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Haneto – Girls

Today’s Media of the Day features a beautifully rendered work from artist Haneto. Featuring two lovely ladies caught up in the moment. It looks like one of them is taking the lead, ever so lightly touching the second girl, as to prepare her for what’s to come. On the bed lie some toys, waiting for their turn. A long intense night will certainly be awaiting the two girls.


Haneto surprises us once more with his great attention to detail, from the pretty room and the accessories, to the beautiful girls. The postures and especially the expression of the second girl looks perfect. The first girl looks relaxed and leans in to the second. It’s almost as if she is whispering sweet words in her ear while touching her. The second girl has her hands folded in a way as if she’s a little unsure about the situation, her flower-patterned top still half-on. But her expression shows the enjoyment she feels from the other’s touch and her body tenses.

This picture can tell you a story, just by looking at it. And that’s a great achievement!

Can’t wait to see more of Haneto’s creations? Take a look at his Pixiv or Deviantart!

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