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Affect3D Staff Picks #14: Second Best Dropkick In The Business

Welcome back to everyonceinawhilecrispycrunchetypeanutbuttery column that you glance at, Affect3D Staff Picks! Here’s what we have this time!


Miro’s Pick: PRISME Episode 1

“I spoke about Prisme the French sci-fi web series earlier, well the first episode has been released, so go and check it out! You can also find Mehdi Charaf’s profile (responsible for the score) here.”

Supro’s Pick: World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge

“Up to 2 million scoville units?! Who would be insane enough to eat a pepper that hot? These guys would.”


Fredfred5150′s Pick: Dancing Stripper Robot

“She’ll shake it just like you want her to, within a tolerance of 1 micron!”


Morfium’s Pick Renderman

“Pixar’s Renderman will get free for non-commercial use, best time to test it.”


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