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NEW Store Release – Looks Can Kill Plus & X Collection

Not everybody can be doing erotica forever. At a certain point, the work that goes into it can be too much. There’s nothing wrong with leaving, especially if you feel it’s the right thing in your mind. You may want to do something else that piques your interest. Or sometimes, you just have to move on. Such is the case with Craig Wentworth, aka craigos. We know him better as the mastermind to Looks Can Kill. An expert at drawing erotic pinups, his jump to 3DX was nothing short of amazing: Injecting realism in a scene often accused of being little more than controlling dolls. He took his work to new heights through using Reality 2, and experimented with new ideas, as a partial pay service, LCK+.

In August, craigos announced the end of Looks Can Kill, which is winding down this month. After 14 years of creating pinups and erotica, it was time to hang up the clothes, the pen, the guns and the renders. It was time to move on. Being in the scene for far longer than most girls in porn, that he had a solid base of support with more than 20000 subscribers to LCK+ and LCK X is admirable, especially when many of us can barely get a few hundred followers on Tumblr or DeviantArt. So credit to him for lasting as long as he has with his girls Eden, Madison and others.

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We at Affect3D wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors. In honor of his retirement from erotica, we are offering the complete collection of both LCK+ and LCK X at the Affect3D Store. In the LCK+ Collection, you get all the drawings and renders craigos has done over the last 14 years, more than 1600 images. These include early images from when he was doing 2D comic drawings of his characters in different poses and styles. Clothed, topless or naked, these women were made with care and consideration, and the effort that went into them has to be seen to be believed. The LCK X Collection includes more than 200 images that focus on the more hardcore stories that craigos made in recent years. With lesbian, gangbang, and threesomes in the mix, there is something for everyone who would like to see Madison Shaw have a little more fun in her life.

The LCK+ Collection and LCK X Collection are available for $10 each at the Affect3D Store. Take a bit of erotica history with you today.

Note: For those who previously purchased the Looks Can Kill Pinup Collection, the download has been updated to be the Looks Can Kill + Collection. You can download it from your store account.


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  1. hzr

    Good luck in whatever you want to do next man. Seen alot of your shots over the years, always a good erotic vibe in them and more often than not also a very high level of authenticity that most ppl just do not get in their work.

  2. Pathetic

    Too bad he is going…unless it is to happier things.

    I have been a member of his site for many years..really loved his work.

    I selfishly hope that he comes back (he has retired before).

    But, if he never does, hope things work out craigos.

  3. redrobot3d

    It’s sad to see when a master of his craft decides to leave the field. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve used his work as a cornerstone to judge my own work. But being in it as long as he as I can see him wanting to explore new avenues of creativity for his work. Perhaps he just needs a break to recharge his creative energies. That can happen from time to time. I wish him the best of luck in whatever new paths open for him down the road.

  4. Wobbegong

    14 years??! Wow thats pretty amazing. Well I am ignorant to his work since I discovered Affect3D not too long ago but I also wish him good luck.

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