Fighting Girl Li :Defeated And Automatically Assaulted


When I was growing up, Street Fighter II was the king of fighting games. The game featured a vast array of different and colorful characters with different backgrounds for each. The game also brought rise to one of the most famous female fighters in history: Chun-Li. With her strong thighs that provided some lighting fast kicks, she became a major character in the world of Street Fighter. That’s why it was interesting to see gotonatural do their own take on her with this release. Is Fighting Girl Li like Super Street Fighter II Turbo or is this more like Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game?


Fighting Girl Li: Defeated and automatically assaulted is a movie featuring the Street Fighter character Chun-Li. After facing (and losing) to Zangief, Chun-Li is fucked constantly by him. The format is interesting because the movie is split up into 25 parts and can be watched all together or separately within its own application. The movie can be purchased over at DLSite for $19.76USD.


The Girl

This is a negative for me, mainly because you don’t get a good look at her body. Majority of this movie featured her completedly covered in her outfit. Only near the end are you exposed to her boobs, which are okay but not grand. I’m a little disappointed since the girl’s body should be highlighted in the scenes, not hidden with the outfit.

Also I wasn’t a big fan of her face. At points, it looked spectacular, but at other times, it looked weird. It felt like instead of going for a mature look, they went for a very young animish look that seeps into uncanny valley. I didn’t like her face because it felt very loli for me, which is the opposite of Chun-Li (who has a more mature look to her). It also didn’t help that Zangief looked gigantic during the sex scenes (his hand was as big as her torso). Graphic-wise, she looks fantastic hitting very close to realism. But I don’t feel that was enough to save the character for me.



Design is a high point. Graphically, this does give Umemaro a run for his money. The scenes are extremely well-crafted with some of the most high quality CGI out there. Textures are really detailed and the lighting is superb. The background was nicely executed and reminded of the backgrounds of Street Fighter 4. I did like the inclusion of a few SF characters in the background, which some of the stuff they’re doing is pretty hilarious to watch (Akuma watching a cat is the first thing people think of when they see him :D). The characters also do resemble their fighting game counterparts (outside of Chun-Li), with Zangief having a humorous yet scary demeanor. Though, he is missing his scars, but I can overlook that since he’s not the main focus.

Cumshots were okay. The title featured two: One at the beginning and one at the end. They were done nicely, but lacking the explosiveness it needed for the scenes. I also didn’t like how globs of cum randomly were on Chun-Li’s body in various scenes. I think it would’ve been nice to see her get sprayed a bit and would’ve added extra to the movie.



Sound is another solid point. The girl’s moans are excellent with a nice tempo that fits well with the scene. I also like the inclusion of some sounds from the games in the beginning as it did add to the fight scene between the two. Plus, the music playing during the fight was a nice rendition and one that severely brought back memories (in a good way). While I loved the sound, I would’ve liked to hear some background music during the sex scenes. It would helped the scenes out immensely by providing some ambiance. Maybe this could’ve been playing in the background. Though, that’s a personal preference and while I feel it could add to the scene, it’s not necessary.



Animation is a plus here. The opening fighting sequence is done perfectly, doing a good job of capturing the moves from the games. The sex scenes also feature some great animation that’s fluid and smooth. The variety of sex scenes is another big plus as it did provide different positions for your enjoyment. One thing I really liked was the inclusion of picture-in-picture. During a scene, you would get various shots of the action while the background shows the original. I’ve never seen it done in 3DX or hentai before, so it was nice positive. Another thing I liked was the humor aspect. There are a couple of good laughs here and I’m glad that the artist didn’t take this completely serious and had fun with it.

While the animation is grand, I didn’t like some of the choices they made. There are points where Zangief would be invisible, but his penis would be showing. I get the idea of wanting to show the positions better, but it felt awkward for me. But otherwise, it’s great to watch the fluidity in the fuck scenes.


Overall Impressions

Fighting Girl Li is a mixed bag. On the one hand, the graphics/animation are superb and the sounds and background characters also provide some nostalgia. On the other, the Chun-Li here just doesn’t work for me. The girl should be the main attraction, but she doesn’t provide the appeal necessary for the title. Hopefully, we’ll see more of gotonatural’s attempts in recreating some of our favorite SF characters and hopefully they don’t fall into the same pitfalls as this one. Even with my problems over Chun-Li, it’s one of the best animated 3DX title I’ve seen and does provide some quality entertainment. Overall, I’d give this move a thumbs up.


Get Fighting Girl Li :Defeated And Automatically Assaulted over at DLSite!

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