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Affect3D Releases

At Affect3D, we provide the best in 3DX and CGI porn, whether in boy-girl. Through the sterling efforts of our production team, we’re able to develop unique and exciting animations that are fun, enjoyable, and most importantly, sexy. Our flagship product, Girlfriends 4 Ever, set and continues to define the standard in 3D dickgirl animation. Meanwhile, we intend to go in new directions with our next product, Bloodlust Cerene. We laid the ground for more frequent and arousing releases in the coming years. So expect this page to fill up with new material on a regular basis.

Bloodlust: Cerene

When his father breaks a dark pact, Prince Tristan seeks justice and glory for his kingdom by vanquishing the vampire menace. He also desires his lover Duchess Sophia’s support – and access to her personal backdoor. But when he faces the leader, he finds to his surprise a vivacious and cunning woman that could give him exactly what he desires. Will Tristan survive the vampire’s challenge? Or will the sexy Cerene seduce him to serve her and satiate her bloodlust?

Girlfriends 4 Ever

The adventurous Tara has found the perfect girlfriend in Sayako. She’s beautiful, charming, and endowed in all the right places – including a 15-inch cock just above her tight pussy. However, Sayako has trouble opening up to Tara, especially when it comes to sexual matters. So during a party one night, the two meet in an opulent yet secluded room. With Tara pushing Sayako to the limit, what happens next will change them forever…

Girlfriends 4 Ever DLC

At the climax of their fun, Tara challenges Sayako with a very naughty dare: “I want you to suck your own cock.” The Girlfriends 4 Ever DLC offers two different conclusions to the couple’s memorable night. In DLC 1, free with Girlfriends 4 Ever, Sayako takes on Tara’s dare, going to extremes to feel pleasure like never before with her own cock in her mouth. With Tara goading her, the dickgirl learns just what she’s capable of. In DLC 2, Sayako says no, then slowly turns the tables. It’s now Tara’s turn to get pushed to the limit! The dickgirl’s actions reveal a side to Tara that she didn’t even know was there.

More Products Coming Soon!