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February Staff Picks – Not About Love(‽)

So. It’s almost Valentine’s Day.  I got to say, even for a business such as ours, it’s a really annoying holiday. And not even in that sort of oh-its-all-consumerism way or that everyone-is-lovey-dovey-except-me-in-my-lonely-hovel sorta way. (It’s a mix here at A3D: Some people are single, some are in a relationship. Our boss miro has Schrödinger’s girlfriend) It’s more just: Why do couples, married and unmarried, need a holiday to celebrate the fact they’re couples? Isn’t that what anniversaries are for? It’s rather arbitrary and impersonal, and I want my lunch money back. 😛

Anyway, here are some staff picks. Some take on the subject of love. Most do not.

miro – Doctor Disrespect

“This isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, but if you can stand to watch FPS games and enjoy 80s new wave buckle in and witness the dual 90s something Blockbuster video game champion slice up punk kids. Watching the doctor in his element is either the funniest or cringiest thing you’ll ever see on Twitch 🙂”

Bianca Rose – It Ain’t Me Babe by Tillie Cole


“For some, biker gangs are a mythological concept. For others (me) hot men who curse, drink, shoot guns, and live for brotherhood and are nothing but a fucking turn on. The men of the Hades Hangmen Biker Gang are exactly what I’ve described, complete with their own Hades, Pain, Panic, and Cerberus.But what happens when their leader finds his Persephone in a religious cult of abuse and exploitation? He rides in, kills a bunch of people, and rescues her of course! Definitely one of the best Biker gang erotica I’ve ever read. Sweet and sensual in one chapter and rough, loud, and sex driven in another it’s a must read this Valentines!”

Inari Aono – Peaky Blinders

“Crime is part of the family business. Set in 1919 in a lawless, postwar Birmingham, England Peaky Blinders centers on a street gang who sew razorblades to the peaks of their caps, and their cunning boss Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), who plans to move his family up in the world. But at what price? It’s a compelling story of ambition, sacrifice, and betrayal.”

Alexaazuline – The Good Neighbor

“It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt….or ends up dead. The Good Neighbor is about Ethan and Sean – two highschool kids who decide to undergo a “special experiment”. They’re wanting to show that you can make someone genuinely believe that their house is haunted. The subject? Ethan’s neighbor, Harold Grainey. An older widower who is fairly bitter about well, everything. Putting surveillance cameras all throughout the house Ethan and Sean begin the experiment only for them to question if they’ve gone too far.”

The Dude – Above and Beyond Group Therapy Radio


“I first got into the trance scene in 2005. I was an avid WoW player who used to watching raiding videos, and European guilds would often use trance tracks to score them. Above & Beyond were already well established by then with their Trance Around The World podcast, but nowhere near the household name in trance and progressive that they are today. Some years ago they renamed their podcast from TATW to ABGT, or Above & Beyond Group Therapy. It is also the name of an album they released at the same time.

I’ve been listening to them for twelve years now, and they continue to provide not only inspirational music, but a solid background tune to work to. If you’re into the mellower side of trance, with the occasional upbeat guest mix to change things up, you’ll find a home with ABGT. They’re live on YouTube once each week, for two hour sessions.”

Hana – Love, Actually

“I’m just going to go cliché, and add a romantic movie as my staff pick for this month. This is one of those movies that always come on television during Christmas. And although that’s already over, it’s still very cold where I live. So combine that with Valentines and this movie came to mind: Love Actually. It follows the lives of many different couples that have to deal with their love lives and I really like it! There are about 8 storylines, so there are many different stories and each of them tackles a different problem. Seems a bit overwhelming at first, but it works. There is romance, drama and comedy, so if you like any of those genres why not give it a try.”

Franaus – Taboo

“Tom Hardy is well… Tom Hardy. And I have no difficulty admitting I have a massive man crush on that actor. Combine that with 1814 London and Ridley Scott behind the production reins and you get Taboo. The series centres on the vengeful James Delaney who has returned from Africa to pick up his father’s affairs and destroy his enemies. Ok, it’s not 100% historically accurate, but the acting, sets and plot easily make up for this. It’s nitty, it’s gritty, it’s the dog’s bollocks. And did I forget to mention… Tom Hardy?”

Elayn Wilde – Powerwolf: Amen and Attack

“I don’t know what it is about central and northern Europe, but these regions birth amazing metal bands. It’s incredible. Also, going to the gym is tremendously boring. Enter Powerwolf. When Amen And Attack first came blaring into my ears, my ass was off the couch instantly. The powerful drumroll and amazing voice lead into guitar shredded by fingers faster than a Hitachi Magic Wand. And they sound even better live. When Powerwolf is playing, one does not simply sit still.”

andi guinness – Rogue Legacy

“Rogue-likes are a dime a dozen these days. Still, Rogue Legacy, which I’ve been playing lately, stands out for not standing still with the concept. You’re a person with a sword, a nice set of armor, and a goofy walk. You have a variety of traits, including farting at every jump and turning the screen upside down. You slay monsters and find treasure. You’ll die…a lot. But when you die, your stats, armor, and loot get handed down to the child of your choice, who grow up and repeat the process to avenge you. You can spend your loot on crafting better equipment, improving your stats, adding buffs from multi jumps to vampirism, and even locking down the map just once. It’s a rogue-like that grows. And swears every time it gets hit.”

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