Tuesday Review: Meditation Sex Wizard


about the artist/ circle/ expectations

I’ve got to say I’ve always been a big fan of Pureprism. In my books Pureprism is a master of animation, before even Umemaro hit the scene. His works have progressed incredibly from one title to the next and his last was in my books is his master piece to date. His trade marks are the stylised girl, amazing animation coupled with incredibly unique sexually charged way of moving the girl and the ability to switch between positions on the fly. My biggest gripe had always been the unituitive controls.

Would he be able to trump his last work and iron out some of the “usability” issues? Once I had news of his latest title, I couldn’t wait to get my paws on this so long awaited title!


story/ format/ game type

This is a set of movie clips strung together by short interludes of story line over images. There are three main sets, made up of 5 or so individual cut scenes making up the various sex posotions for the most part. There are two versions of the title one at a resolution of 1280×720 for smaller screens and lower-end computer, the other 1920×1080 big screens. Since my screen resolution happens to be 1920×1080 I picked the latter. Again the unique feature for Pureprism’s latest work is the ability to go from a kind of a foreplay mode into sex mode by moving the mouse.
Downloading from the English dlsite I thought I was getting a hold of an english version of the product, unfortunately I was wrong. Everything is in Japanese including the PDFs containing the story line, any sort of descriptions even the readme file. So judging from the lengthy text I can only imagine there being a captivating story behind it all, unfortunately all I was left with, was scratching my head.

the girl(s)/ character(s)

The character to a large degree is going to make or break the game. It’s the character that either grabs your attention when you first lay your eyes on the previews and then encourages you to explore further or leave you cold. Again not knowing any of the background story to the character, origin, traits, etc all I had to go by, were her looks, which in porn goes a long way I must admit =) Right off the bat the first time you see the Pureprism girl you’re going to hate or love her, there is literally no in between. She is so uniquely stylised that your mouth either starts to water right then and there or you’re off taking the high road never to be seen again.

As always Pureprims beauty of choice is very unique, anatomically disproportionate is probably a good way to describe her. Her skin is kind of shiny plastic looking, which may be a turn-off for some. She’s got legs thinner than a model’s legs, extremely skinny that go on for miles, twice as long as the rest of her body from head to pelvis it seems and the same goes for her arms. But as needle thin as her arms and legs are they hold massively sized hands and feet, somewhat scary and scare crow like from the wrong angle. Thankfully he’s dampened that down a little and they’re not as obviously oversized compared to his previous titles.

Eventually those long legs do end up leading to her crotch, which is covered in a thick carpet of pubes, not exactly my personal taste, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to take away from her appearance. She’s got curvacious hips and the titest little ass on the flip side. What follows is a tiny waist with the hardest six pack you’ve ever seen. This baby is in the gym 24/7 and is keen to show her abs of steel. On to her the face: Angelic is the first thing that comes to mind, she’s got the cutest blond short-cut bob hair which beautifully frames that heart-shaped face of hers. To top it off she’s got these sensual blue eyes a button nose and sexy little soft pink lips.

And yes I’ve saved the best for last: her massive tits. They don’t just defy gravity they stand out like huge cannons, ready to explode into a stream milk as soon as you squeeze those pointy nipples of hers, which are hard and erect I might add. The mere sight of those fun bags made me scramble to hit the start button and let the show begin.


voice/ sounds/ music

There is no music. In terms of the sounds, there are the usual squishing, splashing sounds of wet pussy or the cock sliding in and out of her cunt and they work well. The voice is of the higher pitched variety and in true Pureprism style the girl gets super excited and explodes into orgasms in almost every scene, which really adds to the overall vibe!

the graphics/ animation

At 1920×1080 resultion the detail is incredible, there’s no pixalation and the quality of motion is super smooth and truely HD. The backdrops are elaborate and imagenative, kind of a cross between a sci-fi set and fantasy royal chambers with golden ornaments everywhere.

I’ve eluded the fact that I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Pureprism’s style of animation, does he manage to reach that same level of quality? Yes, he does and then some. All I can say this artist is pure genius when it comes to animation. The moyion is silky smooth and this time round instead of a static camera he’s opted for a moving camera view, which adds to the immersiveness and at time brings you right into the thick of it all, like in the second scene where you’re right on top of her and can almost feel those massive tist slapping you across the face as she arches backwords and foward. And wow, this girl has the moves! She’s wriggels and bends that sexy body of hers and tends to move her pelvis in circular, rhythmic motions to really pump excitement levels up a few notches.

Let’s go over the scenes. In the first set of clips she’s on her lonesome and appears to pleasure herself purely by moving her hips seductivly.
The second is a serious delight to the eyes. The girl is all wrapped up in what appears to be a snake only you never get to the see the head of the creature. Virtually from head to toes the snake is tangled around her body and moves in endless motion. How he did it boggles the mind but the result is entrancing, she shifts slowly with sensual lewd motions and finally one end of the snake feeds into her hot pussy in a seemingly endless stream, fucking the girl hard.

