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September Staff Picks: Labor Daybor

Hey there everyone! Welcome to another month of Staff Picks! Today is Labor Day, a holiday in the United States and Canada. It’s a day of reflection, a final hurrah for summer before school and work begins in earnest again. It’s also a reminder that the struggle for labor remains constant. Fun fact: Labor Day was  partly a creation of the U.S. government to counteract the existence of May Day and thus further undermine the labor movement. Because, you know, commies or something.

But you’re not here for political talk. You’re here to see what we at Affect3D really enjoyed recently! Of course, given this a day to honor workers, miro did not submit a staff pick. Still, feel free to look at what we’ve been looking at lately. Enjoy!

Supro – The Gaming Historian

“If you’re a retro gaming fan, this YouTube channel is definitely worth checking out. There’s a lot of great information about the gaming past including the history of the Power Glove, a look at classic games and consoles, and how Nintendo made Universal Pictures their bitch back in the 80s. His videos are entertaining as well as informative about our 8- and/or 16-bit past.”

Marie Fasolt – Archer’s Voice Actor Made a Jazz Album

“Last year, Jon Benjamin, the voice actor behind the title character in Archer and Bob’s Burgers, released a jazz album. It’s called Well, I should have… Learned to play the piano and the premise is that Benjamin doesn’t know how to play the piano, but the three jazz musicians he plays alongside do. The results are spectacular, to say the least. This NPR interview with Benjamin explains more about the album origin and previews some of the amazing un-talent.”

The Dude – Joe Rogan Experience

“About a year ago I did a piece on the US election and Net Neutrality, from the perspective of the 3DX industry. As in, we need a neutral internet because the moment it’s divided into slow and fast lanes, you can bet your ass porn gets moved to the slow lane unless you cough up some dollars. Well, we’re a year down the line and now the election boils down to two people nobody likes. Shall we vote for someone who doesn’t understand anything, or vote for someone who pretends to care? This Joe Rogan excerpt doesn’t touch on Net Neutrality specifically but it gives you food for thought. Have a listen 🙂”

Bianca Rose – Garfield Minus Garfield

“Garfield Minus Garfield is absolutely my favorite thing on the internet. A guy took those classic comics about a man, his accordion, and his cat and pointed out that when you remove the cat you get a whole lot of crazy. But relatable crazy! One of the best kinds. And it’s original artist approved! So please enjoy one of my absolute favorite comics about just a man and all those voices. 😉”

andi – Welcome to Warp Zone!

“Imagine an acid bath mixed with nostalgia for the 8- and 16-bit era of video games. Or what would happen if you combine a copious amount of psychotropic drugs with marathon video game rounds in your basement with friends and lovers. Or dreaming of levels you once bounced around in. nmesh’s 4-hour-20-minute epic mix Welcome to Warp Zone! is all that and more. It not only makes you want to shake your ass off, but also journey through the video game of your mind. Released in 2015, they recently put out a second run of cassette tapes to show just how 90’s they are.”

Alexaazuline – Sweet Home

“I tend to be behind on horror movies from the previous year. I don’t know how it happens, I’m pretty adamant on being on top of that sort of thing. Thank goodness for Netflix. And foreign films in general.

Sweet Home was an interesting film to watch. A real estate broker wants to surprise her boyfriend for his birthday so she takes him to an abandoned apartment building to celebrate. Things seem to be going well until they discover they aren’t alone. There’s something to be said about foreign films. They really keep me on the edge of my seat. Especially when it comes to horror. It is definitely a must watch in my book.”

Inari – Literal Suicide Squad Trailer

“Suicide Squad has been receiving a lot of attention lately and whether you love it or hate it, it’s currently one of the highest grossing films in the box office! Warner Bros. Entertainment ensnared DC viewers new and old alike by debuting their captivating trailer with the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody. If you aren’t planning on seeing the movie, you can at least enjoy the hilariously catchy trailer parody performed by Tobuscus!”

Elayn Wilde – The Witch

“Yes, this movie came out last year, and I’ve only now seen it. It is absolutely fantastic, though. A family is exiled from a New England community in the American colonial era, and sets up a homestead in the wilderness on the edge of a forest. Bad things happen, and of course, witchcraft is to blame.

This film is atmospheric and subtle. The tension is a slow burn that never leaves you bored. And the climax is so satisfying. The feeling of bleak desperation and otherworldly power are phenomenal. I was reminded of the feeling and lore of Dark Souls.”

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