Clara Ravens 3: In The Past

Epoch is one of the top Western 3dx artists out there and has graced us with titles such Freehope, Breakingpoint, Tryst and of course his very own incarnation of our beloved Lara aptly named Clara… Ravens! There are subtle differences to the computer game version, for one this beauty is several notches up in the looks department… and yes titties as well 😀 And I for one couldn’t wait to see this lush bosom unleash all over the screen. But is there more to Clara Ravens than large boobs and her big brown eyes? Let’s find out!


Format/ Value

This is a cg comic featured on the site Crazy XXX 3D World. You will need to purchase a subscription to access the Clara Ravens comic as well as many other 3dx cg collections. The comic itself was released in four parts, but it is now complete so if you’re just joining, you will be able to enjoy the entire story. This is a real comic, so you get lots of story and dialogue to explain the action on screen!


The Girls

From the word “Go!”, Clara’s boobs smack you right in the face as she navigates through an Arabian market. Her cleavage shows almost down to her waist and those fine breasts stand out like the full moon on a clear night. Nice start! The main girl does not disappoint and she looks better than ever with her top heavy slim hips and massive breasts figure. She really is stunning, much more refined and sexy compared to previous versions. Her skin looks flawless and she’s just the right blend of cute and sexy.

But Epoch has upped his game across the board with visible improvements in the way she poses and her facial expressions. This girl has character and she may look like a pin-up girl, but she can hold a conversation and outwit her male counterparts. Plus points are in order for staying true to Clara the strong and adventurous character and not turning her into just another dumb slut.

There’s a second girl to contend with and her name is Leslie. A devilishly sassy, slim and athletic brunette with mesmerizing blue eyes. This girl looks hot in her tight blue outfit and tattoos across her arms. She’s an old friend of Clara’s but as it turns out she’s the meany in this one and gives Clara a hard time.



Epoch’s artistic style is very realistic yet stylistic, which fits the comic genre perfectly. The arrangements, layouts and captions look very polished and well thought out. The gem of course is the art itself, which ranges from beautiful to jaw droppingly stunning. I like the fact that he’s opted for a one image per page setup, which gives you more detail and more to look at. In terms of size this comics is huge! All 4 episodes in total make up about 200 pages.



The dialogue is one of the strong points of this comic and Epochs’ not afraid to go into great detail here. There’s is a substantial plot line to go with the visuals and the story develops with a nice pace and builds anticipation throughout. The sex scenes aren’t quite as dominant as other works, but when they do arrive they feel more rewarding and it’s like you want to see those clothes ripped of Clara’s body and you can’t wait for her to take on a big cock… and she does! I personally would have liked to have seen a little more action but I can see why he’s taken this route. There are several twists to the story and it does give the whole adventure more essence and depth. Those who love a good story infused with explicit sex, will enjoy this title.



As 3dx matures and everyone will have access to hyper realistic graphic engines it’s not going to be the graphics themselves that will be to point of difference, it’s going to be the settings, camera work and story that will make your art stand out. Epoch does great on all of these fronts in fact there’s a kind of movie like quality and pacing to the story, infused with a good amount of tits and ass… and sex, the thing that’s missing from Hollywood movies these days 😀

As I said as much as I did love the story I would have loved to have seen more sex, especially given the quality of the humping scenes that did make it in. The tilt was definitely story, but say 50 / 50 story and sex would have been perfect in my view. Which brings me to the second hideous crime: Lexie the sexy brunette just gets way too little action. She has all the makings of a perfect cum deposit facility, but gets way too underutilized!


Overall Impression

Epoch scores in terms of visuals, dialogue and immersive story. His settings are colorful, detailed, imaginative and his art is visually stunning and a feast to the eyes. The story itself puts Clara in touch with an old flame Jack, they make out and go on a tour of discovery and adventure, Indiana Jones style with lots of twists and turns.

His vision of C/Lara is gorgeous and this time she gets an equally qualified adversary.  Lexie is a hot, leggy brunette, who’s feminine charms are only matched by her evil intentions. As for Clara, the girl knows how bring the boobs, give a good blow job and she has a brain as well! What more could you want? Actually, a little more sex would have been welcome, but the scenes we do get are hot and explicit, the way we like it. Epoch’s spared no effort in creating a comic that’s serves the thrill for adventure and the need to blow your load in almost equal parts. 😀


Check out Clara Ravens Ep. 3 over at Crazy 3D XXX World now!

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  1. Anonymous

    This is an odd question, I’m sure, but how many people do the two main chicks bone? Epoch’s work visually is always fantastic, but sometimes the sex can take a back seat to the story, which is a mistake for erotic art of this high of a caliber.

    • miro miro

      Personally I do agree if it’s an erotic comic the last thing you want to do is skimp out on the sex.

      Having said that it’s damn huge comic, there must be close to 200 images so even with a big story line there’s still a good amount of sex. It’s a shame that Leslie only gets little “air time”, Clara gets it on a good few times though and she does a fine job of it too 😀

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