Next up she gets her cunt pounded by a huge humanoid alien creature conveniently equipped with a massive cock. He’s got 3 pairs of arms, which comes in handy as he can hold her up by the arms and legs and fondle those massive boobs all whilst penetrating her delicious love hole. He impales her in a reverse cow girl kind of position followed by frontal cow girl, he then takes her side ways, which leads up to my personal favorite from the entire set the missionary postion. Here we get treated to a full view of her best assets as well her pussy getting pumped deep. The camera circles around her slowly showing off her best angles from top down to side view. What’s fascinating about this scene is ther way her enormous tits sway backwards and fowards, truely a thing of beauty and sexually mesmerising. Surely a scene that’s destined to be revisited again and again!

gameplay/ long-term value

Is this movie perfect? No. The one thing I didn’t like about the previous titles were the controls, and as much as everything else has progressed in massive strides, usability has taken a giant hit… again. Tucked away in the bottom right hand corner are tons of little buttons, hard to click, even harder to figure out. Interestingly enough the button names themselves are in English except most of them don’t appear to do what they say they should, at least I couldn’t figure it out and as I said the instructions ar in Japanese, so it’s down to trial an error.

One not so useful feature is making the mouse cursor disappear, which apparently makes clicking on things annoyingly difficult o_0. Unfortunately it gets worse. As I’ve described the girl always has two states one is where she’s semi aroused, moving slowly in anticipation, building up the mood, the other where she’s frantically pleasuring herself or getting fucked, which is what you really want to see. The problem is to enter this second mode you need to either press and hold down a certain key or move the mouse constantly, in other words one hand is occupied at all times – get it? Hitting buttons whilst trying to slap the salami is like going to a Bieber concert in your 50s, it just don’t mesh! Some things need both hands free to achieve the right outcome =)

overal impression/ last words

One staple Pureprism feature went missing in action (or at lease I could find it), the ablility to switch between multiple variations of the same sex position, obviously replaced by the moving camera, not 100% on which I prefer though. The girl I personally found incredibily attractive, which is a surprise to me because I prefer realistic rather than cartoony, then again I guess she’s not cartoony just stylised to the nth degree. The controls almost made me kick this title in the nuts, but what saved it for me was a little program I found called AutoHotKey that kept the right buttons pressed automatically for me, keeping the h-mode active.

Considering the huge 4.5GB download there were fewer scenes then I expected, but if you like the look of the girl this is a sure recommendation from me, because the animation, angles and voice are incredible and about as good as it gets!



So there it is our Tuesday feature: the review! Hope you liked it, hope it wasn’t too biased. Let me know what’s missing, what can be improved, whether you agree or disagree. Comment below!

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  1. Vernacular

    Interested in purchasing, but not if the penetration is blurred out. Is it possible to purchase the thing without the censorship? Otherwise, what’s the point?

    • miro miro

      Yep, there aren’t any tentacles in this title though. The snake thing really doesn’t come across as tenticals… for me at least =)

    • miro miro

      im not a big fan of tanticles or beastiality but the snake which is probably the closest thing to it is amazing you have to see, its incredible how it wraps itself around her. You don’t see the head so its really like one huge dick 🙂

  2. Maxtor

    Oh yea! this guys a legend. I think I have all of his stuff. But the only thing I didnt like about his girls was the massive regional hair. I thought it was too much. But otherwise the animations was quite kool, and his take on the interactions. Like when u time your clicks a certain way it would change the sex pattern.

    • miro miro

      Actually she does have a huge bush again, but it’s hardly noticeable this time for som reason or covered a lot of the time I think. Yep, too bad the multiple angels thing is gone, but the new moving camera is great as well!

  3. greyfox

    Great review Miro! Now allow me to add some things… I too agree that the controls are kind of crazy and next to impossible to understand. I think that Pureprisms animation is TOP-NOTCH…the way that she moves is just Beautiful! The look/Graphical Quality is Second-To-None…this game looks Jaw-Dropping in the Max Resolution of 1920×1080 and that is also the size that I purchased. The only thing that I can say that I don’t like about this work, other than the controls, is the removal of the different motions that the girl used to do based on mouse speed from Megamasima. I wish that she would still writhe and move her body differently based on mouse speed and rhythm like in the last work. Other than that, the amount of scenes is Incredible, the Girl is HOT as Hell…and Yes I love the shiny look of her! The amount of included wallpapers is Staggering and I really enjoy the inclusion of them…they are some great pieces of work. I must say that I agree with you on her tits being the best part of her, but I also love her face, and those long legs, but that is just me! MSW is one of my Top favorite 3DCG animations/games right now…and I really do think that it is one Excellent work, regardless of the few flaws it has! I have never really cared for things like tentacles/snakes in these works, but the way that PP did it in this work is Magnificent…those tentacles/snakes look great! And the girl looks SO Sexy with her HOT writhing body covered by them while they slither all over her Sexy tight frame…Such a HOT batch of animations! This work is a great one…I just wish more circles would put as much effort into the quality of their works as PP does. PurePrisms works always have Superior Quality and Incredibly Sexy Gorgeous girls!

    • miro miro

      I agree with everything you said… and reading over my review, whilst I think the score is just, because of the usability issues, the over all tone of the review is too negative, that’s not how I feel about this work at all, I think it’s a master piece and deserves every praise it can get, I will have to fix the review a little and also get some of those nasty spelling mistakes cleaned up… I won’t make editing reviews a habit, but it doesn’t seem to really reflect my honest opinion of this work, plus I need more practice with writing these things =)

  4. Hello miro friend good today i have view this game in dlsite and not buy for your review its nice the 9/10 in the threee categories of points with the only problem its has not uncensorship version of this game out of dlsite company

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