Weaponshandling for Fantasy Artists

Erogenesis is a new kid on the block over at Renderotica. There were two features which immediately caught my eye about his work. Firstly his girl Lali is not your standard run of the mill 3dx model, nope she’s a busty next door kinda girl with apparently very bushy eyebrows and secondly her girly parts are very developed and have a natural and realistic look to them, turns out he’s modeled them himself and is looking to release a character in future! He’s also released a comic called ‘Basic Weapons Handling for Fantasy Artists’ which is available at Renderotica for just $6, which is the subject for this review. Well lets take this sweet pussy for a ride, shall we 🙂



This is a comic which spans 45 pages in PDF format. Not my favorite format cause you’re restricted to viewing in the limited PDF viewer, but it does the trick. The story takes place in first person view and opens with Lali introducing herself, dressed in a cute little army type outfit. Apparently she works for an intelligence agency and she’s more than keen to give us a demonstration of her weapons practice. No… that is real guns we’re talking about.


The Girl

Lali is a pretty girl, not drop dead gorgeous but more of a natural beauty with long brown hair and eyes, a mole on her face and very little make-up. The only distracting thing are her thick eyebrows, those give her a sort of wild hairy hippie look, which could be a plus for some . I personally am a fan of more glamorous girls when it comes to 3dx but Lali will undoubtedly push exactly the right buttons for a lot of folk out there, specifically because she’s got unique average girl kinda qualities. She does have a cuteness about her and her big luscious breasts do look soft to the squeeze and what a magnificent pussy and ass. Yep, extra point for the pink bits, those definitely won me over. I’d give her a 6 in terms of looks, but she’s got an incredible hot body and equally impressive cock holes, so I’m going to have to up the overall score to 8.



The graphics are easy on the eyes. Lali is obviously the focal point here and there’s really little reason to take your eyes off her she’s a natural hottie. The training facility as well as the weapons and dildo were crafted lovingly, not the flashiest work out there, but still high marks.



The dialogue is cute, and somewhat fun and witty, Lali is just having fun with weapons (and thankfully later on a rather large didlo). Again everything sounds natural and has a somewhat conversational tone to it, which helps to engage the viewer into believing she’s putting on a show just for you. Another plus are the expressions, they’re all pretty spot on and deliver in terms of conveying exactly how Lali feels about having a 9 inch dildo shoved deep into her love hole!



The story is simple and effective. After her introduction, Lali doesn’t lose a lot of time and undresses down to her shoes and puts on a bit of a show as she does it. She goes for two rounds of weapons training with a handgun and an AK47, likely a fetish that’ll have its appeal. She then gives us a good strategic view of her ass and pussy as she picks up bullets from the floor, nice touch! As for sex? We’ll have to make do with Lali shoving a big didlo up her vagina, and her natural, girlie approach throughout make this a really sexy scene. Her blushing after all the hard work is really cute.


Final Impressions

Erogenisis is one to watch. In my opinion Lali is not the prettiest of them all but that’s exactly going to be the appeal for some of you guys. She does have outstanding qualities though, like a hot medium built body, big juicy titties and one of the sexiest pussy and ass combos I’ve seen in a while. The story is simply Lali giving us a show of her weapons training and crafty dildo handling skills. I did not like the fact that there was no sex or even a blow job, Lali getting punished by a cock or two would have improved my love for this title dramatically, but here’s hoping we get to see this in future works. This is not for you if you like glamorous porn star babes. But if natural next door girl kinda sweeties is your thing, you’ve got a fetish for girls firing high calibre weapons or you enjoy a girl putting on a good show with a cock toy you’re in good hands! Definitely check it out and considering it was only $6 this was an easy buy for me!


Get Erogenesis’ Weapons Handling For Fantasy Artists at Renderotica!

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  1. Azersaenz

    I agree with the guns, but I don’t find her attractive. Possibly she looks to young and or too real/average in the body and face. Some of the expressions are rough.

    • miro miro

      I agree she looks a little rough at first, but when you see her full body, she’s really sexy in my opinion. If she’d trim those eyebrows a little she’d look very cute 🙂 As far as I can tell it’s his first 3dx work, so that’s a good start!

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