Bre’s, in Lust Unleashed: A Special Lady.

On a night out with her girlfriend Mari, Breanna decides to stop by a Carter lingerie store just before closing. Inside, Breanna runs into her past fuckbuddy Taylor. Can Breanna maintain a balance between past lust and current love, and might Taylor be enticed into trying out Mari’s dickgirl perks?

What’s included

  • 65 Images from main set, in 1440p .png
  • 27 Additional Comic Pages with dialogue (comprised of main set renders)
  • 8 Bonus Lingerie Images

The Dude seems to be exploring the art of the bitch death stare in this one. When the girls wander into the store there’s a fair bit of tension and jealousy right off. We also get a bit more story from Taylor’s perspective. Leaves you wondering if Breanna planned this little run-in. There’s not much time to ponder, however, because in the Lust Unleashed universe things descend into wild debauchery pretty quickly. By the time Breanna slips Mari’s hard futanari cock out from under her dress, any ill will between the girls is on the way out.

Taylor admits she’s more into pussy than cock, but after her and Breanna take turns letting Mari slip and slide her cock into and around their wet holes, she might soon be singing a different tune. By the end you’re wanting a lot more, but The Dude is going to make us wait with the tease of a glamorous lingerie fuck fest to come.

You can grab The Dude’s latest in the Affect3D Store now. Lust Unleashed: A Special Lady is just $9.95 for 65 images, 8 pin-ups, plus the 27 page comic version. Get your holiday shopping for yourself sorted now!

Who are the girls of Lust Unleashed? – Meet Taylor!

Posted October 14, 2019 by The Dude

Hey everyone, The Dude here! If you’ve been around on Affect3D for a while, you’ve seen this Lust Unleashed page and you might’ve wondered just what Lust Unleashed actually is beyond the name that I give to my releases as an artist. Some light will probably have been shed on it by the interviews that were posted previously, as well as the more recent posts that Anael put here. Those, and the Lust Unleashed Ascension comics as well as the most recent release of the Kayla Meets Marcella comic. Which I think was rather fun!

Across all those interviews, posts, and full set releases, you might’ve seen a running theme: human alteration. Or rather, human perfection. Whether it were Yelena and Tatiana in Ascension, or Kayla and Marcella in their respective comic, clearly the ladies of the LU universe are in pursuit of a certain kind of perfection. Some of them have become dickgirls, others simply seek to steer the urges of society and create a world in which human lust is the motivating force. A world where lust is rewarded, celebrated, and unleashed.

Kayla Carter, from “Kayla Meets Marcella”.

Today, we’re going to shed a little bit of led on the company owned by Kayla Carter, and the program she offers to young women looking to enhance their appearance: Zenith. As we discovered in the Kayla Meets Marcella comic, Carter Aesthetics eventually ends up creating dickgirls. But before Kayla managed to get her hands on the ability to do that, she was already in the business of enhancing girls’ looks. Taylor Shaw is an example of one such happy client. Some of the content you will see here is going to be Patreon exclusive, but the main transformation brochure that I will tease here is going to be part of my upcoming release on October 16th as well!


Meet Taylor!

Taylor is particularly happy with her new underboob lace top!

The girl you see to the right here is the end result of Zenith’s careful tweaking. In the Lust Unleashed universe, plastic surgery is a thing of the past, and everything is done through genetic alteration. Taylor had been feeling insecure about her old body all her life, so when Carter Aesthetics gave her the opportunity of a lifetime, there were no second thoughts at all.

Taylor’s always been a bit of an alt girl, leaning on the punk side of girly girl. Friends with Breanna Marshall since childhood, the two girls have maintained an intimate relationship ever since their late teens. Not quite girlfriends, not quite friends with benefits, they are somewhere in between, but Taylor felt a little bit left behind when Breanna’s inherited wealth allowed her to get all the tweaks and upgrades she desired from Kayla Carter.

In a world where beauty is accessible to everyone with the money to pay for it, the contrast between hyper-attractive and regular becomes stark in a hurry. It was then that Kayla Carter saw an opportunity; a way to create someone indebted to the company, someone who would be the best spokesperson for Carter Aesthetics and Zenith possible.

Taylor’s body went through a rapid, but focused change. This is laid out in detail in the brochure I’ll be adding to my October 16 release! In essence, it’s a bimbofication timeline with added layers. It covers everything from detailed looks at chest and waistline alterations, to facial changes, to wardrobe. The above slide is actually just one page out of seven, tucked in toward the end as a summary. The full brochure takes you on a journey from the old version of Taylor you see on the left, to the bombshell she became on the right. Though I have to point out, in the actual brochure her lips have a pink shade. WordPress file compression gave her this skin-colored tint.

To Kayla Carter, Taylor Shaw is an unmitigated success. And Ms. Shaw herself agrees! Now employed as Kayla’s new secretary, she’s the perfect PR face of the company, and through her friendship with Breanna Marshall allows Carter Aesthetics to keep a close tab on the goings-on of the upper echelons of society. And soon Taylor will be shouldered with a new responsibility: evaluating the performance of the most succesful ladies to come out of Carter’s dickgirl creation program, like Marcella Santiago and Mari Benson. Can she remain professional in a world where sexual desire tempts her at every corner? Or will her unbridled lust only allow her to be better at her new job?

All that and more will be revealed in future comics. For now, if you want to learn just who this Marcella is that Taylor’s going to have to work with, check out the Kayla Meets Marcella comic! And if you love world-building content like this, there’s a lot more of it on my Patreon! Patrons will have exclusive access to a lot of the content that I use to create these interviews, biographies, and brochures with, as well as to special minisets and of course new comics!

