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NEW Store Release: Mad Alyss 4 – Ghost Ship

Yarr, maties! It’s time for booty and plunder! Or… perhaps just booty. Lots of it. Amusteven brings us Mad Alyss 4: Ghost Ship, the series’ first foray into dickgirl fun! Time to swoop the deck? It will be, after Alyss is done with it!

On her way to meet the Queen, Alyss had some high-in-the-sky fun in the series’ previous installment. After tumbling out of the blimp and back down to the world below, however, she found her journey taking a darker turn. Landing in the ocean, she was captured by zombie pirates working for their mermaid captain. Alyss is the booty they were promised, but our favourite girl has a little surprise of her own: the mysteries of the ocean have outfitted her with a brand-new dick!

What follows is what any fan of the series is well familiar with: Alyss shows her violent side, and takes control of the situation away from her captor. Things escalate rapidly, and before the captain knows she’s being taken in all holes by both her crew and Alyss’s new tool.


1095-895Mad Alyss 4: Ghost Ship takes things up a notch by including 95 HD renders as well as five turntable animations, compatible with both Windows and Mac, that will allow you to take a closer look at some of the set’s sex scenes in 360 degree vision! For fans of the series, this release is an obvious buy. For everyone else, all I can tell you is to check this artist out. Mad Alyss 4: Ghost Ship is available on the A3D store for only $10.95, but for a limited time, you can get it for only $8.95! So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now!


Buy Mad Alyss 4: Ghost Ship at the Affect3D Store

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  3. pizzicatoDog

    Dude, this is fantastic. This review is actually about all of your works, not only Mad Alyss 4.
    You can be sure I’ll buy anything that you produce, and I’d love for you to do more and more! Please keep it coming!

    Anyway, what I love about your art is the awesome detail you put in your 3d models, specifically the skin of the girls. The bodies are also realistic, not hugely exaggerated like most of other artists’ work. I also like the foreplay you mentioned, even when there’s no sex yet (maybe that’s a plus for me bc I have a thing for clothed sex), and you happen to include a lot of my favorite kinks: natural-looking cleavage, under/sideboobs, nipples appearing through clothing or slipping, forced sex/bondage context, you happen to feature barefoot girls all the time.. I mean, I fell in love with your work! Congrats!

    A little suggestion: you mentioned somewhere that you doesn’t produce more because you’re stuck in a boring job 9h a day, so I’d suggest maybe you could setup a Patreon account? Monthly income from fans often makes studios/artists become able to use that as their main money source (even for adult animation, check out Studio FOW success for example – they’re making almost 10 grand a month). It may be hard ro gather a following, but it’s an idea.
    Thanks for it and keep up the great work!

  4. mordicai

    Grade: B-

    So we’re all on the same page: the main event is 95 still images with text, like a comic book with only one frame per page. There are also textless copies and a Flash & windows exe included (the “turntable”), but which I haven’t seen yet.

    About a quarter of the main event is non-sexual plot (~20/95 images). That means no suggestive or titillating dialogue or imagery, no nudity, and no actual sex acts; the remainder do posses one or more of those features. Perhaps 100% is unreasonable, but I think it’s fair to ask for a heavier tilt in favor of adult content. I think most other titles do skew more that way, although I don’t have hard data.

    The images are crisply-rendered 3D and the women are rigged well. They exhibit generally the same level of detail as the rest of the series; the models’ forms are geometrically detailed and have natural shapes, but you’re not going to see unusually-detailed texturing, or moisture from arousal or exertion, or extreme close-ups with body hair and volumetric lighting.

    The dialogue had enough grammatical mistakes that I suspect it was translated to English from a different language by software, and not checked by someone sufficiently fluent in English. This is more important in a work that is primarily text and images only (i.e.: without audio or spoken dialogue, and without animation).

    In my considered opinion, the story content was on the weak side, both in terms of the non-sexual content and as erotica. There were several non-sequiturs, both in the spoken conversation, and between the speakers’ words and actions. On a few occasions, the writer managed to undercut good erotic ideas by having characters express them in unusually-awkward ways. The quality of the story content has a greater impact in a work with fewer creative dimensions; a weak story is a liability here, though it might not be so much so in something with state-of-the-art rendering, exceptional animation, or something with sexy spoken dialogue.

    I personally didn’t go in for the sex-with-zombies thing, especially because these zombies definitely look unpleasant. There’s a substantial zombie gangbang, and the zombies are rendered with a level of detail appropriate for the supporting roles in similar comics, so there’s definitely room for a squick reaction. I like the turn to futa. But it’s not fair to judge the quality of porn by how well it aligns with your fetishes, so neither fact was considered in my grading. However: if your tastes are such that you prefer your sexual violence and domination to be developed carefully in the story, I think you will be disappointed.

    There are several things I want to point out that are good about this title, because I don’t regret my purchase. I’m voting with my wallet.

    The images are named such that they sort in the correct reading order. Believe it or not, some titles still fail to do this.

    Genitalia is modeled with above-average attention to detail (not groundbreaking, but noticeably better than most).

    Models are rigged well, and their poses are generally believable and appealing.

    Once the action starts, I think the author has good instincts when looking for sexy ideas to call out, even if the road is kind of rocky.

    95 images is a good length. I think something like 50-75 is more common. This is a better-than-average expenditure of animation effort, especially considering the consistent visual quality and the turntable.

    Somewhere between “okay” and “definitely good,” mostly because the story content (plot, dialogue, characterization, and eroticism) is not as good as other works of similar technical sophistication and scope.

    If your kinks are represented here, you’ll probably agree that it’s worth the price of admission. If you positively dislike any of the major themes (futa, zombies, gangbangs), it might not be worth going out of your way.

    I look forward to the next work from Amusteven.

    • J. William

      Well for me I think this set is good if not best. Good and detailed review there.
      I strongly recommend that affect3d hire you as a regular reviewer so we as a reader knows what to expect when purchase XD

    • Amusteven

      Thanks for the objective review and opinion.

      I would have done 75 image that artists commonly do, but i want to add the “foreplay” to the set that i think will make it better for story telling. So I add 20 images to become 75 total. There is like no price increase considering it included a 360 animation. So I think this as an added value.

      As for the other aspect that you have mentioned, I will look into that and keep improve myself for future title. At the time being I am more focus on the model geometry and also the pose naturality on the character. I manually polished the model for every pose and every frame. Graphic quality and lighting are also my priority. These factors has added very much to the increase of time.

      And thanks the good point and your purchase, as well as critics. Hope you can do this kind of review more regulary so that we artist can realize weakness and make improvement.

      • Mordicai

        Thanks for reading my review, @Amusteven.

        Now that I know you’re reading this, I want to say: thank you for the work you do. I check this site every week in part because I hope to see something new from you. My wallet opens for you like the labia of a woman who is absolutely overcome with lust. Reach in and take something.

        I couldn’t agree more: the 20 “foreplay” images are definitely a bonus.

        Keep bringing it.

  5. J. William

    This turnout to be great! The new mermaid girl is so gorgeous. And the 360 animation was unexpected but it really is a huge bonus. Keep up the great work.

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