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PGandara – The Priestess

The full moon has reached its zenith, and the time for the ritual is upon us. The Priestess stands before the altar, her robe open, offering her body to the caress of the pale moonlight. Her arousal is peaked in anticipation of what is to come. The sacred wedding is about to begin, to experience divine union realized in flesh.


Have you even considered what it would be like to make love to a deity? Really, who doesn’t want a little divine intervention every once in a while? The theme of ritual sex occurs so often in artistic works, it has to be more than idle curiosity. Or should that be idol curiosity?

PGandara has delivered an incredibly enticing snapshot of an erotic ritual. The stone ritual space open to the night sky, and the sexy priestess herself evoke a sensuality that lurks deep in the subconscious. Some may try to deny it, but we all feel the esoteric allure, tingling within our core.

Check out more of PGandara’s erotic art at DeviantArt!

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