Of course you can always just wait until I release my official Affect3D-exclusive sets as well, which have plenty of nice goodies of their own to offer! Next time we’re going to cover a new girl, as well as look forward towards some future sets. See you then!

New Lust Unleashed Dropping Shortly!

Posted September 17, 2019 by Anael

TheDude3DX has been busy working on their releases for the rest of the year and is stepping up their story game! Much of the Lust Unleashed series has showcased oodles of hot dickgirls and their cum-a-licious fucking, but the stories hinted at within their bios and character profiles are seeing more light. 

This first story release focuses on the initial meeting between Kayla and Marcella. Kayla takes Marcella for a “test drive,” enjoying the goods and making sure everything’s up to snuff… because Marcella owes her her cock, if not more!

CEO of Carter Industries, Kayla Carter has a sort of monopoly on futa girls in this setting, making her top girl-cock and girl-cock endower. There’s something hella sexy about them, and I’m just as curious as you to see what happens in the comic! (I didn’t get a sneak peek this time, qq) That’s a power exchange I can certainly get… behind… and I’m excited to see more story releases from TheDude3DX in the future!

There’ll be two versions of this release, too, with one being the comic and story ($9.95) and the other including some hot as fuck renders that were previously Patreon exclusives ($19.95). TheDude3DX releases new content specifically to Patrons every month, so if you like their work, consider becoming one!

Cumming this Saturday, new release Lust Unleashed!

Posted July 24, 2019 by Elayn Wilde

There’s rich, and there’s Dubai rich. What’s the difference? Pink palm fronds. Or maybe that just means it’s time to get your glam fix. The Dude will be treating you to a cumshot special this Saturday and here’s a little taste of what’s to come. (To Cum? To Cum.)

Blonde hair, hard cock, and plenty of pink, all under the open sky. The three-color palette keeps your focus on the girls, and everything catches the eye pleasantly. And with a title like Cumshot Special, this is all about a big finish. Expect a futa fountain to be the centerpiece of this sweeping palatial courtyard.

Lust Unleashed – Teaser for Upcoming Breanna x Mari Bridal Release!

Posted May 25, 2019 by Anael

I got to talk with The Dude recently on his next Lust Unleashed release, and he’s given us some tasty teasers for what sounds like an intriguing set. (It might even hit some of my personal fetish tastes!)

Focusing on Breanna and Mari, the next release promises a “bridal” and “summery” theme. Well-timed for the season, to be sure, but a nice move for The Dude. He’s already shown quite a bit of skill in doing lingerie across his work, and the bridal theme is just a slam dunk in 3DX.

Fortunately, that’s what we’ve become accustomed to with The Dude.

As we don’t have a release date finalized yet, The Dude graciously decided to give us some teasers on Breanna and Mari, with Breanna showcasing in May, and Mari in June.

Love that confidence.

Here we see some a snippet from an interview with Breanna – and is it ever tasty. I’m definitely intrigued by the personality she presents, and what details lie deeper in. Many creators don’t take the time to design their characters beyond their basic physical presentation or fashion, and these kind of story details can create all kinds of story hooks.

And then we also have a teaser from her Bio:

More hot or more cute?

This gives us a more… intimate view of Breanna, and what makes her tick. It also makes a nice comparison image-set between the ‘flavors’ of The Dude’s style, and Breanna’s looks. (I’m definitely a fan of the glasses and ponytail, personally.)

The full versions of this Interview and Bio are available on The Dude’s Patreon, where he regularly releases bonus content for his work to patrons. Consider checking it out here if your interest has been piqued.

Until next update!

Lust Unleashed: The Story Thus Far

Posted March 19, 2019 by alexaazuline

After The Dude gave a synopsis of his upcoming release, we talked a bit more about the actual story and what his plans are for it.

Alexa: Can you give more insight on the story without spoiling too much?

The Dude: So, the story in this release is going to tie into some of the background info I’ve released on my Patreon in the format of interviews with the girls. They’re not necessary to enjoy this story, but they give some more of an in depth look at the Lust Unleashed universe.

In this release, the story starts with Yelena entering the throne room for the first time since she’s been told that she’s the new Tsarina. She’s the pioneer of a brand-new culture and a brand-new way of life, because Yelena intends to make female beauty the dominant force in society. So her entire reign is going to be characterized by nudity, jewelry, lingerie, and all other things sensual and sultry. But of course, the new throne room doesn’t really have that vibe yet.

So Yelena’s going to be taking stock of what needs to change, and she’s going to do that together with her consort Tatiana, who is known to the public as the beauty at Yelena’s side, but behind the scenes might have more to say than people think.

Alexa: Is there a specific reason for wanting to bring forth this new culture? I know you said she wants to make female beauty the dominant force, but did something happen for her to want this?

The Dude: Yelena believes that lust is the driving force behind human ambition. All the great things achieved through history, whether good or bad, have happened because someone wanted to impress someone else, or because they believed that there was a life of sexual indulgence at the end of the road they were on. It’s a very sex-based worldview, so to her the best thing to do for humanity is embrace sexuality and go all-in on the power of good looks and seduction.

Alexa: Ohhhhh so how did she come to believe this?

The Dude: That’s something you’ll discover in the added comic in this set. 😉

Alexa: I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled to find out! It seems like Yelena will have quite the journey ahead of her. Does she have people who oppose what she wants to do? Or is that a secret as well?

