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  1. Yunkadelics

    I am having the same issues as many of the folks here. please help. I’ve sent a few different emails. I’ve been charged for the product and it isn’t working.

    • miro miro

      Tablets aren’t officially supported for the flash version, however you can request a MP4 HD version without the interaction (but all the scenes) which plays on any device that is capable of playing video. Contact for access.

  2. PissedGuy

    First of all, there is nothing to extract. No parts of these files open as zipped files. I get the same damn thing I have seen a few times here with the 0%, but I haven’t seen any clear answers.

  3. mathew

    i need help plz i brought the Affect3D Collection 2013 but when i downloaded it i can not watch it on VLC media player whar do i do

    • miro miro

      you don’t need vlc player or third party software to play the clips, simply click on the start.exe file to run Girlfriends 4 Ever’s custom made flash player, the other titles are image sets and simply need to be extracted, if you need more help contact

  4. mrichards

    I bought and downloaded GF4ever and it will only play ‘clips/assets’ of the vid on my Macbook Pro. I tried using the VLC media player and it would not work.
    When I clicked on the flash .exe link my mac prompted me to remove the file because it was damaged. I unzipped it again and had the same result.
    I tried start.exe and the ‘Windows program is not supported’ message came up.
    Please advise. Thanks

  5. fudgeman6767

    I have a problem in opening any of the downloaded items that I’ve just bought.

    I have a iMac. Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63). I’ve tried clicking on the download name under My Downloadable Products and the .rar file downloads, in the case of Akayo The Blow Job, but it won’t open on my Mac. I tried downloading Girlfriends 4 Ever, and it would just download and never finish.

    Please help with this issue. Thanks

  6. ClockWorkTank

    So, everything went off without a hitch, but when I try to play something, I just get a black screen, and a 0% flashes and then disappears, I can still click buttons on the home page from this screen, but I can’t see anything. I also get the player bar, but no video ever starts.

    • miro miro

      it may be that you’re trying to open it from within the archive, make sure it’s completely extracted before double clicking on the start.exe, if you’re still having issues or if you’re using a mac contact for help

  7. tazcarter

    Norton wont allow the start for the story mode to play says its unsafe and removes it can play the cut scenes however but nothing else using windows 8

    • miro miro

      had the same issue with avast, you need to create an exception with your virus program. As long as you’ve downloaded from our official store of course G4E will run just fine, it only uses the Flash player executables. if you need further help contact

  8. tazcarter

    Norton wont allow the start for the story mode to play says its unsafe and removes it can play the cut scenes however but nothing else

  9. Espinosa

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    I’m glad to be here with you.
    First of all, congratulations for your excellent work in Affect3d.
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  10. bakabaka

    Will you be making another animation again in the near future? If so, will you be going the same route with massively unproportional breasts? I find it kind of a turn off and weird. I know there are people out there who goes nuts for that just like I have my own preferences as well. But I’d like to see something more “normal” or maybe the correct word is “natural”? for a change. Any chance that might happen?

    That goes the same with the penis as well. I dig futanari but it’s just too big and makes it less realistic. =/

    • miro miro

      yes, I’ll make more animation for sure 😀 As for the huge cock… yes there’s a good chance a smaller version will be added… as for the big boobs, it’s possible… but why??? would you want to? so hard to find big boobs in 3DX 😛

  11. MagicJeff

    I have downloaded the part 1 of Girlfriends4Ever and I can’t open it. The format file is WinRAR and I am not very familiar with this one. My question is how I open a WinRAR files. I want a answer the most clearer possible like a little tutorial would be appreciated. Thx

    • miro miro

      have all three parts in one folder. Unrar only the first part using winrar. That’s it. Double click start.exe to begin the fun. If you’re getting errors during unrar, you may have an incomplete download. Contact for help.

  12. korezaan

    I am unable to use the start program fully. When I click on it the menu loads up (no 0% or black screen), but I am unable to click on something and have the program respond. Mousing over words changes the arrow to the index finger, but nothing else happens.

    No errors occurred when unzipping.

  13. shadowachie

    Downloaded and unpacked Girlfriends4Ever, but the “” does nothing. On a Mac, obviously. Updated Flash, but still nothing.

  14. Liyka

    I seem to be having the same problem as several people here, I un-pack each of them using WinRAR and it says for all 3 of them: Affect3D\Girlfriends4Ever – Part 1.rar: CRC failed in A3D005_Affect3D_Girlfriends4Ever_v1\assets\media\video\Affect3D_G4ES00P02.mp4. The file is corrupt
    ! \Affect3D\Girlfriends4Ever – Part 1.rar: Unexpected end of archive

    I’ll try re-downloading them to see if that solves the problem

  15. casual_juergen

    I have downloaded the three parts of G4E. During the unpack process, 7zip says that Affect3D_G4ES04P01_trans.mp4 is damaged. I can start that video in vlc, but it plays only to 22 of 29 seconds. Is there a replacement of the mp4 (hopefully) or the rar?

  16. goonarboy

    ive managed to download all 3 parts of G4E but when joining using Winrar i get an error message saying pt1 is corrupt. ive downloaded pt1 3 times now but same response. i sent an email to about 24 hours ago but no response as of yet.

    help appreciated

  17. Brendon

    I purchased and downloaded G4E but now I cant seem to watch it, it goes black screen every time I try to view it idk why its doing that i hope this gets fixed or I just wasted my money….

  18. Teshkal

    have the same problem with BMT (links not working) as the posters before me. a bit like paying to get blue balled lol 😛

  19. nezuyr

    when is BMTmicro going to be up and running again
    or when will i get my alternate download link? iv been waiting for hours for it. while others seem to get it in few minuets. Did i send it wrong? please tell me step by step how to send it. Dose it matter witch email provider I use such as yahoo, msn, hot mail ect… I have paid for this over 4 hours ago. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting screwed, not in fun way lol.. thank you for your time. I will continue to wait for any info you can proved.

  20. Mal_9000

    I love how the secure part of the BMTmicro site is up (the bit where they take your money) but the rest of there site is down. Purchased Girlfriends 4 Ever via BMT 3 hours ago (8 am UK time) and nothing so far. Have to admit, I’m a tad frustrated by all this 🙁

  21. Rayes

    Can anyone tell me the system requirements for this? I’m on a Mac, I don’t use a Windows shell. I just want to know if I can use this, so I can buy it and support you all.

    Why didn’t you list the system specs, or at least a general notice about it?

  22. Kyvinna




  23. angelo

    Just shut up and take my money! Because I will be paying for this. This is by far the best work I’ve seen for sale anywhere in like the last any years!

  24. sugar

    hi miro, I’ve got the same problem as above: I can launch the exe successfully, but when I click “show slide”, it stuntly turns blank…plz help…

  25. Kai

    Hey, everytime I try to launch Ayako, I get a black screen. Is this an issue with Adobe Flash, or did I blatantly skip something important in the readme? Any help would be appreciated.

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