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G4E DLC Release Event! – Affect3D!
G4E DLC Release Event!

The G4E DLC teaser event is now live! Watch the new teaser in 720p HD. If you're into girls with peckers in the small to mid range :P, keep an eye on the Girlfriends 4 Ever DLC release event for regular updates!

Visit the Girlfriends 4 Ever DLC teaser page now:


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3DZen - Erin & Vikki: Sleep Study – Affect3D store!

3DZen returns with an all-new story featuring Erin! This time, we learn how Erin became a futa after an experiment gone right! It's Erin & Vikki: Sleep Study, available now at the Affect3D Store!

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You can purchase Erin & Vikki: Sleep Study at the link below:

Erin & Vikki: Sleep Study at the Affect3D Store

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Also Available: Fire In The Ice

On the frozen moon Eylen, where her father runs a sprawling underground contraband operation, Polly “Pixie” Talbish finds contentment as the resident mechanic. With a natural talent for machinery and electronics, Polly is an expert at all things industrial, and is hands down the best mechanic on-staff.

With her pet alien Jester in tow, Polly takes a ground transport across the icy surface of Eylen to one of several sensor relays that make up the matrix of planetary defense the base has against passing ships. This particular relay is malfunctioning, and Polly has been enlisted to make the repairs.

However, during the repairs, something goes horribly wrong. A simple, unintentional mistake causes both an explosion and a gas leak, prevening her from escaping the relay. As a last ditch effort, she radios in an S.O.S. and prays help arrives in time.

A nearby pilot picks up her distress call and manages to reach her just in time. Polly, extremely grateful for her rescue (and incredibly turned on by the young man’s handsomeness), repays the debt with a sexual experience the young man will never forget.

This is the account of Polly’s harrowing experience under the ice of Eylen.

Buy Fire In The Ice at the Affect3D Store now!


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Krissy returns in this all-new title that will surely get your blood pumping! And she's even brought a friend to help! See Rylee give Krissy an incredible fucking she won't soon forget! BUY NOW>>



Twin Sisters

Eralin and Meralin love walks during the night time. It's romantic and brings the two closer together. But the night isn't over yet. They want to make sure they never forget this moment.... BUY NOW>>


Tanya & The Succubus

The evil succubus has come and demolished the city while Tanya, the princess, stands firm ready for a fight to defend her kingdom. Before finishing off Tanya, the succubus decided to unleash her craving sexual desire to the charming princess. BUY NOW OR DELUXE>>

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Arresting Development

Exotica's second LCKX set sees her at the apparent mercy of another nameless partner. Or is she...? Cuffed at first, she presents us all with her incredible body in all of her favorite sexual positions... and then walks away with a smile. Clearly, she loves it! BUY NOW>>