The Dude: Yelena’s enemies will reveal themselves in time. Keep in mind that there’s a difference between what she says she wants to achieve, ie what’s palatable to the public, and what her real and actual ambitions are. Her opposition will come from those who believe that her idea of sexual culture goes too far, and who suspect that she might have more influence internationally than she claims to have. But it’s a story to be told in steps, so in this set I’m going to let people get acquainted with Yelena and Tatiana’s relationship, and then build on that to reveal more characters in the future.

Alexa: There’s so much to look forward to. I can only imagine how excited everyone else must be.

The Dude: I hope so! The aim is a large story of political intrigue and glamourous sex, so we’re really only just getting started haha.

Alexa: Hmmm a large story…will it break off into side stories and eventually come full circle? Or did you have anything in particular in mind for how you want the story to be told?

The Dude: Oh that’s hard to say. For now, the story is a vehicle for a simple idea I want to explore: if it’s possible to tell a pornographic story without sacrificing quality. I have a good baseline for what this story is, and I have a few scenes in mind that serve as climax points where really big epic sex scenes take place. But I also want it all to be interesting. I want people to get invested in the characters of these girls.

Alexa: I don’t think you’ll have a hard time doing that honestly haha.

The Dude: Well I’m glad you have confidence.

Alexa: I feel what you bring to the table is interesting. Sure a lot of people can create 3DX and have beautiful renders but I also feel that there are people who want stories behind someone’s work or the characters that are created. I feel people are more inclined to come back if there is a reason for it.

The Dude: Yeah I think if you’re excited about what happens next, you’re more likely to tune in. Now the Lust Unleashed story is still brand new so all those moments and opportunities still have to be created. So we’ll have to see. But at the very least I’m giving it my best!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as The Dude and I delve into anatomy/aesthetics of his girls!

Catching up with The Dude

Posted March 14, 2019 by alexaazuline


It’s been roughly two months since we’ve heard anything from The Dude so I reached out to see what he’s been up to and what projects he’s currently working on. Below is an excerpt from our chat.

Alexa: It’s been awhile since we’ve last talked. What all have you been up to?

The Dude: Mostly a lot of technical stuff, haha. The transition to animation isn’t easy but just yesterday we crossed a big hurdle — beyond that, a lot of Patreon content.

Alexa: What’s been the hardest in terms of animation?

The Dude: Well, how familiar are you with the technical specifics of animation? If not very I can keep it short.

Alexa: I’m not well versed with it haha.

The Dude: Alright 😃 Well, basically the issue lies in the genre; because it’s about animating girls with dicks, the challenge is in getting a dickgirl body to work properly. The question is constantly how to add a dick in the easiest possible way, while also making sure it looks as good as it possibly can. Those two things don’t usually gel together very well so easy ways go out the window, and they become months of inventing the wheel instead; but we’re really close now.

Alexa: I know when we had touched on animation briefly during our previous chat, and how your fanbase has been actively requesting animation from you. How do you feel about it finally coming into fruition?

The Dude: Well it’s not exactly around the corner just yet, so there’s a few hurdles left to clear. I haven’t gotten hair figured out yet, for example, though that’s not a huge challenge. Mostly people have been very patient though. For example last week it looked like the only way to get a dickgirl body to work in the short term was to go no-balls, but since opinion was a little bit split on whether that was worth it, I decided to give it one last go, and that proved to be worth it, so I’m sure people will be happy to hear that. Though if I had gone no-balls just for the time being, they’d have been ok with it too. It’s just that I like to not make concessions if I don’t have to.

Alexa: Well it’s nice to know that people have been patient and that things are coming along for the most part good. I for one am excited to see the final result of everything. Is there anything you can share about what the animation is going to be about?

The Dude: Oh wow, let’s see. At the very least it’s going to feature Mari, and more than likely it’ll be dickgirl x dickgirl so that means she’s going to get paired with either Tatiana, Kayla, or Marcella. We’ll have to see who it ends up being. I think the first animation is mostly going to be an exploration of Mari as a character, a bit like how G4E is the first time meeting Tara and Sayako. It’ll be very Mari focused, with the viewer exploring Mari’s body at the same time she is.

Alexa: I really like that!

The Dude: Thanks!

Alexa: Haha but of course! So with this featuring Mari, I’m wondering, are you going to use this as an “introduction” of sorts? I’m trying to figure out the best way to ask this…I know you’ve developed a story with your girls but are you going to use these animations (assuming there will be more than one) to further delve into said story? Or will it be the beginning to having the audience get to know the girls on a different level as opposed to what you’ve been doing previously?

The Dude: So yeah it will be part of the story. I don’t wanna reveal too much but Mari doesn’t have the same origins as the other dickgirls and girls, so for her there’s a lot of self-exploration to do. So that kinda serves three purposes at once; it allows the audience to get acquainted with Lust Unleashed, it’ll serve to introduce Mari as a character, and it’s good porn 😀

Alexa: Oh man, there’s a lot to look forward to then!

The Dude: I hope so 😀 But yeah for now it’s just doing what I’m known for, an animation isn’t something I’ll have rendered out next month. So more sets, the comics I’m doing on Patreon, the fetish sets I’m also doing there, and whatever freebies I can render out for social media 🙂

Alexa: You’re quite the busy individual. You said you’ve been working on a lot of Patreon content, how has that been coming along?

