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Moonlight Garden – Naama

I’ll admit, I’m no stranger to Naama’s works. In fact, I may be one of her many “number-one-fans.” She is one of those gifted individuals in the 3DX scene that set themselves apart through sheer creativity and raw talent. While up and comers catch our eyes with teases, pin-ups and often just straight up nude assets, Naama doesn’t. She offers so much more, and refuses to belittle her audience as the kink craving critiques we are.

Moonlight Garden is one such perfect example, where the model actually takes up only a third of the full picture. In this one piece Naama shows off his expertise with textures, lights, composition and choreography. All of this in addition to the expected eye catching beauty of his model.

In this piece you can see the clashing and minute detailing of proponents, ranging from metal, to leather to skin and hair to even foliage and feathers! A lot of this may seem excessive in a piece in this 3DX industry where we are expecting just something fap-worthy and fun. However, Naama’s pieces always tell a story. Her work has the depth and emotion for which he’s not hesitant to go the extra mile (or three).

Her piece makes us wonder, imagine and maybe even fantasize about what this exquisite harpy may be looking at? What is she doing? How’d she find herself in a cage? Naama offers her fans no context in the captions, leaving us to our own devices. I’ll admit, that’s actually just how we like it. Sometimes, all we need is the setting to let our imagination run wild. Naama always seems to provide just those perfect backdrops to place our fantasies in. It’s really no wonder that I keep returning to Naama for inspiration and more often than not, a refreshing sense of originality.

Be sure to visit Naama’s DeviantArt for more amazing visuals!

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