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A Message from Miro

For order enquiries or if you’re having difficulties with your download email: [email protected]


You can buy Girlfriends 4 Ever from:

Discrete BMT Micro ordering: http://affect3d.com/girlfriends4ever



July 23

Quick update – Fix for mac users & BMT download workaround

Sorry again about the download issues. Been a wild 18 hours. On the one hand we’ve been really amazed at how awesome the response has been on the other we thought we had the bandwidth issue cornered, but alas download limits on BMT’s end meant Affect3D staff again had to put down their pencils and paint brushes and deliver external links around the clock to the majority of BMT orders (we’ve contacted them about it) on top of the traffic issues the store has been experiencing. It’s been crazy fun and crazy wild all at the same time :D Huge thanks again to Supro, Alpensepp, Uthstar01, Fan3D, Frefred5150 and Tiaz some of whom worked shifts of 14+ hours to keep things afloat. Amazing work! With all that some emails fell through the cracks and some of you had to wait far too long for download links. Sorry!!!! It wasn’t a well tuned process rather something we improvised off the cuff. Still most of you were so patient! You are the best!

So I have a couple of quick fixes for you. Firstly some Mac users have experienced issues.

Mac Player Fix

Refer to the guide at the Girlfriends4Ever diary page

BMT Download Possible Workaround (updated)

Also for those who’ve been experiencing BMT download issues try the following workaround submitted by “nextinline“. Some appear to have mixed results, but success rate seems high, try… and I quote:

The BMT “wait an hour?” “NO WAY gimmee G4E NOW!” workaround….
1–open the BMT Product Information email (the one with the DL links) in a new window.  In gmail, holding shift will do this.
2–click on the first link about 30 times, or, until an all-white tab shows up.  Just ignore the error messages on all the tabs.
3–if the all-white tab starts downloading, look for the download animation in the lower left in Chrome, then just wait for it to finish.  Depends now on your connection speed.
4–if the all white tab fails, then, delete all the tabs and repeat steps 2 and 3 using the second email link
5–repeat and so on until you hit.
6–the third email link does not seem to work?  Ignore it.

Vote is up!

If you’ve purchased and managed to get through to the end, don’t forget to vote for your favorite. Click on the vote link of your player to get to the vote page and vote now!


July 22

Big apologies about the one day delay and ongoing server issues the site’s been experiencing. The delay was caused by last minute changes to the bonus showcase, which weren’t communicated as well as they could have and likely contributed to the issue of funneling visitors, the thing we tried to avoid this time round. We expected similar traffic to the trailer release, which our servers could have handled, but with over three times as much traffic and a heavy app like our store, our server was yet again pinned to the ground. You guys are relentless!! But I love you :D

The good news is, G4E will be available in store soon. Once the initial waves of traffic abate a little we’ll actually get to thoroughly enjoy it… maybe even as much as the two girls themselves!! :D I’ve been inundated with emails and I’m trying to get through them. Supro, fredfred51, Alpensepp and Uthstar01 are helping out a ton. Thanks guys!

If you’re getting a user/ pass login to the store, it means traffic is currently too high and we’re locking down the store temporarily to reduce load. Check back in a few hours!

So just for your reference the procedure during the initial high traffic period for when you do mange to the through to the store, is to send a link to [email protected] with your order number after purchase, we’ll then send you fast external download links which don’t affect our servers at all. In addition to that a BMT Micro link will be available soon, which offers discrete purchase as well as external high speed download links.

Our main priority is to get things up and running and functioning asap. We’ll have this worked out soon. And also on a much lighter and sexier note, I’m going to talk about my thoughts on the Girlfriends 4 Ever journey thus far, the free bonus content and what’s in store for us next!

Thanks for everyone’s support!A Message from Miro, 3.1 out of 5 based on 181 ratings

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  1. Vigor

    Hy Miro
    I do interviewas for a german erotic-website in Berlin from time to time, and maybe you are interested in answering some questions about your work, ideas, and intentions.

    Greetings from Berlin
    Vigor Calma (for erotikinsider.com)

  2. pobebinad

    I’m not getting error messages but everytime I attempt to download, another tab open and show a zip downloading that doesn’t have a clear dl progress bar.

  3. Brian23Palmer Brian23Palmer

    Man it was great!!!! Sorry for the late post back I’ve been watching it and enjoying it for days. Man the beauty, art work, and time it must have taking. Its to much for words.

  4. Josh

    i tried to download a file from the store a,d instead of a download icon popping up a new page opened and started to display code. did i do something wrong and how can i get the download i wanted

  5. dude

    Still can’t download this from the store. Guess there must be some magical way to do it as it seems many people have been able to. I don’t know what BMT download means nor have I received any email expect from zombrio (or whatever it’s called) to tell me that I’ve been charged 24 bucks. Your welcome for the donation, I guess.

  6. Terry

    I’m a mac user and I replaced the patch app. Now I can get to the menu page, then the whole thing is so so so so so slow when I hit the Play button…… Can you guys fix this ????

  7. nocturne251

    After playing the game i kinda expect a little more.Especialy from nude walk and solo mastrubation(the vids a TOO little and you cant move camera as you want).But still its kinda good game and hope the creator(s) correct the mistakes in the future.

    • Alpensepp Alpensepp

      Of course you can’t move the camera… because it’s “just” a video and NOT a game. This has been stated several times. Most current graphic engines couldn’t produce this quality… and there is not a snowballs chance in hell Flash can.

  8. Crisismagnet

    So, just wanted to start by saying that what I’ve seen of G4E is absolutely incredible and everyone at 3DX deserves major props for producing it. That being said, I’ve been unable to get the Mac workaround to function with the terminal. Even after performing it, the starter app comes up with a notice of being damaged.

    Does this mean I need to re-download the file itself or is that what required the workaround in the first place?

    • Alpensepp Alpensepp

      There is a more detailed description on the girlfriends4ever page. Your Mac reports the App is broken, because it’s not signed by Apple (obviously), so you have to allow unsigned apps. That’s a 10.8 “feature” and as I only have OSX10.7 I didn’t know.

  9. trollol
  10. Crashzxs

    well, I got mine, and downloaded it, watched it. Its really good, with one gripe of mine I cant really get over.

    Miro, you have a strange fascination with a moving camera. so much so, that a few angles, when sped up, make me seasick. its not so much a problem I cant enjoy it, but in the future could you make shots where its like there’s a person holding a camera still(ish) instead of a camera stuck to a blowup punching bag…

    • miro miro

      I found that moving the camera some made it look more 3D and less static loop type of deal. I can tone it down a little or increase the loop time.

  11. V Lea

    so uh yeah I just saw that Girlfriends4ever was on Hentai-Flix sooooooo uh yeah if you want to get it taken down you might want to talk to the guy there. I have the link but I’m preeeetttttyyyy sure I shouldn’t post it. Yeah.

  12. Deepthroat

    I am also getting corrupt files when I attempt to launch the .exe file. And I can’t get back into the store to re download them and I am not getting any email response to reset my password

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