The Dude: Pretty well! I’ve got biographies and interviews out for almost all the girls now, with some updates also in the planning and the Kayla Meets Marcella comic is now in its final stretch so I’ll be starting with a new one soon – patrons will get to vote on that 🙂 Honestly it’s just full steam ahead, every month.

Alexa: Do you include your patrons regularly? And it looks like you have things mapped out extensively with everything you have planned, what’s going to be released soon and in the future.

The Dude: Well I ask them for a lot of feedback, and I think I do a fair amount of polls. I haven’t received any complaints yet haha. And as for planning, yeah, I have a lot more to think about now that long-term projects are getting more relevant and the story needs some degree of mapping out as well.

Alexa: I like how you interact with your audience on these things. Aside from what we just discussed was there anything you would like to add?

The Dude: Actually, yeah, there is a new release coming soon – Yelena x Tatianna: The Royal Palace. It will be a full look into Yelena’s daily life as a Tsarina.

Alexa: Ohhh sounds interesting, tell me more about it!

The Dude: Alright so, the story for my upcoming release is about Yelena first ascending to the throne in her role as Tsarina. The set basically starts where what could’ve been her prologue story ends, so that may be interesting to tell in the future. In this set, we discover how Yelena regards her new position of power and what she has in mind for the world. After a short intro sequence where she’s alone, Tatiana joins her. That’s the other part of the story of this set, because we learn a lot about how Tatiana relates to Yelena, both privately as well as in Yelena’s role as empress. Of course to celebrate Yelena’s upcoming official inauguration, the girls decide to fuck each other’s brains out first, ha ha. 

And there you have it! I know you guys have been anxiously waiting for a new release from The Dude and now we know what’s coming. To hold you guys over we have some biography renders of Yelena and Tatiana. These are available through The Dude’s Patreon so if you haven’t already be sure to support him on there. There are a few teasers as well and more will be coming this weekend into next week.

Lust Unleashed: Princess is Available Now

Posted December 22, 2018 by Marie Fasolt

Lust Unleashed: Princess is now available for purchase at the Affect3D Store. Read Alexa’s write-up on it for more info, or head directly to the product page to purchase it now. If you entered the giveaway by commenting or joining the mailing list, please check your associated email to see if you’ve won (all winners have been notified, with an email from [email protected]). If you didn’t win this time, worry not: you’ll be automatically entered to win all future giveaways from The Dude by staying subscribed to his mailer.

If you’ve already enjoyed Lust Unleashed: Princess, let us know what you thought in the comments below, and stay tuned for future updates. Thank you!

Interview: Into the Mind of The Dude pt. 2

Posted December 22, 2018 by alexaazuline

Today is part 2 of my long talk with The Dude! We’re jumping straight in, so be sure to check out part 1 for context, in case you missed it.

Alexa: Ohhhh I really like that, it can create a conversation amongst people. I feel human sexuality has gotten so complex especially here lately and sometimes it just makes things more difficult than it should be. What are your plans for Lust Unleashed for the future? Or in general if anything?

TheDude: For the future, animation. I think that’s the big goal for 2019. Like writing a story, I’ve kinda treated animation the same way: I’m not gonna do it unless I can do it the way I want to. For example, I purchased Maya at the end of 2016 and just haven’t been able to dive into it as much as I would’ve liked because I do this for a living and I had to keep my income going. At some point I just made the decision that if I can’t devote proper time to it, I’m not doing it. It’s not worth stressing myself out over. Now with 2019 around the corner things have changed. My sets have done very well, Patreon support is amazing, and I have a dedicated render PC that operates alongside my main workstation, meaning I can produce in Daz Studio while furthering my animation skills in Maya. My render times also improved significantly since I got started, to the point where rendering 30 frames of animation in a day is starting to look very, very doable. So I’m not giving any dates or making any promises, but the skies are starting to clear on the animation front and I really don’t want to wait with this much longer. Meanwhile I think I have great looking image sets that I think I can be very proud of. For me it’s always visuals first.

Alexa: Oh animation would be splendid! I’ve always wondered why you hadn’t had any animations out and now I know, haha. Aside from animation is there anything else you would want to bring forth moving forward? (e.g. new characters, etc.)

TheDude: Yeah, there’s room for the lineup to expand, but I have to be careful with it. Right now I have six girls: Kayla, Breanna, Yelena, Tatiana, Mari, Marcella. I want them all to have clearly defined characters, i.e., stories, sexual preferences, aesthetics, etc., before I add anyone else to the roster. It’s better to have six amazing girls than say, twelve poorly developed ones. But obviously the story will make demands of me that require the creation of additional characters. So that will no doubt happen.

Alexa: People have become familiar with Lust Unleashed for awhile now. And with the expansion underway the question on some people’s mind is; what is Lust Unleashed? What is it all about?

TheDude: At its heart, Lust Unleashed is a story about women changing the world. It’s a new age of science and technology, and with a very troubled disaster period recently overcome, the dust is starting to settle and new power structures arise. In America, Kayla Carter is leading Carter Industries, a bio-science conglomerate that specializes in human augmentation. Like, we think we have options with plastic surgeons, but that’s nothing compared to what Kayla’s making possible. We’re talking complete physical reassignment in walk-in clinics. Sign a waiver, make the payment, and you’re good to go. Beauty has become a commodity, but Kayla is on the cusp of unleashing a new sexual revolution: dickgirls. In Russia, the old government has collapsed and the country is now in hands of a new royal family, House Berenkov. Yelena Berenkova has recently inherited the throne and assumed the mantle of Tsarina, and she’s got a radical new approach to things; she’s completely uninhibited with her sexuality and feels no sense of shame or personal embarrassment at utilising it for political gain. Russia seems to love her for it, but the big talk of the town is about her consort, Tatiana Tarasova, and whether she might not have the ear of the Tsarina too much. Tatiana, also, already rocks a cock well ahead of Kayla Carter’s planned announcement to the world, and isn’t shy about letting everyone know that Yelena enjoys it. If you’re wondering what the men of the world have to say about any of this: not much. Men exist in Lust Unleashed but I’m planning to leave them out of it as much as I possibly can. If I can write an all-female story here, I will.

