Review – Bokunyu – Nurse’s Happy Hospital

Being at the hospital isn’t ideal for anyone. The hospital gowns, the poking and prodding all hours of the day and funny smells, hospitals aren’t fun to be around. Unless you have a sexy nurse to check in on you. Bokunyu – Nurse’s Happy Hospital shows us that sometimes a hospital visit isn’t always bad.

Story and characters

There isn’t much of a story to this animation. A well-endowed nurse greets our patient in the hospital bed. With her uniform ready to burst and barely covering her lady bits, the animation gets off to an interesting start.

There are only 2 characters in this title. The first is the male patient that is in the hospital and the second being the well-endowed nurse. There isn’t much focus on the male patient. He’s in a hospital gown and short black hair. The nurse has flowing black hair, big blue eyes with a short and a form fitted nurse uniform. She’s more than willing to help the patient in any way that she can. The nurse seems innocent but that facade is short-lived when she turns around to fill out papers and she’s bent over just enough to see her panties while shifting her hips from side to side.



The overall animation is good; however there were a couple things that were a little off. The first thing I noticed was the patient. He’s missing his eyes. It’s something that can be overlooked due to the focus being the nurse and her voluptuous body, but it’s still an issue. The other issue lays within the nurse’s facial expressions. During the blowjob scenes, her face looks like it stretches when her mouth is on the patient’s cock. Her eyes also move awkwardly. Aside from those hiccups the animation runs smoothly. The nurses tits bounce with every thrust and her ass jiggles when she’s on top riding his cock. All the motions are fluid and makes the animation worth watching.

Sex Scenes and Sound

There is, as always with Japanese releases, genital censorship, but it doesn’t take away from the sex that takes place. During the initial encounter, a conversation ensues and the nurse runs her hand on the patients body and ends up touching his stiff cock. The nurse pulls down his pants and proceeds to give him a blow job. As the days go by the intimacy intensifies. It goes from blow jobs to the nurse taking her clothes off and showing her huge tits. She gets on her knees and gives a tittyfuck and then hops on top and rides his cock. The animation continues with multiple sex positions making the animation interesting from beginning to end.

The sound in the animation is well-synced. The nurse’s voice brings her to life and adds to her seemingly innocent persona. She’s very outgoing and upbeat. She wants to do everything she can to relieve her patient. It slowly turns into her wanting the patient for her own sexual gain. The male patient is silent the entire time. And while the main focus isn’t on him, it makes some of the “conversations” awkward. There were times where the nurse would respond to something the patient said; however, without him talking at all, it makes it seem like a one-sided conversation.



Overall the animation is good if you’re looking for something with a lot of sex. Despite some of the hiccups in the title in regards to the animation and sound, it is something that is worth watching. The genitalia on the male patient is censored but it doesn’t take from any of the sex scenes or the overall animation. Be sure to check out Bokunyu – Nurse’s Happy Hospital for yourself at DLsite!

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