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Metalhed13 – Maddy Awaits

“You’re late.”

Maddy gazed at him, her dark eyes lit up, reflecting the soft flames prancing in the fireplace. Her lips parted in a sly smile. She was naked except for the black lace. 

He stammered an excuse, his voice hoarse. But her eyes silenced him. She didn’t care for excuses. Instead, she spread her legs, her lingerie rustling lightly against the armchair’s old fabric. There was no going back now. He was under her spell. She wanted him and she would have him. He had no choice but to oblige her.


That’s how I imagine today’s Media of the Day unfolding were it to be played out. Metalhed presents us with a sublime depiction of a temptress. Not only this, but one that knows exactly how to seduce and who employs her assets perfectly. Indeed, Maddy’s pose is studied and trained. She knows that by showing us less, she only renders herself more desirable. And what she does reveal is stunning.

Furthermore, the artist sets the scene with dark oak and embroidered fabrics. The book shelves also enhance the sense that we’re breaking the rules by being here, in some ancient study or library.

Metalhed’s models and images grow more tantalizing by the day. Without a doubt, this is an artist that I’ll be following closely.

Make sure you check out Metalhed13’s work on his Deviantart page!


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