Alexa: I’m even more excited about what’s to come! Why aren’t you wanting men in Lust Unleashed? Any reason in particular?

TheDude: I’m just… not into men haha. I have no interest in devoting time to developing their looks, writing their characters, rendering them in sets. They’re just completely uninteresting to me. If there will be men in Lust Unleashed it’ll be men who won’t be involved in any kind of sexual scene. Politicians, palace guards, businessmen, etc. The beauty of my job is that I can spend all day productively working on pretty girls. No reason to dilute that experience.


Alexa: Now that people know what Lust Unleashed is about and revealed your plans for the future, is there anything else you would like to add?

TheDude: Not much other than stay tuned 😀 I have a very active Patreon where I put up exclusive content every month. I’m hard at working making sure A3D gets amazing new sets at least once a quarter, and I’m doing my best to make the animation transition. There’s good stuff on the horizon, all it takes is patience and passion 🙂

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed getting a better insight on Lust Unleashed and what’s to come! Stay tuned for the official release of Lust Unleashed: Princess!

Interview: Into the Mind of The Dude pt. 1

Posted December 21, 2018 by alexaazuline

The release of Lush Unleashed: Princess is only a few days away and I know the anticipation is killing you! We showed a little preview of what’s to come yesterday but today’s preview comes in the form of an interview. Earlier this week I sat down with The Dude and we had a long talk, which I will be breaking up across the next two days.

Alexa: So with this upcoming release, this is the beginning of the expansion? Where you delve into the story for the girls?

The Dude: Yeah, so I’ve been releasing for A3D for a whole while, but I’ve never really had a story direction in mind. I just kinda made the girls and made the renders, and it seemed to do well, but there was a demand for story. So since I started my Patreon in the summer I figured that was a good opportunity to hook into that. So what I’m doing on Patreon is releasing biographies, interviews with the girls, comics, etc. Then on A3D I’m publishing sets that hook into that story. Basically it’s a soft sci-fi/political intrigue story set about 50-60 years into the future.

Alexa: I feel like it was a matter of time until people started wanting a story. Your renders are absolutely amazing and I always felt there was a story lingering whilst looking at some.

The Dude: Thanks! But yeah there kinda was, it just wasn’t at all what I’m doing right now. I think it’s because I have a very clear and defined style and I do a lot of suggestion through body language, so people saw that and were like “there’s a story being told here, but I’m not exactly sure what”.

Alexa: Welcome! It wasn’t at all what you’re doing now? What do you mean?

The Dude: Well when I got started all I knew was that I loved Girlfriends 4 Ever and that I wanted to do what Miro did. That seemed like a dream job. And G4E didn’t really have a defined story other than at the beginning, Tara making clear to Sayako that she wants to get fucked. It suggested some background between the two but not much else. I figured that for the most part, that was enough to set up any porn scene so I started designing girls that fit my idea of what was attractive, i.e basically just glam bimbos with cocks, and got started. With Kayla and Yelena in the beginning I think it’s pretty clear that I was taking inspiration from Tara and Sayako, haha. Just inverted the hair colours. So I guess whatever I had in mind story wise was just… generic bimbo stuff, girls being super girly with each other while also having huge cocks, not so much a story as an excuse to fuck.

Alexa: Was there ever a time where you wanted to have a a more in-depth story with your girls or did it just come over time? I know you said people are demanding a story, which makes sense, but did you intend on developing one anyway?

The Dude: I did, I just didn’t want to do it until I knew I had the right tone. Because I know how to write a story, I’ve written stories before, but never erotica. My issue with erotica has always been that it’s an excuse for people to get into sexual situations, i.e unrealistic scenarios clearly set up with a specific outcome in mind. That’s not how you write a good story. So I figured that as long as I didn’t have a final idea on how to integrate the sex more naturally, I’d just keep it simple and not expand much on these girls and their characters at all. I wasn’t in a rush, it’s just something I’d rather do right, or forego entirely. Think of porn like like car or coffee commercials, or a Michael Bay movie. Those are also types of pornography, if you look at porn as glorification of, or hyperfocus on, a specific thing that doesn’t really have narrative value. For Bay that’s explosions, for cars that’s sunset drives along summery coasts, for coffee it’s stirring cream and steamy swirls spiralling upward. It’s just that none of this is about sex, so you don’t think of it like porn. Likewise, in movies where the story stands on its own, and doesn’t just act as an excuse to get certain things to happen on screen, the sex is usually cut out. But what if you don’t cut it out? What if you just write something that works, but there’s also sex? In other words, my idea was to take inspiration from plot and character driven stuff, and have the sex play a role in the narrative itself.

Alexa: I feel having this story is going to make people love your girls even more than what they already do, haha. You telling me this already has me sold! Why did you decide on a sci-fi story? Or would that be giving away too much?

