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Ryushenron – Girls and Guns

I like big guns and I cannot lie! You thought I was going to say “big butts” didn’t you? Well I love them too. Which brings us to today’s Media of the Day, Girls and Guns by Ryushenron!

There’s something about a woman in uniform carrying a big boom stick that just turns me on. It might stem from the usual serious persona she dons to suppress a baser desire she refuses to tame. Or it could be from the fact she just looks damn good in a uniform. One thing I know for certain is that Ryushenron knows how to create a scenario with just an image alone.

In this image we have the perfect money shot of an unsuspecting officer. She must’ve been doing some routine maintenance while holding a mounted position on her ride. With the officer’s perfectly perky and round ass hiked high up on her seat, completely unaware that there was someone else in the room with her, the opportunity to snag a photo seems almost too criminal to ignore. Judging from her reaction at being caught at an embarrassing state, she must’ve realized a little too late.

Ryushenron puts viewers in the front seat as if they’re experiencing the scene as it happens and that’s what makes me enjoy their works so much. They also have a penchant for designing mature renders of classic anime characters. If you liked Girls and Guns, be sure to check out their DeviantArt for more great works like this!

Check out Ryushenron’s DeviantArt today!

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