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Tara’s Assignments Collection

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Tara’s Second Assignment

Tara is in the mood for huge dick girl cock!



Mr Jones watched the monitor in his lab as Tara “took good care” of the three guys, it was an erotic and amazing show and he couldn’t help but jerk off to the view.

When the long sex session ends he enters the room in astonishment and says to her:
Mr Jones: I can’t believe my eyes Tara!
Tara: What do you mean? *she asks while trying to wipe off all the cum from her body*
Mr Jones: You handled those studs… I would dare say with ease! You squeezed them dry!
Tara: I know, and it was so much fun! *giggles*
Mr Jones: You’ve proven yourself. There’s more to you than meets the eye! I underestimated you!
Tara: Does that mean…
Mr Jones: Yes, I’ll tell you where to find Sayako.
Tara: Yuppie! *she replied cheerfully like a small girl*

So he handles her a piece of paper with an address and Tara after getting dressed as quickly as she could rushes to the door.
All excited she rings the bell of the apartment written on the paper but nobody comes to open the door, then she grabs the knob and notices that the occupant forgot to lock the door.
She calls out with no answer, so she enters and after a few steps she hears female moans.
When Tara arrives at the living room Mr Jones’ words that nothing could prepare her immediately race to her mind. There right in front her clothes and underwear spread across the floor and on the sofa a pretty brunette with big tits and a curvaceous but slender body jerking herself off. Her gaze was immediately drawn to her huge cock and as she saw it her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. OMG, that is the biggest cock I have ever seen! *she whispers to herself*

Tara: You… you must be Sayako! *she mumbles obviously still in shock*

Hearing a voice the dickgirl is startled.
Sayako: W-Who are you? What are you doing in my house?
Tara: I’m Tara! I’m your biggest fan! I’ve heard so much about you….and your cock! It’s really impressive!
Sayako: Could you please leave? As you can see i’m kinda in the middle of something.
Tara: Do you really want me to leave? *she asked coming closer to her*
Sayako: W-Well…
Tara: Don’t you think i could make your dick happy? *she said after getting undressed showing her body*
Sayako: Wow…..you are pretty…..  *her cock immediately reacting at the site*
Tara: You know, even though you’re so manly down there, your face is so cute, it makes me want to tease you *she smiles*
Sayako: What do you mean?
Tara: I mean that I want you to continue from where you left off, if I enjoy the show maybe I’ll help you get off.
Sayako: M-Maybe?
Tara: Eh,eh,eh.
Sayako: Couldn’t we just fuck?
Tara: Sorry sweetie, my game my rules, if you want my pussy you have earn it!
Sayako: Oh… Okay.
Tara: Very well, now that things are clear, why don’t you sit back on the sofa and show me how you take care of your monster cock?
Sayako: It seems I have no choice.
And so the dickgirl sits back on the sofa, she grabs her dick with one hand starting to masturbate while the blonde watches her with a curious and excited look on her face…


What’s in the box

  • 3DX image collection
  • 61 hi-res 3D images in jpg format, dimensions: 1280 x 720 and 1900 x 600
  • 53 previous unpublished images (1900 x 600)
  • blow job, hand job, extreme deep throating, masturbation, foot fetish, self titty fuck, penis growth, cum shots… huge dick girl cock!

Sayako has a wet dream about Tara and proceeds to masturbate and titty fuck herself to the thought.  Luckily Tara gate crashes the party, promptly confiscates her big shlong and performs mouth to cock resuscitation. Sayako has a huge fuck unit, but Tara is determined to swallow as much of it as she can aiming for a personal best no less!

Here’s Sayako with a typical morning stiffy o_0


And what do dick girls with big tits and a big cock do….???

But Tara wants a piece of the action and apparently Sayako does a fine job of opening her anus and pussy, perhaps an early reward for what Tara is about to do to her fine cock!




