D-Fantasy 2: Saint Knight Defloration

The much anticipated sequel to D-Fantasy is out. What fate lies in store for the busty warrior? Find out in our review!



D-Fantasy 2 is the sequel to 2010’s D-Fantasy (which you can see our previous review here) by Kuril. In this one, the warrior is captured by a creature known as the Lewdness. She is fucked repeatedly until she’s mind-broken into a state of willingness. D-Fantasy 2 plays similar to an interactive movie game where you have to do a certain task to get to the next scene. Here, you have this bar on the left side that will increase during every sex scene. Once it hits its max, you unlock a new scene. Sometimes, it will make you play through the same scene before moving on. It doesn’t take long to complete, just about an hour. If you’re too lazy to do that, the title also came with the swf files separately, so you can watch whichever one you want with a compatible program. D-Fantasy 2 is about 1.3GB in size.


The Girl

I love how the girl looks in the movie. It seems as if Kuril made some tweaks to her since the last one. The artist didn’t aim for realism here and went with a more anime look to her. Since this is not reality-based and fantasy-based, I find her to be a perfect fit for the movie. One of the more noticable things is how big her breasts are. They were big before, but they seem to have grown several cup size since then. I’m not complaining. 🙂 She’s also voluptuous as her booty has a nice roundness to it that compliment her. Overall, she’s definitely got the goods.



Graphically, they look pretty good. There’s a certain softness to the look of the movie, which is a stark contrast to the dark themes presented. Unfortunately, the setting are not really detailed or are too blurry to notice, but the character models in the foreground are pretty nice. The anime visuals definitely help in really adding to the fantasy scenario. Kuril really found a style that works well for him as they have its own flair to them, compared to some titles that look the same but are from different artists. You can’t differentiate between them, but with Kuril, you know who’s it from. One of my only gripes about the graphics is that you can’t watch it in full screen. The video comes more pixel-y, so you’re forced to watched on its recommended setting. But otherwise, still good.



Smooth. That’s the best way to put it. For a movie, animation is always gonna be the most important aspect as good visuals can be ruined by stiff animation. Here, it’s just amazing to watch. The character moves fluidly with any moments of noticable looping or stiffness. I also enjoyed how the character’s body would tremble during these sexual situations. It shows off how much of a shock it is to her as she’s on the brink of orgasm.


Sex Scenes

I’m torn on this one. On the one hand, the sex scenes are great. But on the other hand, it’s very fetish-heavy, especially with tentacles. The movie starts off with her bounded by tentacles as a circular object with nubs twirls continuously on her pussy. After that’s done, a tentacle comes out and proceeds to fuck her anally. It tries to fuck her pussy repeatedly, but is unable to until more assfucking. Once it breaks through into her pussy, more tentacles show up and they proceed to fuck her all around. The following scene involves her being blindfold and bound to a rolling cart.  The cart stops in front of a hole as a cock pops out for her to suck. She does this several times before she’s freed (kinda) and able to see again, with which she gives one of the hottest thigh-jobs in hentai history. The warrior makes the cock cum, but it ends up growing another foot or two. Before you know it, it turns into a tentacle and proceeds to fuck her repeatedly, along with some other tentacles.

By comparison, the first one is tame as it mainly featured tittyfucking and group sex. The tentacle scenes are heavy, taking up half the content. They’re not bad persay, but it’s kinda repetitive to fuck two similar scenes. But overall, the sex scenes weren’t bad.


Overall Impressions

D-Fantasy 2 is a pretty good movie that you should check out. The warrior is hot and the animation is really top-notch. Though if you didn’t get the first one, I’d recommend going for that first before delving into this one. Still though, D-Fantasy 2 is a pretty great addition to your 3DX library. Recommended.


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  1. miro miro

    Was a huge fan of the first and I the one thing that was lacking last time they’ve really worked on, which is the number of sex scenes. Oddly enough I thought overall the sex scenes weren’t quite as refined as last time, whith this many scenes you’re bound to encounter at least a couple that you’ll like.
    SO it has it’s pros and cons, overall I’d rate it on the same level as the first.

  2. McRocket

    I bought it. Love the gal, just gorgeous and feminine – hate the way the game is ‘played’. Why don’t they just have it as a vid and not these silly games?

  3. Well, I’m torn myself. On one hand, the work seems incredible improved, and the breast size increase fits incredible well with the style of the girl, so it’s not over-done.

    On the other, I’m not really into tentacles. The trail was fine and if it’s not as pixalated, I’m either going to pass because of the fetish, or grab it because of the quality increase.

    (It’s a shame they have censoring in Japan, I think this is the only reason tentacles got famous, because they don’t need to censor them and it results in a higher quality product and get’s around the pesky censor…)

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