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Affect3D Staff Picks #9: Fun For Everyone

Welcome to another everyonceinawhileweforgottodothislastmonthbutohwell edition of the Affect3D Staff Picks! As always, this column is all what our staff have found across the net.

Speaking of writing for the site, we’ve opened up writing submissions for anyone who wants to submit their article to Affect3D. And oh yes, you’ll get paid for your writing. If you’re interested, all you have to do is follow this link and fill out the form below.

Anyway, back to the column! Let’s see what our staffers have found this time around!


Miro’s Pick: The Chase

“Another amazing feat of mainstream 3D animation.”


Supro’s Pick: PrivatePomegranate

“Here’s an artist whose work I really enjoy. Take time to support them by faving them on Hentai-Foundry.”



Fredfred5150′s Pick: One Sexy Redhead

“Possibly the sexiest redhead gif ever features actress Debra Ann Woll. Whats not to love about it?”



Morfium’s Pick: Privates

“Try this game, it is in someway strange and in another way funny, but it is free^^ (click on the “arrow down” button for free download)”

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