The Dude: No, not at all. If you’re doing dickgirls, then to start with you have two choices: either justify why they have cocks, or don’t. Both have narrative implications, because if you justify why they have cocks then the story has to accommodate for that, but if you don’t then everyone in your story just inhabits a world where dickgirls existing is completely normal. I figured I’d rather explain than not explain, because if I explain I have the opportunity to deliver some commentary on human sexuality, which is always interesting. So then you have the choice: do you explain it with magic, or explain it with technology? I prefer technology because technology is something that exists in our world, so again you can use it to deliver commentary on something that’s important to people. And so you end up with a sci-fi story at the very minimum, leaving you with the final choice of where you wanna be on the sci-fi spectrum. Do you want to make something grounded, or do you want to go for some big space opera with aliens and everything else? Well, the crazier it gets the more it distracts from what you’re trying to accomplish, i.e arouse people while also being meaningful so I choice the grounded side of things, i.e treat dickgirls as augmented people, an artificial evolution of the human body.

Alexa: So with the idea in place is there something you’re wanting to accomplish with the story? I guess is this being created to lead into something bigger or?

The Dude: What I want to accomplish is write erotica that can hold its own as a story that’s interesting. And I think that’s possible. The problem with human sexuality of course is that there’s always an element of taboo, so whether people are going to be freely admitting that they enjoy Lust Unleashed the same way they admit to liking superhero movies, I kind of doubt that.But it does go to something that the story is actually about, namely: how do we treat human sexuality in society to begin with. The world I paint in Lust Unleashed is sexually very liberal, but it has only recently become that. So there may be elements of the old world still trying to resist. That’s the kind of conflict where a story gets interesting.

This is the end of part 1 of our chat. Be sure to come back tomorrow for part 2 and more previews from Lust Unleashed: Princess! Also don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list or leave a comment below to be entered for a chance to win a free copy!

The Dude Sneak Peek! Win a Free Copy of Lust Unleashed: Princess!

Posted December 20, 2018 by alexaazuline

There is a new release upon us from no other than The Dude! The release isn’t until Saturday but we wanted to give you a little preview of what’s to come. 😉 I know one image isn’t possibly enough but don’t fret! There will be more within the next couple of days along with an in-depth interview with The Dude himself! You don’t want to miss out on it so keep your eyes peeled!

In regards to the giveaway be sure you’re signed up for the mailing list or leave a comment below! By doing so you will enter for a chance to receive a copy of Lust Unleashed: Princess, for FREE! (This signup is only for The Dude news. If you’re interested in receiving news and updates with Affect3D itself there is a separate form on the homepage).

Good luck and stay tuned!


Lust Unleashed is live on Affect3D!

Posted December 11, 2018 by The Dude

Our very own page! Isn’t it great? Of course Lust Unleashed has been live for a while on the Affect3D Store; this place is after all the home of everything I’ve ever made and the very place where I felt inspired to even get started as a 3DX artist. But now there’s this feature page, and I can’t help but feel like it’s a major step forward for the Lust Unleashed IP and myself as an artist. And hopefully for all you guys as well, since what could be bad about more Lust Unleashed?

So let’s talk about what’s to come. Lust Unleashed is about to undergo a major expansion. I’ve been working on developing story and background for all six girls, as well as a larger setting, a lot of which can already be found on my Patreon page. But there will be content available for public consumption as well, and all of that is going to go up here. For starters, there’s the trailer up above which I think strikes the tone exactly right. With thanks to our resident A3D trailer genius, whose work you’ve undoubtedly seen before! It’s taken me some years to figure out where I want to be on the narrative porn spectrum, and so where it comes as no surprise to anyone that I like my glam and luxury, I also needed to find the right place to root all that in. Which, as it turns out, is a soft sci-fi world set some 50 odd years into the future. Lust Unleashed will be a story of hedonism and extravagance, of wealth and desire. I’m going all in on the idea of a world where boundaries are slowly but surely stripped away, and where sexuality is the great equaliser. A little bit of politics, a little bit of philosophy with your porn. What happens when lust becomes mainstream, a commodity to be traded in? Kayla, Yelena, and all the others will work to answer that question for you. Who knows, the cast might yet expand even further!

So over the coming weeks and months, I will be promoting upcoming releases, doing specials on the girls, all kinds of stuff. Also, if there’s a sale or a special promotion, people here will be the first to know 🙂

For now, work is in full swing for my upcoming release. I’ve been sitting on some concept renders that aren’t going to make the final product, but are still great to share here! I’ve been wanting to utilise a car in my renders for a while and this seemed like a great opportunity. Breanna was very eager to showcase her vintage sportscar, a collector’s item in the world she inhabits where personal car ownership is a thing of the past. Nicknamed “Sweetheart,” it’s the ride she rolls up in when it’s time to impress. The final release will include a very spicy scene with Kayla, as well as some other things I don’t want to reveal just yet 😀 So stay tuned for more news, and welcome to Lust Unleashed!

(Note from the Editor: The current giveaway period for a free copy of Queen is from now to 11:59pm Dec. 16th. Subscribe to The Dude’s mailing list using the link to the right before then and you’ll be entered to win a free copy. After that time, any subscribers will be automatically entered for the next drawing for the Dude’s next release later this month.)

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April 28, 2020

awesome work, Dude! I’m curious what software do you use to make this incredible work of art?

March 27, 2020

I want lust unleashed

March 22, 2020

do these women every share with men. do they ever give a man the honor of there hung beauty.

