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Mind Cutter brings an adorable Android game to our smartphones in the form of a sexy little nymph. Charming graphics and teasing voice acting prompted me to check it out immediately. While the animation might leave something to be desired, the cute voice acting and ease of enjoyment features are A+. Let me tell you why Stroker@Zuzu might just be worth your time.

Artstyle & Graphics

Instead of going in the route Virtual Lust went with Neva, Mind Cutter’s stylistic direction is exactly towards the other end of the spectrum. In terms of animation and graphics, Stroker@Zuzu looks like it belongs way in the good old days of arcade apps. However it’s not a shortcoming but rather a clearly informed decision. The vivid colors and youthful art style endears you to Zuzu, The Candy Girl. It’s not just her literally edgy figure but also the setting and furniture of her room that’s exaggerated and sharp. It draws focus to the story and sex rather than choosing to give you simply something shiny to look at.


Voice Acting

In my opinion, it’s by far one of the best parts of the app. A lot of games lack that key voice and sound effects to go with their sultry scenes. And what wouldn’t I give to know the name of this particular voice actress. But alas, we all have to let the moans and dirty talk of Zuzu suffice for now. Right from the start, Zuzu is a tease, from her seemingly innocent appearance to her horny transformation into a nymph. From her dialogues, you can tell that to Zuzu, you, the player, are nothing but another plaything or a sex toy.

Story & Sex

The story is a simple one, for some reason you’re in a cozy room with this dripping wet seductress. Realizing that her makeshift candy dildo isn’t enough to keep her pleased, she tempts you into a wild fucking session on an odd heart-shaped swing. The animations are fun to watch and provide a lot of variety, not just through the gameplay features but also with a clear cut yet linear story progression. From a solo oral tease to some masturbation, followed by blowjobs and doggy style to name a few, the game restricts you by sticking to the script. However you’re not stuck for long as you make your way to the last of five acts to the climax.


Gameplay & Features

The game doesn’t complicate matters with extra features, just giving you what’s necessary. Each of the five acts have three different camera angles, along with six unique styles ranging from slow and sensuous to wild and horny. In addition, each of these styles come with their own climax scene. They usually take the form of a cumshot, facial or a straight-up swallowing scene. With all this variety you will find yourself coming back again and again, even if to just play your one favorite scene in a different angle from the plethora of choices.

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Give It a Chance

Artstyle & Graphics
Voice Acting
Sex & Story
Gameplay & Features
Final Thoughts

Maybe the old school look isn't your cup of tea, but a horny nymph just might be. Give this free app a try and it might yet surprise you! The animation will grow on you as you're sweet talked through the cute voice acting of Zuzu's character into being her favorite boy toy.

Overall Score 3.8 Final Score
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