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LayLo3D — Don’t Tell Me What I Don’t Know

Full disclosure, I hate the song Magnets by Disclosure featuring Lorde. Actually, that’s not true; the song is great, I just loathe the song’s narrator [Editor’s Note: I’ve never been fond of Lorde either 😆]. Never heard it before? You can listen to it here.

While the song’s music video convolutes the message of the song with a story about a hit girl who seduces and murders cheating boyfriends, the character in the song itself isn’t so righteous. Listen to the song’s lyrics on their own and it’s pretty obvious the song is told from the perspective of a mistress who knows her lover has a girlfriend and doesn’t give a fuck. The first part of the song’s chorus goes like this.

“Smoke and sunset, off Mulholland
He was talking, I was wondering ’bout
You and that girl, she your girlfriend?
Face from heaven, bet the world she don’t know
Pretty girls don’t know the things that I know
Walk my way, I’ll share the things that you want”

And those are the lyrics that really make me hate this narrator. Not only are you a horrible person who is enabling and complicit in cheating, but you have to cut the other girl down in the process? FU, girl. The idea that a pretty girl doesn’t know all the things you know, or that an innocent face denotes ignorance to what you’re up to is bullshit. Don’t tell us what we don’t know. We know tons of shit…like that you’re a huge bitch.

“Marie, what are you even talking about!?” you might be thinking. Well, see, I was looking at this pretty 3DX girl by LayLo3D and my thoughts just wandered. Initially I was just admiring her hair and makeup, then I fell in love with her coy and confident expression. That led me to think about how our culture tends to dislike confident, pretty girls who know they’re attractive. And that’s how I got on the topic of Magnets. You follow?

Anyway, LayLo3D made this render to promote his Ribbed Superhero Bodyset and texture add-on, which are available on Daz3D and Renderosity. It’s good stuff!


You can also find more of his renders at his DeviantArt page!

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