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278 Comments on Contact / Support

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  1. David Kopkin

    Has anyone of the 3dx artists 3d print their models? If so, how much would a model or statue cost? Is there a site that we can buy it from?


  2. Mrstealth1993

    Hey there. I have a question regarding the first DLC for the Girlfriends 4 Ever flash.
    It states that if i already own Girlfriends 4 Ever, then i can get the DLC for free.
    But i cant seem to find out how to get the DLC downloaded.
    Do i have to redeem something to get the DLC?

  3. ronald

    Here we are over 2 years and still the problem with running G4e has not been solved. You got me once and I won’t be back. I am at if you wish to comment, but won’t be holding my breathe since the rar link is 3 years old and there are hundreds of like comments going for back years.

    • Hana Hana

      Hi Ronald,
      Thanks for contacting us.
      I’ve sent you an email regarding your problem.
      Hopefully we’ll be able to solve it for you.

  4. austin

    i downloaded DLC2 but it wont install. it just says “package is installing” and nothing happens. ive been sitting here waiting for over 2 hours now

      • Hana Hana

        Hi there!

        I am not sure if you are still experiencing this issue or if you have already solved it, but please try the following:

        1) First make sure you have G4E incl. DLC.01 installed. The DLC2 installer will not work without this. (Also please check that both are of the same version, the newest is 1-8)

        2) Also ensure you’re on the latest version of Adobe Air. It’s recommended you uninstall Adobe Air via Program Files if present. And re-download and install from here:

        3) On windows try to right click on the ‘G4E_DLC2.exe’ icon and select ‘run as Adminstrator’. Then click on the ‘Install’ button.

        4) If this doesn’t help, as a quick fix:
        For windows: copy the entire DLC 2 directory found in ‘’ to your G4E dlc directory (example: ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\G4E\assets\dlc’).
        For Mac: copy the ‘dlc2’ directory found in ‘\contents\resources’ to your ‘G4E\assets\dlc’ directory. Rightclick on the ‘G4E’ app and choose “Show Package Contents” to see it’s contents

        5) If it’s still not working out, please contact us at

  5. J

    For anyone trying to install the G4E dlc 2 and it gets stuck. try installing the game in a directory different from the default one, and then installing the dlc. it worked for me.

  6. Juan

    I’m also with the crowd that had G4E and DLC 1 installed without issue… DLC 2 however, when I try the exe per the instructions… I’m told that the application requires a version of Adobe Air that isn’t found… I’ve un and reinstalled both Air and G4E+DLC multiple times… I was curious if anybody has tried his with Windows 10? And if so, did the encounter similar problems/have any solutions?

  7. Unknown Enemie

    Installed G4E and , dlc 0.1 , works good , but when i want to install dlc 0.2 it gets stuck , after 2 hours of waiting nothing hapend

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  9. DerAlexanDer

    When I start G4E DLC 2 and click “INSTALL” after the G4E1 directory was successfully located, it gets stuck in an endless animation saying “package is installing…”. Even after half an hour it’s still installing…
    How can I fix this?

  10. SJP


    I’ve installed the “Girlfriensd4Ever_incl_DLC1_DLC2” zip file from my downloads page, but after extracting and running the installer, I receive an error from adobe saying “Sorry, an error has occured” and then continues saying stuff about certificate issues, updating problems or memory. Any help would be great 🙂

    • ghomer

      if you are getting certificate errors, check your computer’s system time and date. if those arent correct, it can confuse many of the programs and throw that error

  11. Gary

    I really like these videos.It can be downloaded from somewhere this programe or software? I would like to create my own 3D animation video. I just want to try it. Is it possible? Or just download these videos from the store? Thanks in advance the reply.

  12. centaur

    Reading the thread below I can see that I’m not the only one having problems getting girls 4 ever dlc.01 (windows) to play. I was able to download girls 4 ever original and it works plays just fine. The gilrs 4 ever dlc.01 file will download but i can’t get the zip file to “extract all”. I have sent messages to customer support several time but have not received any response. :o( very frustrating. If anyone has a suggestions on the g4e.dlc01 download problem, please let me know. Thanks.

    • centaur

      I was finally able to get GFE DLC.01 to download and play :o)
      The zip file is very large and takes time to download.
      The program installer is also very large and takes even longer to install.
      Recommendation: If you can see the program files in the zip folder, be patient during the download. It takes time to download everything properly.