March 17, 2020

I might like his renders if the dicks didnt look like lumpy rubber dildos.

March 14, 2020

The level of art that The Dude has is very interesting.

January 27, 2020

The best. I dont mind lack of animations, no complaints. Just keepin doing what you do!

October 21, 2019

Chick with no dick? Hell no. I like what is done here. Its why we are here to begin with, isn’t it? But no animation? No short movies? Ohh… 🙁 Such a shame as the art work here is A-M-A-ZING!

October 15, 2019

For the love of God…could you PLEASE introduce a woman who does NOT have a dick? Hopefully this gorgeous gal will remain sans penis.

May 28, 2019

Please tell us when you are going to animate your work.

March 19, 2019

So glad we’re getting more updates from TheDude as I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of his latest work!!

March 19, 2019

Your work is fantastic, I’ve seen your work for a long time, but there are a handful of thing I want to comment on.

1 – Its been mentioned many times, but it cant be stressed enough…. animations animations animations. Even if you dont want to release low quality longer animations, you can still probably do a decent job with short loops. Animations are where its at now, so its no better time to start trying them then yesterday. You are probably one of the most liked 3DX creators so you would have no shortage of people lining up to buy your animated work.
1 – Dont be afraid to do unique poses. The cock fucking you did recently was fantastic, it was super hot and nobody else has done that. Towards the end of “A Girl Can Dream” you had the 3 girls in a sandwich pose where each girls was sticking their cock into the girls vagina above them, again super hot and body else has done that. In one of the sets you had the 2 girls with their cocks in the same vibrator, which nobody else has done and again thats very hot. You do a really good job with self sucking stuff, and even though there is a fair amount of this out there I don’t think its been overdone yet, and again its super hot. Dont get lulled into doing generic poses in your sets, keep being creative with the poses like the above if you really want your work to stand out.
2 – Somebody else mentioned no liking those puffy inflated nipples that some of your girls have had recently, and I would agree. I’m not a fan of those “puffy” or “inflated” and rough looking nipples, but I do prefer larger nipples as long as they are smooth and round. With the huge tits that your girls have it would be a shame to give them small or average size nipples, just keep the nipples round and smooth and dont make the areolas too big.
3 – How come so little focus is on the breasts, especially the glorious tits that your girls have? Obviously in Futa the main focus is on the cock, but it seems like no matter what the style of 3DX the authors put very little if any attention on the breasts. Give those puppies some love, groping, licking, sucking, 2 girls rubbing their boobs together, playing with both nipples at the same time, sliding one girls nipples down the other girls cock. Breast and nipple play is so hot especially in the early foreplay part of sex, but the boobs should never be ignored no matter what part of the session the girls are at.
4 – Why not try a shorter hairstyle on the girls? You always do long and mostly straight hair. A medium length hairstyle that falls to about the shoulders or slightly below would look “cuter” rather then the current “bimboish” look they have, and maybe a change to a more cuter look would look good. A shorter hairstyle would also never block the viewers view, and would also never be a problem of clipping into their bodies.
5 – How about try clothing other then stockings and high heels? Personally I wouldnt mind if they were completely nude from start to finish, but theres other clothing you could try. Like crop tops that stay above the boobs, daisy dukes, tank tops, jeans jackets that stay unbuttoned etc.
6 – Finally I think your work could benefit from better lighting. In nearly all of your image sets the lighting is so bright and it looks like its coming from every angle. The result is that everything in the scene can be easily seen, but it means there is little if any shadows. Shadows are important to create depth and depth is something that would really accentuate the killer curves of your girls. The shadows would make all of their curves really pop and look just that much more delicious. Shadows would make the girls bodies look more 3D and make their features look like they are jumping out of the image. Try starting with soft ambient lighting, kinda like being outside at sunset, then add directional lighting at the their bodies from things like ceiling lights or weak spotlights nearby. The end result should be their whole bodies are still visible from the soft ambient lighting, but there is moderately strong shadows which are created by the directional lighting, which are accentuating their curves. Obviously you want to be able to see their whole bodies, which is why there should be atleast some ambient lighting, but keep that ambient lighting somewhat low so that it doesnt overpower the shadows created by the directional lights.

March 14, 2019

You’ve got me intrigued! I wonder about the story you will go for though.

March 14, 2019

All I can say is good luck. G4E/BL was a ball ache of a wait but very much worth the attention to detail in animation, and i am glad more animation is finally coming as now more than ever is the time, we still have too few futa animation content that is a) high quality b) features beautiful women (and not fucking animals) and c) is actually sensual, erotic sex (and not fucking ugly monster rape shit!)

Nothing grinds my gears more than non human stuff, so i’m very much looking forward to this. How you decide to handle cumshot animation i suspect is going to be tough. Miro, Puppetmaster, Smerinka have all done fantastic jobs of simulation, for me, it’s kind of the biggest part and focus for improvement (especially stickyness/non fading cum between scenes) so yeah, good luck with that too!

February 14, 2019

In future there will be animation or not ?

Marie Fasolt
February 14, 2019

Yep, The Dude is working on animations now. No upcoming animated releases, but you may see some previews of stuff later this year.

January 2, 2019

Looks hot!

January 2, 2019

is lust unleashed just pictures, or is it an actual ann video animasjon?