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Tara’s First Assignment

Tara the sexy, all new leggy platinum blond, taking on 1, 2, 3 dudes! Her assignment was to blow and she did! But grade A students when facing a lack of challenge make their own and so Tara did DP, but even that wasn’t enough…


Tara engages 3 test subjects

Tara and her science teacher Mr Jones.

Tara: “Mr Jones”
Mr Jones: “Yes?”
Tara: “I’ve heard stories about Sayako… is her cock really as big as they say it is?”
Mr Jones: “Well… yes, everything you’ve heard is true. In fact every patient who sees her for the first time… well, no matter how much we try and mentally prepare them, they always end up in shock!”
Tara: “OMG! Mr Jones! You’re not helping! I’m so scared now!… I don’t know what to do! I don’t feel the training I’ve had on the little weewees is enough!”
Mr Jones: “Tara, I need to be honest with you. There’s really nothing you can do to prepare yourself. Sayako is…”
Tara: “Mr Jones, please!! Don’t do this to me. When I see her and slide Sayako’s hard cock deep down my throat, I want to at least have a chance of taking it all! Mr Jones, you need help me! Please do something!?”
Mr Jones: “Oh is that so?… Well um,… you know, maybe there is something I can do. How about… you know… you do me a little favor… and um… I’ll see what I can do for you” *rubs his crotch*
Tara: “Mr Jones!!”
Mr Jones: “Yes??”
Tara: “What are you doing?”
Mr Jones: “Well, I…”
Tara: “Are you serious? Are you coming on to me? You are my science teacher! You are married! You have children. On more word and I will call the police and have you arrested and you will be fired from this school!”
Mr Jones: “Listen… I.. Tara, you know what… forget about what I just said… I was just kidding anyway, I mean I’m your teacher and…”
Tara: “Good, now what can you do to help me?”
Mr Jones: “Hmm… well…” *in deep thought for 2 minutes* “I’ve got it, the MS147!… but no no, no I can’t…”
Tara: “Mr Jones!! What is it? What is the MS147? C’mon spit it out!”
Mr Jones: “Well the MS147 as you know MS is the scientific term for Monster Schlong and so these test subject’s human DNA was cross bread with species blessed with extremely large penises much bigger than you’d find on a human and well… to be frank the test results were successful beyond our wildest imagination. However we’ve had to cryo freeze them, since no patient has ever managed to take on a cock close this size! And I should tell you that…”
Tara: *runs off* “Thank you so much Mr Jones! Please send over three of them to the room right now. I’m undressing and I’ll be in the room in 5 minutes! I need to do this. I need the training! Thank you Mr Jones, I don’t know how to thank you… I’ll see you after the assignment!”
Mr Jones: “Tara…. wait!! Tara!! God, dammit that girl, I don’t think she has any idea….!”


What’s in the box

  • 3DX image collection
  • 91 hi-res 3D images in jpg format, dimensions: 1280 x 720 and 1900 x 600
  • 40 previous unpublished images (1900 x 600)
  • blow job, deep throating, DP (Mouth + Pussy), Tara juggling 3 massive cocks, cum shot

And so Tara takes on three huge cocks and yes they are the same size as the requested “big dick” you voted for, but apparently afar the dick looks a lot more massive than close-up, so if you like seeing Tara suck and blow three exteremly large appendages you’re in for a treat. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this… but you may have a hard time spotting the minuscule dicks o_0

Yes, she takes them “head on” no pun intended and goes deep… real deep! So deep in fact that Tara will stretch her little mouth beyond what you may have previously witnessed. I understand that’s not every one’s cup of tea, so I’ve neatly tucked them away into a folder called “Secret folder – Extreme stretch – proceed with caution!” in other words delete this folder if you’re not into that sort of thing. But if you dare, the files are numbered correctly so you can just drop them in the main folder to have them tie in as part of the set!
For the sensitive types there’s still the cheese cake:

And here’s a full size preview, so you get an idea of what the actual size and quality is. Tara is about to swallow this massive shaft! See the conclusion when you buy the set, hihi!

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