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Marie Watches 3DX: Simple Onesan Sex Movie Collection

Hi everyone! After last month’s flop of a review, I decided to keep it simple this time and pick something safe. Simple Onesan Sex Movie Collection by Pozhara fit the bill, with a sun-kissed leading lady and high quality preview images.

Getting Started

Guy fucking girl from behind

One of the better angles

It’s been stupidly hot in Sydney this past week. So I decided to watch Simple Onesan at my desk. (For clarification, my bedroom is an oven I dare not venture into.) Wearing only a bra and panties, I sat down to see what I was in for.

“Fuck!” was my first thought.

Inside the folder were 25 separate clips, all 10 seconds long…As I’ve said before, this is generally a bad sign. Immediately I worried this would be a repeat of October’s review. Thankfully, it was not.

Watching Simple Onesan all the way through, the total run time is only about 4 minutes long. Fortunately, you can easily string the clips together in a playlist to make a longer, customized movie. Any clips I liked got looped two to three times, while clips I hated got dumped without hesitation. Before I knew it I had the perfect playlist for sticking my hand down my panties.

A couple complaints

There are two major drawbacks of Simple Onesan for me, the first being that the audio can get distracting. There is a noticeable amount of voice recycling, even before looping the clips in your own playlist. After hearing the voice actress moan like a squeaky chew toy enough times I just had to mute it all. That’s not a terrible thing, however, as it make the whole thing a bit like watching looping porn GIFs on Tumblr.

Girl riding a guy's cock

There is some censorship, unfortunately.

The second big complaint is that the male character is a soft, white-haired dude with a sickly pale complexion. Now I tend to enjoy the average guy x hot girl dynamic in porn, but when it comes to 3DX I feel like there’s often something off about it. Men with average builds can be sexy but when I see that body type attempted in 3DX it’s just…not. It will be overly flabby, formless, and feminine, and I have no idea why.

Onto the fun part

Anyway, with audio muted and unflattering shots removed, I had a nice 7-minute loop that I could watch indefinitely. What I liked most about these clips is that there’s not much identity to them. Lack of identity sounds negative, but for me it’s perfect, allowing me to project any story I want onto it. During the first watch through of my revised playlist I imagined the onesan as a serious professional woman who was being blackmailed into sex by her subordinate.

As the loop went on, so did the story of onesan’s work scandal… As you’d expect, around the clock sex wasn’t enough to appease the blackmailer, and soon onesan had to promote him to keep the information he had on her a secret. From there he quickly climbed through the ranks, impressing his new co-workers and onesan’s superiors through a number of chance encounters. Poor onesan is forced to work double-time to keep up with him as a co-worker while simultaneously keeping his balls empty.

It works for me

Before onesan knows it, her blackmailer is in a position where he could soon be taking her job no matter what she does. Fortunately, he’s not that ruthless, and offers her “a generous” (his words) ultimatum. Onesan can either be replaced by him outright and get packing, or she can “stop taking those pesky pills” of hers. That way, in due time, she can take an extended leave of absence for maternity, allowing him to assume her role at the company temporarily. This would allow him plenty of time to carve out his next promotion so that when she’s ready to come back to work he’ll be well on his way up the ladder. She will, of course, be exactly where she was before any of this started… save for now having to care for his progeny. “A win-win,” as he puts it.

Man fucking white haired girlSo maybe that scenario is a little dark… But hey, I came right around the start of the second loop!

Wrapping up

With Simple Onesan, there’s definitely a lot of replay value here for me. Your mileage may vary, however, depending on your ability to get into it. No transitions or cum shot will be a shortcoming for many, but for $3 it’s hardly a deal breaker. And for someone like me who only needs some decent animation to fixate on, Simple Onesan makes for a wonderful perpetual loop. Check it out if you’re so inclined! Until next time. ❤️

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