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Affect3D Staff Picks #11: Thunder Gun Express

Welcome back to the everyoneinawhileifeellikewevebeendoingthiseverythreeweekslately column that you all know and/or seen, Affect3D Staff Picks! Here’s what we have this time!


Miro’s Pick: PRISME

“Tiaz, the composer for G4E, has been working on a little side project called ‘Prism’. It’s french, so it’s got to be sexy. Check it out.”


Supro’s Pick: NacNac’s Tumblr

“NacNac is working on an animation featuring a punk girl with an 18 inch cock. I really don’t have anything else, but do take the time to check his stuff out and support him via Patreon.”



Fredfred5150′s Pick: Autoblow 2

“While it may promise a lot, you could get your dick electrocuted! Your choice!”

Morfium’s Pick: These Are Clever Inventions We Wish We Thought Of Ourselves

“The title says it all.”


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