Monster Girls versus Robot Girls! You Decide!

Monsters and robots seem to be at war for decades in films like the old school Godzilla to flicks like Pacific Rim. They’ve been recurring in manga and anime too. I’m sure you’re familiar with the unwritten rules of the internet: “If it exists, there’s a porn version of it.” It didn’t take long for manga artists to create stories of horrific flesh eating monsters and cold killing machines as sexy babes on the prowl. The better question is which one do you prefer?

I do enjoy my human love stories, but there’s something about extra species girls and androids that piques my curiosity. If you ask me, I’d say I’m more inclined to have a monster girl fetish, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like robot girls too. Monster girls have a broad niche for these species which creates an enticing fantasy for the reader. Monster girls can vary from succubi, vampires, slimes, or my personal favorite, lamias! This genre allows flexibility for the author, ranging from childhood friend tales to an aspiring adventurer becoming a monster’s prey. On the kinky side, there’s the unnatural tightness monster girls have that manga artists proudly inform their readers.


Introducing My Monster Girl. Definitely worth a read.

Introducing My Monster Girl. Definitely worth a read!

If I were to make a recommendation for those of you that are intrigued about how these demi-humans mate I’d suggest starting off with Horitomo’s Lamia of Love story. It’s a cute little tale about a cautious lamia named Erute falling in love with a kindhearted human. At first she held hatred for humans since they hated her because of her reptilian appearance. Erute’s anger continued to fester as she chased away would-be hunters seeking to slay her, but that all changed when she encountered the protagonist. Turns out the MC rescued her little sister and treated her injuries which gradually formed a bond between the two of them. He came to see her regularly and eventually confessed his feelings to her. Erute was still self-conscious about her serpent half and their compatibility, but our hero paid it no mind and showed just how much he truly loves her.


Lamia of Love is a bit of a boy-meets-girl story, but the way Horitomo portrayed the passionate bond between a human and demi-human is a fantasy worth enjoying. His art style is quite intriguing and shows just how much he has taken into account the female anatomy of his extra species girls. Horitomo brings them to life in such a way that you actually find the lower half of these girls arousing. Not only that, but you’ll probably find yourself reading more of his works to see just how far he will go. I recommend reading his other monster girl stories because you’ll see cameo appearances of the other girls and their partners which connect them in the same timeline.

As for robot girls, they have their perks too. Since they aren’t human, these automatons of fun are fully capable of performing naughty acts that humans couldn’t possibly compare to. Robot girls are basically animated onaholes with a personality and that’s just fine. The typical android girl is usually a kuudere which capitalizes on her doll-like expressions, but they’ve been shown to have other emotional traits (I’m a fan of the cheery and clumsy type myself). In mecha girl stories I’ve noticed that they commonly have soft insides that grip like a vice which makes the sex scenes much more tantalizing.

Believe Machine. One of my favorite robot girl stories.

Believe Machine. One of my favorite robot girl stories.

If you’re looking for a good read for your robot girl fantasy I recommend checking out Fue’s Loving An Onahole story. It’s a straightforward story about Tarou Ishijima, a university student who never had a girlfriend a day in his life, decides to save up his part-time funds to buy an android sex toy. It’s set in a time where man has achieved technological advancements and one of the adult industries began manufacturing a line of onaholes to the point they mimicked women. Plus the company had an aggressively catchy ad campaign promoting that sex toys are better than cheating. It wasn’t before long that owning an onahole became socially acceptable. One of the perks of owning these sexy dolls is the startup settings. Tarou has the option to choose from a list of personality and speech settings that will result in his ideal woman.

Or so he thought. Tarou was so excited about finally owning an onahole of his own he ended up interfering with the setup program which created an error. It was nothing serious but the android named Onako activated on her own accord. She suggested waiting another hour to restart properly before Tarou could have sex with her, but watching her do a “self diagnosis” accompanied by waiting another hour after tirelessly working two years to afford her was more than his patience could stand. Onako couldn’t help herself either, it’s in her programming to be used and deliver pleasure.


Like I said before, Loving An Onahole has a straightforward plot. It’s pretty much about a lucky guy fooling around with a lifelike masturbation toy and falls in love with it. Fue illustrates a story that’ll make you fap as much as it’ll make you laugh. There’s a bit of cuteness in it, but that’s just part of his motif.

As the mastermind behind the Fela Pure series, Fue’s art style is one of my favorites. He is an artist who specializes with foreplay and his illustrations of blowjobs and mouth pussies are his medium. He rewards his readers with numerous pages of sensual images of cock hungry maidens who love to “dirty talk.” He’s definitely an author I recommend looking into for a good fap and read.

What about you? I’ve made my decision and my recommendations, but I’d like to know which girl is your fetish? Do you prefer monster girls over robot girls? Would you rather play “dress up” with an automaton of your own or get swept up by an alluring demi-human in one of your wild adventures? You decide. Feel free to list your favorite stories and artists! I’ll be happy to give them a read!

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  1. Bon A Parte

    I do like both but right now i’m more into monster girls because i haven’t read a mecha girl hentai yet where they used the whole potential of a robot girl. Like you said, a onahole with personality but there are so much more possibilites. My own personal fetish is that i like female characters to be slutty and i usually find that much more in monster girl stories. But i have to admit that don’t have so much experience with mecha girl hentais.

    • Inari Inari

      You’ve got good taste friend. If you’re looking to expand your horizons and check out some more mecha girl stories then I’d recommend checking out Fue’s “Fella Hame Lips” story. It’s the full story of “Loving an Onahole.” What better way to enjoy a story with a slutty female lead than a story about sex robot who loves to utilize her functions? ;D

      It’s got a few extra stories as well that are just as enjoyable.

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