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Artist Feature: Sircus

Ah Futanari. One of the most popular fetishes that people find enjoyable in art. Various artists in 3DX like Blackadder, Epoch, and Miro have delved into the genre, creating their own futa artwork. But there’s really one artist that people truly associate 3D and futanari together. Sircus is one of the best animators in 3DX, creating some of the best futanari works you’ll ever see. His animations has been spread on various websites, leaving a lasting impression on many with his smooth animations and the big breasted girls that rock what they’re working with. We were able to talk with Sircus about his works, asking him how he got started and the impact that futanari has on his work.


When did you start in creating 3DX and what led you into this direction? Also tell us about your background in animation. And about the time you started posting your first animated works and the big response you received.

Started sometime around 2006, probably began sharing in 2007. I don’t remember if the response I had at first was big or not.


Majority of your work (if not all) is focused on futanari to where it’s become your signature style. Why did you choose to focus on the futanari genre? What makes it so irresistible for you? Does the girl having a cock have a special significance or is just an improved version of the strap on?

The person that influenced me at the beginning was ArcticWind. I was browsing artwork on CG Shrines a very long time ago and saw this image.  I’m surprised that the website is still up – it’s very much a blast from the past.

I don’t view futanari as my signature style. There’s nothing more signature to it than placing the principles of animation onto futanari animations. There’s no significance to why the girls have dicks. Just that it’s there to facilitate some in-out, in-out.


Let’s talk about dick girls for a moment. Some consider dick girls to be an extreme fetish and yet they consistently rate high in polls why do you think futa is so popular in general?

There’s really no one general answer for that. Everyone that looks at futanari artwork has their own reason for why they enjoy it.


Some consider 3DX as being the perfect platform for dick girls since they can be made to look realistic but also very feminine and also have life like male parts. What’s your view on this?

There’s only so far you can go with 3D characters on limited time. I don’t even consider 2D or 3D superior to each other in one way or another. They’re just different mediums to express your art with. Some of my favorite art comes from 2D: G-Panda (Midoh Tsukasa), Usatarou, and Redrop.



Shemales or girls with dicks, what is your preference and why? Also what is your preferred way of calling them (Dick girls, futanari, shemales, hermaphrodites, etc) and why?

It doesn’t really matter what I call them, but I usually say futanari.


Between the futa enthusiasts there seem to be discussion about dick girls looking more feminine with cocks and no balls or at least balls and pussy. You’ve obviously opted for balls only. Put off by dick girls with no scrotum or something you’re considering in future? And what do you think about the discussion in general?

My animations have futanari with balls just so I can have another thing to animate. As for the discussion on how a futanari should look, again I won’t speak for others. They’ve got their reasons for their preferences.


Until recently your futa girls have always had sex with girls, but now you’ve coupled two dick girls as well. Some may consider that crossing the line into gay. Do you agree? Is there anything taboo about the genre for you?

Whatever I end up making is whatever fancies me at the moment. First and foremost, I do these animations for what I would like to see. If it is shareable, I’ll do so. I don’t make anything I would consider to be gross or violent. All the characters are having a good time, they’re getting pleasure out of their partner(s) in my animations.


And is there anything you have not done with the genre that you’re looking to do in future? Considering that dick girls can perform both male and female sex acts.

That’s up in the air. If I think it would be fun to animation and good to look at, I might make it.


Are there any plans to do non-futa works in the future?

Seems unlikely, but never say never.



You love your jiggly bits and being a fan of big tits and ass I couldn’t be more excited Smile Your animation does lend itself perfectly for bouncing bits. Is it just me or are the boobs getting even larger? Is it just a preference thing? To play devils advocate are there plans for smaller chested girls as well?

Their chests have been getting larger over the years. That’s just me toying with weight and size, and how they would move in certain animations. I wouldn’t be against smaller or flat chested women, but that’s not where my interest is carrying me right now when it comes to animation.


While your animations are fluid and crisp, you keep them at a relatively short time. It leaves us wanting to see more once that final second hits. Have you ever thought of doing an extended animation (like 5-10 minutes long)?

I have thought about that, but it is very time consuming. Adding more characters also adds more animation time – significantly more. One example is the animation I made of four futanari nurses having sex with one woman. That animation was only 10 frames, but it did take a lot of time to make.


What are your inspirations in creating your animations? Any artists whose works inspire you?

As mentioned before, ArcticWind got me interested in futanari. G-Panda, Usatarou, and Redrop are my favorite artists today. I think Urakanda’s works are great too, but I don’t really care for the gore they have in some of their works.


From the models to the animations, you have truly mastered 3D in all its glory. But we’d like to know what goes into creating these works. What steps are involved? What are the software/tools do you use to achieve your goal?

Rigging, character modeling, texturing, and animation all are involved in the process of making these animations. The rigging was done long ago, with some more added here and there. I’m not that good with modeling or texturing, so I modified an existing female model and use rudimentary textures. The modeling and texturing have never been my focus though, as it has always been about the craft of the animation for me. So long as they are serviceable for the animation, they’re good enough for me.

The software I use is Autodesk Maya. No special MEL scripts or anything of the sort.


Do you use key frame animation or soft bodies and motion capture?

Keyframe animation.



Do you have any advice you’d like to give to any aspiring artists?

Keep making art. Focus on one aspect if you have to. Try to understand why what you’re doing is done a certain way, then break out with your own style when you feel comfortable with the principles.


Some of our readers are wondering what projects do you have in store in the future. Care to tell us what’s on the horizon?

More animations as my free time allows. On what, it is hard to say.


Where can we find you online at (blogs, sites, etc)?

F3 Boards and Futanari Palace. Sometimes (rarely) I post on 7chan and 4chan.


Any last words for our dear Affect3D readers?

These animations are still a hobby of mine, one of many that I have. I don’t need donations for them, and hopefully you know better than to give a paysite money for any of my animations.




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  1. Hello
    I love watching futanari especially if one girl and 4 futanari have sex with her at the same time and thank you for what creator and ask him to produce more of this quality

  2. NoMad

    Sircus sounds like a wuss to me, the guy doesn’t even seem excited about being interviewed…Shame he doesn’t do violent or gross stuff. It’s artist like this that let their damn talent go to waste.. Most of the people that do extreme art are only limited to still imagery while guys like Sircus are too much of a pussy to step out of his own comfort zone at least ONCE.

  3. stacy
  4. futafan

    So there was a compilation video of Sircus’ futanari animations simply called “Works of Sircus” on XVideos a while back, and I was devastated when I found it had been removed.

    I was wondering if anyone would happen to have a copy of the video or the song that was used in the video.

    I loved that song so much.

  5. bozworth

    In my head I was hoping, since we haven’t seen much lately from Miro or Sircus, that there would be some kind of collaboration or something. Guess I was wrong… Still love me some Sircus though!

  6. miro miro

    Huge fan of sircus in fact he would have been instrumental in me turning to the dark side, like many others as well I suspect =)

  7. zues

    amazing, simply amazing. I remember what seems ages ago the first time I came across a piece of work from Sircus. It blew my mind. I became a big fan. Yet then for years I couldnt find any new material…

    and yet here I am, at looking at new pieces. This…this is..i…i dont have words to use to show my gratitude. I only wished sir Sircus made more animations. I would love to see so many more.

    Keep up the great work. and major kudos to Affect3d.

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