about the artist/ circle

To be honest I don’t know much about KoooN Soft, however it’s currently sitting on dlsites bestseller list and it is a flash side scrolling action game, good enough reason to check it out. Strictly speaking this is not a 3DX title, since it’s not rendered in 3D but the interactive gaming aspect did convince me to make an exception.

story/ format/ game type

As mentioned this is a scroller, where you get to jump dodge and slay monsters of all sorts, in this case the perverted kind. In all a simple concept but given the x-rated context a potentially stimulating one. You get a health bar, your arsenal of weaponary consist of one power kick and bombs which clear all monsters on screen. The kick is also effective and given the right timing can deter all monsters in close range. The monsters will first strip the poor girl of her clothing until she’s naked and then they fuck her.
You may be forgiven for slipping up on the timing and letting a monster grab the girl “by accident” just to see what the corresponding sex animation is, but don’t do it too often because if the monster gets to orgasm whilst fucking the girl, it’s game over!
Luckily you have a secret weapon: masturbation, which a) replenishes health and b) if you manage fill the entire pleasure bar adds a bomb.


the girl(s)/ character(s)

The girl is quite cute, looks very anime and surely reminds me of one of the DOA characters. And yes, yes, she’s very busty too (apparently it’s very diffcult for me to look past a babe with huge titties, lol; hint, hint if you want to see babes with small boobs, do it yourself and sign up as a review). I’d really love to see her rendered in 3D, because she’s sexy and the fuck scenes would look more stunning in a more realistic style, but never the less hentai lovers will rejoice at the way she’s drawn.

voice/ sound/ music

The characters voice is of the sexier Japanese variety and does entertain when the girl gets her love hole trained. The other sound effect are pretty standard and do well to support what is happening on screen.


the graphics/ animation

The animation is pretty fluid for what it is, because it’s in native flash vector format there is no loss in quality if you go full screen, which is nice. It’s also very light and the game play is fluid even with lots of monsters on screen. Speaking of the monsters, there are all sorts like blobs, tentacles, ogres, trolls etc each with two sex animations, so there quite a bit of veriaty in terms of the number of animations as well. All in all well executed well for what it is.


game play/ long-term value

The game play concept is simple, there are only 5 levels, which do get increasingly more difficult. A nice touch is that when you do manage to slay and fuck your way through all 5 levels you unlock a hell level and gallery mode. I haven’t yet managed to defeat the hell level, so I’m wondering what is awaiting at the end. The gallery mode should keep you entertained for some time though. You get to pick all of the monsters and see them ravish and exploit the heroine in countless ways and you get to manage the speed of the pumping and when to ejaculate.


overall impression/ last words

SHINOBI GIRL is not ground breaking, but a nice diversion from just watching clips and images. The interactivity definitely helps and is something I’d really like to see explored more in future. If we can see improvements in terms more content and variety of actions games of this type will surely be a staple of 3DX. I played Dragon Age with a nude patch and for me it enhanced the game experience 10 fold. Now imagine a game such as Shinobi Girl with the quality of Street Fighter and we’d have ourselves one hell of a game. Shinobi Girl is on the right track and I’m looking forward to see more of this circle in future!

Check it out at dlsite: SHINOBI GIRL -EROTIC SIDE SCROLLING ACTION GAME- (English translated version)


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