Clara Ravens Episode 3 Epilogue: Homeward Bound

Clara Ravens is back in a brand new story from Epoch. After her last dangerous mission, she’s going back home but not before she joins the mile club. 😀 Does the new comic soar to new heights or does it fall flat? Read on to find out!



I wanna talk about the format since it’s very different from what I’ve previously reviewed in the past. Instead of a PDF or Flash application, the comic is nestled in a new format known as Dynamic Comic Viewer. Epoch worked on developing this format and I have to say it’s paid off in spades. The program allows you to load any comic formatted to the program and view it with ease. There are common features like slideshow or zoom. But, if an artist does so, it can include alternate shots, sound, even animation. And unlike Flash, the quality was top-notch with no blurry or pixelated look. I have to say that this format is very promising as I think it has the potential to be a game-changer for various artists and could be the new medium in 2D/3D comic delivery. Currently, you can get the program over on Epoch’s site with a few of his titles available for free to try out. The free ones don’t have any special features like Clara Ravens 3 Epilogue does, but they do give you an idea of how the format is.


The Girl

Even though another girl is in the comic, I’m gonna focus on Clara Ravens since the action mainly dealt with her. Clara Ravens is one fine looking lady. Epoch used inspiration from Lara Croft, which helped in creating the character. But he molded her into an image that’s quite different. Clara has a sharp athletic build with a very alluring face. The breasts might not everyone’s cup of tea as they look fake, but if you enjoy that, then you’ll love what Clara’s got.



If you’ve seen Epoch’s work, then you know the quality is high. Graphically, it’s gorgeous. This is one of the best 3DX comics you’ll find out there as Epoch took his time in making sure the comic looked perfect. The setting of a private jet really add to the set, not feeling like it’s just there. It really does provide an intimate and relaxed setting. The other characters also look fantastic.



I haven’t read the previous comic, but from what this one entails, Clara is returning home after a mission on her private jet where her sidekick Flip is upset about what went down and threatens to quit. She realizes there’s only one way to persuade him to stay and that’s with her body. The story is good and is easy to get into. Plus, there’s a nice little twist near the end. It will definitely have you doing a double-take.

The dialogue is really where the comic shines. There’s a lot of it, but it does a great job in detailing the story and adds more to the sex scenes. Also, the characters don’t feel static or have one tone. From anger to pleasure, you really get the emotion from what the characters are saying. The dialogue can be distracting especially when the action gets hot and heavy, but at the same time, it does give a nice flow to whatever is going on. Epoch did an excellent job here and is definitely commended in creating a nice backdrop for the characters and their action.


Sex Scenes

Sex scenes are good, not great. There’s a substantial amount of action going on here as Clara is fucked in every hole in various ways. It’s pretty entertaining to watch, especially as the comic includes 4 different looping animations, which are nice and enjoyable. The sexual dialogue does help in providing a stronger scene too as the characters will divulge into more dirtier and sexier talk. While I really enjoyed the sex scenes, I felt that there were some parts where the expressions really didn’t work and felt off-putting. Still, majority of the scenes are a spectacle to look at.


Overall Impression

Clara Ravens Episode 3 Epilogue: Homeward Bound is definitely worth the purchase. Epoch has done an amazing job in not only the comic, but in the format, giving new depth to the old and tired format. Clara Ravens is still at her A-game and I dunno how Epoch will top this one. Definitely check this one out. Epoch deserves your money.


 Get Clara Ravens Episode 3 Epilogue: Homeward Bound at Epoch’s site now!

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  1. jaykersh

    The review’s spot on. I loved the new comic and the format. For the first comic in this format, Epoch has set the bar incredibly high. I look forward to it being matched and bettered.

  2. Trippy

    Aw man, I was applying for reviewer position just for this XD
    But looks like you beat me to it.

    Nice review and the comic looks really good.
    One thing to note, though, Supro, (Don’t know if you’ll read this) is that Clara’s sidekick is called Flip, not Flex. Just a minor detail though. Thanks!

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