  13. matt

    I purchased DLC 1 and 2 a few days ago, i have tried everything to fix this but nothing happens when I click on the application. Please post instructions on how to fix

    • miro miro

      are you having an issue installing both?
      if you’ve redownloaded DLC1 and that doesn’t work make sure your temp directory has enough disk space (usually located at ”C:\WINDOWS\TEMP”), around 3GB is advisable or 5GB if it’s G4E with DLC1 + DLC2
      if you need more help contact

  14. jason

    order # 100123340

    the g4e file will not load.
    nothing happens when i click on it…

    order # 100119257

    i need to cancel the pending because of the loading error that cost me to unable to finish payment.. so i tried against and completed it in a different order

  15. Arikan

    Purchased GFE collection for the dlc some time ago and still dont have access. Pretty frustrating stuff for a first time buyer of the site.

    • Daisy Affect3D Hana

      Hi there!
      I’m not sure if this problem has been solved yet, but if it hasn’t I would like to help you with getting access to your purchased products.
      Could you perhaps send an email to ?
      I will then be able to help you better.

  16. Arkadian28

    I was wondering if Girlfriends 4 Ever plus the two dlcs will be made available through BMT Micro transactions?
    I have been unable to purchase anything through the regular store.

  17. tld

    My order is stuck on pending.

    i messaged support this morning and haven’t heard back from them yet (7:00 pm now).

    i used epoch but I don’t think the order went through.

    i don’t want to order it again until i hear something to avoid being charged twice.

  18. The product I purchased will not download from ‘my downloadable products’ section of the affect3d store. It has been stuck in a pending status for quite some time and keeps giving me ‘link is not available.’ I’ve tried contacting you guys through service@affect3d but I’ve received no response.

  19. Mac

    I’m having trouble with the DLC.02 when I press play it just has the start up screen and wont go anywhere else did I have to download it another way??

    • Slippery

      Same here! Nothing happens? Just a picture? And no instructions? Been scratching my head on this one for a while.. on mac btw

      • JS

        Yup. Me as well! I’m running on Windows though. I installed everything per instructions and was patient enough to wait for the very long install. Then I run the program and the menu doesn’t do anything.. Fix?

        • newartist

          Same here, on a Mac. Just the splash screen, with no menu or controls at all. If you right-click on the you can access the raw files, but the overall product is still broken 🙁 There was a similar issue with the original G4E for Mac, and they provided a patch. Any chance for a fix?

          • Felix

            I’m having a similar issue on Windows. Everything seems installed, yet when it lpads and opens the menu highlights but does nothing.. absolutely nothing

  20. Mrstealth1993

    Hello. I am just popping by to hear how the progress on the Girlfriends 4ever DLC is going.
    It just looks like its going to be so damn amazing when its done.
    And when do you expect to finish the DLC and have it available here?

  21. Chris

    I’m having an issue with the game loading just fine but can’t get past the menu. Adobe says I’m running the most recent version of Flash player. please help

  22. bones12x2

    I just ordered Secrets of Beauty 3 and all of the will not open when I try to extract them. It downloads normally. Then when I try to extract the file it gets about half way then freezes. Then tells me that it is corrupt. I have tried about 4 times now. Anyone else having this problem?

  23. e2r


    Girlfriends 4 Ever player will not work.

    When I try to use the flash player “start” in the part 3 folder, it just stays stuck on 0%. I have the latest flash player software downloaded and installed. I am on Windows 7.

    Also, a few of the files had errors in them after they were extracted.

  24. Mark

    I’m on a Mac. Just downloaded Girlfriends4Ever, un-RARed, found the application, double-clicked it, and it says “The application ‘’ can’t be opened”. It says the same thing if I right-click and select Open.

    How do I get this running?

  25. Tykun

    Hello. I’ve just purchased sexual fantasy kingdoms vol 2, and I am curious if there is some way to extract or download the content in the game on my windows computer. I’m asking because I rarely use my computer, more so I use my android. Thanks.

  26. Finn Mertens

    For everyone who have their load screen stuck at 0% or 100%:
    1. download fix at!5ZBBFJJQ!JMh6dmQwD_NGXbRdFmPZ_H0HIWok9XQxX-2_jDmA61k it and copy-paste to assets folder(at girlfriends4ever folder)
    3.even though you already install the fix, u need to do something else to fix it: –go to assets > data and find data.xml –right click on data.xml and choose properties and UNCHECK the Read-only box. (now you can edit and save it) –open data.xml with Notepad –press ctrl+H and put in the “Find What” box: Affect3D_ and leave “Replace With” box empty then choose Replace all. –after it is done, save the file (if u didnt uncheck the Read-only box, you cant save in the xml file) and your done.
    To correct the white launch screen with 0% issue: The fix files (.jpg and .png files) need to be in a sub folder called app_media within the assets folder to work. It will not launch if they are loose in the assets folder. Follow carefully and it works Perfect

    • Dev

      The load screen is working properly now, but when it takes me to the home screen and i select “play” the screen is just black, with the control buttons at the bottom.

