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Love Yourself Sale! 30% off $30

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the holiday that more people seem to love hating than love. We’re having a sale!* I’m not one to celebrate it myself, not because I have strong feelings against it, though. It’s just because every guy I’ve dated since the 11th grade seems to have some sort of Valentine’s Day-related PTSD from a previous relationship. It really makes me wonder what sort of horrors are actually going on among the people celebrating this holiday. Is it not about romance at all? Are there cult sacrifices? Anyone have some war stories to share?

Anyway, I’ve gone completely off topic. I’m supposed to be announcing a Valentine’s Day sale we’re having. (*I guess I better go back and fix the post so that’s more obvious.) So what’s on? The Affect3D Store is offering 30% off your purchase of $30 or more with the coupon “love30.” Just add $30 or more to your cart, then enter “love30” in the Discount Codes box before checkout. So whether you hate Valentine’s Day, love it, or feel completely ambivalent about it, here is something to help you love yourself a little on this otherwise ordinary February day.

Also, for your information, the sale is good until the end of the 14th, so finish you purchases before then.

P.S. If you use this coupon to buy your girlfriend or wife dickgirl porn instead of flowers, be sure to tell us how it goes. Remember, flowers die, but dickgirl porn lasts forever.

Head over to the Affect3D Store now!

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