The Dude
January 4, 2019

For now just pictures. The choice was between doing animation poorly or doing pictures well, and I chose to do pictures well 🙂

January 1, 2019

bruh stop messing up the nipples they don’t have to be 10 different type and sizes. keep it simple and nice like they were before and what on earth did u do to the face/tits and body of Marcella? she was perfect in every way when u first introduced her and in that pool set but u kept tweaking too much with her like u did with breanna until she didn’t look like anything like she did originally. i have followed your work for a long time but plz stop tempering with stuff that dont need to be tempered with in the first place coz they were perfect before. once again plz fix this huge nipple stuff u started to do in recent sets coz its ruining otherwise perfect characters completely coz 99% of ppl i know that follows your work hates it.

The Dude
January 4, 2019

Hey, so as for the nipples that message has been received loud and clear haha. As you might’ve noticed, none of the girls on the LU page have inflated nipples. That said, it’s also not completely out, but it’s reserved for a select few characters. Honestly it was a bit of experimentation on my part and I’ve gotten a better feel now for which girls I want those nipples for, and when I want them. I definitely don’t plan to make them mainstream because while 99% is a bit much, there’s definitely a lot of folks who didn’t like it.

Marcella actually didn’t change that much at all. Her tits are the same size, her face is the same shape, her makeup is the same. All that I’m changing with Marcella is her hairstyle, which is what I’ve started to do with all the girls since I don’t want them to always look the exact same. That’s just how I see that, so while I heard you on the nipples loud and clear, alterations in hairstyle are going to remain.

I hope that answers some of your questions and reassures you a little bit. Again on the Marcella point, I think that just demonstrates the strength of a hairstyle! Same with Breanna, characters evolve and change. I wanted to get all of this out of the way before I started really expanding their characters. Don’t expect too much change from here on out, haha.

January 5, 2019

thats good to hear. now the negative parts are out i wanna point out all the stuff that have got better. Tatiana is hands down the best model u have now 10/10(provided this is not one of the models marked for nipple changes xd), yelena wasn’t a fav of mine(probably because not a fan of short hair) but she is almost perfect now, Kayla always remained constant so props for that, i know Mari is the prime candidate for new nipple stuff xd but without that she looks great. Brianna (the oldest version)was my favorite till u changed the style so its taking some time getting around to liking new look and lastly marcella, she looked too much like a actual barbie doll in recent sets and here tits shape is much different too so hoping for something different with her(more like the old one). overall as u can see u have a great roster of girls so u are definitely on the right track and lets not forget one of if not the best part of your work, the clothes/lingerie specially the lace ones are best in business. looking forward to seeing the projects u make in future

December 23, 2018

Animation has to be the primary goal IMO. The image sets are incredible, the characters look amazing and the lighting is perfect. Plus, it would be nice to have more choice other than vampire fantasies and ex-lovers (both of which are also excellent mind)

December 22, 2018

Still dreaming of all of the Dude’s stuff being animated.

The Dude
December 22, 2018

So am I!

December 21, 2018


December 21, 2018

somewhat quicker new series

December 21, 2018

I really like what your doing , nice job !!

The Dude
January 4, 2019


December 20, 2018

Can never have too much futanari in my life

December 20, 2018

I may be male, but i would totally swap places with Brenna on that pic and suck on Kayla’s balls and watch the cum explode

December 20, 2018

Hopefully will be selected

December 20, 2018

I really live your Art i think Spur one of tue best 3dx artists ive ever Seen i Love Spur Charakter Design and would Love to add a New Set as a Christmas Gift to my collection of already 11 Sets

December 20, 2018

All your sets are worth the money, you obviously care a great deal about the quality of your content. Looking forward to this and all your future releases. 🙂

The Dude
December 22, 2018

Thanks man! I very much appreciate that 😀 And indeed, stay tuned!

December 20, 2018

hope i get a free copy,looks really good,this saturday the 22nd?

December 16, 2018


December 14, 2018


December 13, 2018

Renders and sets are fine, but what is the spacial thing with the new page all about? A game?

December 13, 2018


December 13, 2018

Renders and sets are fine, but what is the spacial thing with the new page all about? A game? A video? A comic?

The Dude
December 13, 2018

So LU releases are A3D exclusive, hence the new page. It’s a way to feature artists dedicated to A3D. I’m very happy that Miro thought I deserved this spot to be honest 🙂 But to your specifics, yes. Comics for now, an expansion of the storyline, and animation later. This is where we’re setting it all up!

December 20, 2018

So you have text bubbles in the next set then?

The Dude
January 4, 2019

Somehow I missed this. Yeah I’ve been working with text in some of my patreon exclusives already, expect that to expand to A3D releases.

December 12, 2018

Character models are perfectly flawless and absolutely gorgeous.

December 12, 2018

Any chance for that major step forward means animation for you?
I believe over the years your devoted followers have waited to see your sexy girls to finally take motion… sexy motions 😛

The Dude
December 13, 2018

Yes! So, animation for me has always been simple: I’ll only do it if I can make it look as good as my still shots. I’m not interested in downgrading visuals just to see motion, though I realise I have many fans who’d gladly see me make that compromise. I just won’t. So on that front there’s been a big development because I have a new dedicated rendering rig as well as access to a few other nifty tools that will really cut into my rendering time. We’re getting to that place where I can get animation off the ground. I’m just wrapping up 2018 conventionally, but overall? Sooner rather than later.

December 11, 2018

Really? To me the trailer was pretty much nonsense, a lot of distracting numbers and effects without actual content

Marie Fasolt
December 10, 2018

After that trailer, I’m expecting Lust Unleashed to have the plot of Bladerunner 2049.

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