Review: Reflect by Pompurin

Suddenly an angel like girl appears before you. She has come to fulfill your wish and she takes her job really serious. What comes next is over 40 minutes of sex scenes, all packed together in one video. We present to you Reflect by Pompurin.

Story and characters

The main character is the girl that has come from another world to help fulfill your wish. She doesn’t really have a name, but at one point (while role-playing) she calls herself Yui, so let’s go with that. She says she is some kind of helper of the gods, wearing blue quasi-robotic angel wings on her back. I really like her design and first outfit.

The second character is the male person, but we don’t really know much of him. The focus is mostly on the girl and the camera also often shows the scenes from his point of view.

There is not much of a story going on, as the focus of the movie is the sex scenes. The main storyline is that the angel girl wants to fulfill his desires and this leads to various situations. In the first one she is herself, the second she role-plays as a little sister in school outfit, and in the third she wears a tight swimsuit.

Yui in her 'Angel outfit'

Yui in her “Angel” outfit

Animation and sound

The animation looks really smooth. The characters are nicely rendered in 3D, and especially the female character looks really good. Like I mentioned before there is less attention on the male character, so he looks really basic. The creators also made sure to pay good attention to body movements and facial expressions. I do get the feeling that the first “situation” with the angel looks the most detailed. The other two situations look nice as well. That said, there were a few bits where I thought the position of the arms or the speed of movement/penetration was a little off.

As for sounds, it’s all about Yui’s voice and some SFX sounds. There is no background music, so you’re mainly listening to Yui talking and moaning. Which is not a bad thing, because the voice actor did a really good job! In the beginning her voice is a bit hypnotizing (especially with headphones on) as she whispers in your ear very calmly. During the sex scenes she often talks to you while softly moaning. The loudness of her voice/moans vary depending on how intense the sex scene is.

Sex scenes

Since the story is all about satisfying the male character his needs, there are a lot of sex scenes and there is a lot of variation. It starts off with a little foreplay with Yui in control. And instead of just showing one scene where she rubs his penis, the creators added a variety of scenes. And all with different camera angles as well. Just to name a few examples, it starts off with a handjob, then she puts his penis between her thighs. Next she heats things up with a little girl-on-top action, and decides to give him a footjob as well.

To add some more diversity to the scenes, Yui also switches outfits. In the beginning she wears some kind of striped bikini. She then changes into a school uniform, followed by a swimsuit and in the end she’s fully naked. While wearing her school uniform and swimsuit, she takes on the role of a little sister. As apparently that is the main character his ultimate fantasy. This setting treats you to blowjobs, sex from behind, missionary, anal and many more. With all these different settings and sex scenes there is sure to be something for everyone, which is really nice. I only felt like the last sex scene was a little out of place, as the girl didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as before.

Two sex scenes, featuring Yui in her school uniform and swimsuit

Two sex scenes, featuring Yui in her school uniform and swimsuit

Reflect 2

If this product was to your tastes, Pompurin even has a second one for you. It follows the same style and shares the same title: Reflect 2 (around 18min long). This one features a different female character, who also introduces herself as one of gods helpers named tenshi. Even though she says she’s an angel, she looks more devilish with large metal claws on her arms and hands. She is also more straightforward than Yui, though just like her, she’s also there to fulfill his wishes.

Reading his mind, she notices he would like a cute sister and so she takes on this role. This product did give off a little bit of a different vibe to me, since I felt many sex scenes were way too forceful. There is also some BDSM included in the final scene, which doesn’t really fit my taste. So in my personal opinion I’d prefer Reflect 1.


Reflect is a nice animation, which features a cute girl in various outfits, and several settings. Since the basic story is about “a girl from another world who came to you to fulfill your desires,” the creators could put all the focus on the sex scenes. And believe me when I say that there are a lot. Apart from some short dialogues in between its almost nonstop for 30 minutes. I do have to mention that there is the usual censoring and it’s all in Japanese.

If you want to check this product out: Reflect is available here on DLsite! They also have a campaign pack containing both Reflect 1 and 2 here!

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