      If I go to “Select Scene” or “Fun Stuff” all the thumbnails are grey, and if i select one of them, the same black screen comes up with just the controls at the bottom.


        • DH

          If you go look in the media folder and then into the audio, thumbs, and video folders, all the files are most likely named something like this “Affect3D_G4EE01P01A02.swf” But the data file isn’t searching for that. What you need to do is rename each file and remove the “Affect3D_” part so it becomes “G4EE01P01A02.swf”. It is tedious and you do have to do it one file at a time but renaming all the files should fix your problem

  27. SWF97

    Hi there. I have a few questions about the G4E game/flash/video. When i buy it, will it require shipment or is it only downloadable. I just don’t want to risk having it shipped to my address. And if its downloadable, does it require a program like WinRAR to be unpacked? Or is it ready to play or install as soon as it has been downloaded. There isn`t really any rush, but i just want to get a answer to all this before buying the file. And you are allowed to send me a notification if you answer my questions. Have a nice day.

  28. David

    Hi. I’m having trouble opening the ‘start’ on Mac. It keeps saying “The application “start” can’t be opened.

    What am I supposed to do?


  29. Wobbegong

    I am trying to buy articles from the store with paypal and I do not get this option. This has worked before so I dont understand why it has vanished from the epoch payment options. I am residing in EU Germany but I dont know if this has anything to do with it since I have bought quite a few things already over paypal in the past.
    I am just a little sad that I will not be able to use the 40% discount now due to this, unless you tell me what I am doing wrong, or if paypal has been removed. If the latter is true then I will not be able to buy anything anymore 🙁

    • Hi there,

      We checked into this and saw Epoch has removed the Paypal option for Germany. The option is still available for other countries and territories, but we’re looking into the reason why Epoch removed the option for our German customers. We’re sorry about the unforeseen circumstance. We hope that the issue between Paypal and Germany is resolved soon. In the meantime, we still offer several payment options in the store. I recommend using an alternate payment method.

      • Mikkillerib97

        Hi there. I have a question regarding the Girlfriends 4 Ever flash game/player before i buy it.
        Will it require shipping overseas or is it a downloadable file?
        Its just because that when i go to the purchase site, it asks for my address, which i am a bit insecure about.
        I just want to be sure that i wont be receiving a really embarrassing package in my mail one day.
        Plus, i am at a pretty tight budget, so it would be nice to know before purchase.
        And have a nice day.

      • Wobbegong

        Oh noes! Well Ill see if I can use another option then but I dont know if it will work for me. Thanks for the fast answer!

  30. Joel Chua

    When I try to use the flash player “start” in the part 3 folder, it just stays stuck on 0%. I have the latest flash player software downloaded and installed. I am on Windows 7.

  31. Will


    Girlfriends 4 Ever player will not work.

    When I try to use the flash player “start” in the part 3 folder, it just stays stuck on 0%. I have the latest flash player software downloaded and installed. I am on Windows 7.

    Also, a few of the files had errors in them after they were extracted.

  32. Jim

    Girlfriends 4ever will not open. The file downloads and uncompresses fine, but the Mac OS X “start” file is not working. I receive this message each time:

    “start” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash. Safari downloaded this file on February 26, 2015 from

    I sent an email on Feb 26 (date of purchase) and have not yet heard back.

    • Hi there,

      We usually answer every email that comes to our service inbox. Though, sometimes our service provider will mistake an email as being spam, so we end up not seeing the email in the proper folder. This issue is very rare, but we still like to apologize for the inconvenience. We have since contacted you about resolving the issue.

      • Essa

        I have the same problem and i am still waiting on a response from your team. Please could someone respond to my email.

        Or just email me on what can i do to get the application working on a mac?

        my email is

  33. samjones200014

    Purchased the Girlfriends 4ever bundle. Downloaded it. Followed all the instructions but the start file is on the 3rd file not the first and it stays on 0%. I sent an email but have heard nothing after a week. Waiting……………..

    • Hi there,

      We usually answer every email that comes to our service inbox. Though, sometimes our service provider will mistake an email as being spam, so we end up not seeing the email in the proper folder. This issue is very rare, but we still like to apologize for the inconvenience. We have since contacted you about resolving the issue.

  34. Dianaranda

    5-1-2015 16:46
    Payment is still stuck on your site as Pending.
    What is going on? the money has been taken from me for the product, yet i cant acces the product.

    Also No answer at all not even a peep from Affect3D staff about this.

    • miro miro

      I believe your issue has already been resolved, but just a note we don’t monitor the contact page quite as frequently, the quickest way to get in touch is to email

      there was a temporary issue with some payment options early Jan, which had been resolved after a couple of days and they should be pretty much instant again

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