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Affect3D Staff Picks #17: It’s Back?

Welcome back to another exciting everyonceinawhiledunnowhywehaventdonethisforseveralmonthstheresprobablyagoodreasonwhybutimtoolazytofigureitout edition of Affect3D Staff Picks! Here’s what we have this time!


Miro’s Pick: Snappers Facial Rig

“Not quite satisfied with Michael’s range of facial expressions? Well, take a spare half hour or so and whip yourself up one of these facial rigs and you’re all set :)”

Supro’s Pick: The Late Show – Funny Story

“After 9 month being off the air, Stephen Colbert is back as the new host of The Late Show. But his debut almost didn’t premiere. He tells us about it in his monologue on the second episode.”

Morfium’s Pick: Red Vs. Blue

Even if it is a bit old now, I would recommend to watch this series from the very first episode, it is great.”


The Dude′s Pick: Transistor OST – The Spine

“Background music to a lot of hours of figuring out software and learning new things. I’m a big fan of music that allows me to close my eyes and pretend I’m somewhere else entirely, and the atmosphere in this song is out of this world. So when I feel a bit worn and can’t figure out a pose or a camera angle I put on songs like these and recharge. Would recommend music by M83 as well, particularly for 2013’s Oblivion movie with Tom Cruise.”

Andi′s Pick: Nintendo 64 Kid with a layer added every second

“Sometimes, in the face of ridiculousness, we laugh at it. Other times we get scared and run away. It takes a rare individual to ram your head into a stupid meme and scrape your scalp against it until, somehow, it becomes art. To you, I raise my glass.”

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  1. hzr

    You get snappers rig and g1 or g2m working well in Maya and I will be applauding you, otherwise its just a nice treat that is sooooo far away for pretty much all of us 😀

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