Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Vol. 1

We’ve seen great 3D animations before, but it’s not like we don’t enjoy the 2D stuff. Released back in January, Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru is said to be an instant classic in terms of hentai. People have said this truly is one of the hentai titles they’ve seen in years. But does the first volume truly live up to our high expectations or is it just another overhyped mediocre hentai? Read our review to find out!



“An epic battle was taking place for more than several hundred years between two countries. One of them sent a special troop, but the soldiers went over to the other side and started invading the country they used to belong. Also, they declared the foundation of nation. In the country, all women had to serve all the male visitors sexually…” In the first episode, the Dark Queen of the land of Eostia and her associates are captured by mercenaries and used for sexual release.

Currently, the series has only been released in Japan. So there’s no uncensored version out.  There are sub titles making the rounds, which I would recommend since the avenues to purchase this is limited mostly to its native country, but you can get it at getchu.


The Girls

The two girl featured in the sex scenes (The Dark Queen and her associate) are very sexy characters. Both girls featured elf ears and a dark-tanned skin complexion, but each have their own differences that work well. The DQ, like her name implies, has a more mature look than her associate, presenting a serious look and a fully developed body featuring voluptuous curves in all the right places. The associate has more of a smaller frame in terms of body size and shape, though her chest is adequately sized. While the girls are nice to look at, they’re even better to watch when animated. 🙂

There were other girls shown, but since they’re relevance were more for story purposes and not for action, I won’t divulge much on them. Though, hopefully, we’ll have the chance to do so next time if when the sequel comes out.



The design is a very interesting aspect of the episode. The creatures do have a creepy design without hitting horrors level. The guys are detailed just enough, but not like the girls. The guys and creatures do have abnormally huge cocks that would make you hide in shame. At one point, one of the creature’s cock was almost as big as the girl’s width (which she has to deepthroat one of those suckers!).

The setting is dark and moody, as it should be considering the story. The castle is more or less a backdrop with some minor details that get lost in the dark background. The designers did a great job in creating the lighting and emulating the candle lighting. Whenever they do cut to a scene outside the castle, the settings are more vibrant with nicely detailed backgrounds that help provide a better design than the dark look in the castle.



The sound is another strong point. The music plays well into the mood, having sort of a dark classical sound. It doesn’t distract from the scene, but enhances it overall. I’m particularly a fan of the sounds made by the various sex scenes. The insertion sounds painful to hear with the cock going inside her completely. The sounds of her pussy getting wetter and wetter after each penetration. And the sound the cumshots make when they explode. As for the dialogue,I don’t speak or know Japanese, so I won’t divulge into the voice work. But the moans from the girls are really sexy and aren’t overdone to the point where it became annoying.



I love the animation on this series. I’ve seen hentais that skimp out on the animation, resulting in a low quality, poorly animated OVA (Vanilla Series, anyone?). But the animators did a great job in creating smooth and vibrant animation. The Dark Queen get pumped up with semen without a sign of stoppage. A guy would enter her pussy, cum inside, get out and another guy would be in the same position. It’s very fluid (no pun intended) to the point where it’s like a loop. But it doesn’t feel like the animators did this to cut corners, which is great. And holy shit are the cumshots insane! They explode with insane power, flowing out of the girls in a huge amount with no signs of stopping. I’m a big fan of cumshots in hentai and this one definitely takes the cake.

There are a lot of great sex scenes. For example, the girl is held up basically by the sheer power of the creatures’ cocks. As she’s deepthroating one of the cocks, her tongue makes it way out of her mouth in a slutty fashion. After they cum inside her hard, she just slips off their cock, falling into a pool of cum. Another would be the previously internal creampie as cock after cock continuously cum insider and on her with no sight of ending. Probably the only scene I didn’t like was the deflowering of the queen. This hentai is extremely outrageous in terms of sex, even for a hentai. But that’s what really makes this fun to watch.


Overall Impressions

If you’re not a fan of dark-tanned elves, monster-sized cocks, gangbang action, extreme cock insertions, insane cumshot/bukkake action, or just fun in general, then this hentai is not for you. For everyone else, this is essentially hentai gold. Everything that’s awesome about hentai rolled into one package. Finding a great animated hentai is hard to find these day, so it’s definitely a must-watch for hentai lovers.


Get Kuroinu Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Vol. 1 over at Getchu!


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  1. Wow ! What a great vid ! .. Hey, i was wondering if you had an another vid with dark tanned elf babes with no monster ? or any gangbang coz it’s a bit annoying haha xD thanks

  2. Skyangel007

    Damn one of my Favo Hentai so far wish the DQ was more of a nympho like the Blond one though. The Blond chick starting digging it halfway through the Deed while the DQ only had an ecstatic expression in the last few seconds of the episode

  3. CyCaDeLiC

    Was awaiting this review as I myself think this was an absolutely awesome release. Can only agree with you Supro, and concerning the sounds, well I loved the music they used, that’s a rare thing for me.

  4. DarkForce_256

    Absolutely awesome Hentai! Thank you for bringing it to my attention! Anyone know the name of the studio so I can look up the rest of their movies? I’m not too good at reading Japanese.

    On a side note I hate Hentai’s that try to pretend that they aren’t a pornographic movie, we want to see 90% + sex with a little story here and there not one small scene in a 30 minute episode, glad this one is the former.

    • CyCaDeLiC

      It was done by Liquid. Their other series are:

      – Ryoujoku Guerrilla Kari 3
      – Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou Menu

      Both not as outstanding (in my opinion) as this title. Hope they can maintain the quality.

  5. While not a fan of Censored Hentai, this movie is great!!!! needs an uncensored release!!!! the scene with the adorable little blond elf is a masterpiece

    Hentai fans need to have this movie in their collection

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