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Affect3D Staff Picks #7: Youtubemania

Welcome to another edition of Affect3D Staff Picks, the whenever something something column where the staff shows you something they found interesting. This week, all the picks are from Youtube! So sit back and relax while these videos play!


Miro’s Pick: RUIN

“Amazing post apocalyptic cgi short film.”


Supro’s Pick: Cable Company Fuckery

“I really enjoy Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, which is why I had to share this piece with you all.”


Fredfred5150′s Pick: Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal

“There’s a fine line between comedy genius and madness. After you stop laughing, you decide!”


Alpensepp’s Pick: DoA Tengu’s surprising gender change

“DoA5 Ultimate (Arcade) still gets DLC Chars and the developers do their best to recylcle any assets from previous games… but what do you do, if the only Moveset remaining belongs to one of the most unpopular characters? Team Ninja’s answer: “You turn the ugly guy into a sexy girl”!


Morfium’s Pick: Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event

“Best entertaining press conference at the E3 2014.”

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