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Hey guys. I’m The Dude, and I’m a graphic designer for Affect3D. I’ve designed promo sets for Hibbli3D, 3DXArt, Zzomp, and many others, and now I’m getting in on the action myself. This series follows my progress as I develop my skills in an attempt to one day be counted amongst the heavy-hitters of this industry. I’m starting from humble beginnings and little-to-no experience, to hopefully one day achieve excellence. I’m now two months into my journey, and have discovered a truth that even in the porn industry might come as a surprise: people really like dicks.

It’s a hard cock life

One is a render of a beautiful girl, one that I turned out to be rather proud of. The other is a test render of a big boner. Guess which one got shared more? :P

One is a carefully crafted render of a beautiful girl. The other is a test render of a giant boner. Guess which oneย has 9 notes, and which one has 102?

Putting a dick on a chick is harder than it looks, but I rose to the challenge. Puns aside, the truth is that I’d almost given up on trying to make a futa character work. I know, I know, I’ve only been at it for a while, and I’d have figured it out eventually, but six, seven weeks ago with only half a month of experience under my belt, it seemed like an insurmountable challenge.

The problem with cocks in 3DX is that there doesn’t exist, as far as I’m aware, a base model for futa characters. This is because, surprise surprise, Victoria and Michael and all other derivatives are primarily designed for non-porn related purposes. Giving them functional genitalia is a gauntlet of trial and error as it stands, let alone trying to do some genderbending.

Thankfully, with the help of image editing and sculpting software, most cosmetic irregularities can be ironed out, and it wasn’t until I learned how to put older skills to new use that the door to futa action opened for me. I’m still not entirely where I want to be, as my ultimate goal is to follow the route of Miro and Doubledirk and sculpt a custom dong, but for the time being I’m kind of set.

But what stood out to me more than the skill I acquired in trying to make a futa character work, was the willingness of the audience to settle for less. That is to say, as an artist you try to strive for the perfect render, but the regular porn consumer is a lot less picky. The most-liked/reblogged image on my blog right now is also the one with the nastiest, most ghastly texture seam. People don’t care.

They want the D.

There used to be a time when I thought that dickgirl/futa porn was a rather specific fetish, and that a chick with a dick was certainly not something that appealed to a wide range of heterosexual men. Like what I assume is true for many others, I felt a bit gay after my first run-ins with futa porn, mostly because I’d been conditioned to base my sexuality around my preference in genitalia. Straight men like pussies, gay men like dicks. Simple sexonomics.

Turned out that the reason I’d been keeping men out of my porn had less to do with their schlongs, and more with what the schlong’s attached to. No two ways about it; men are unattractive creatures, and I can’t get into regular straight porn because their moans remind me of their presence and their flat hairy butts are a constant eyesore. Much more fun to look at a pretty, curvy woman. So what of the person who still wants penis in their porn but can’t stand hit-and-miss shemales? Well, the obvious answer lies in our imagination, and as it just so happens, we live in that curious time where we have nearly unlimited means to turn fantasy into reality.

Of course, none of this is news. This whole line of reasoning is why the futa genre exists in the first place. It’s why, going back as far as the Romans, men have always been strangely fascinated with creating huge-cocked figures or talismans. The Fascinum, for example, was a penis pendant that would be fixed underneath the chariot of a general returning to Rome in celebration, as a way to guard him against evil spirits. It’s where the word ‘fascinate’ ultimately comes from; to bewitch, enchant, or captivate.

Blonde hair, big tits, and a huge dick. All the visual cues for men are present. Too bad, Romans. You missed out on the age of 3DX by a good number of years.

Blonde hair, big tits, and a huge dick. All the visual cues for men are present. Sucks to be you, Romans. You gave it your best shot withย painted vases, but I’m thinking you’d have liked the age of 3DX a whole lot better.

Moreover, the suggestion is implicitly made that obsession with penis size is a male thing, in the sense that men, more than women, attach value to size. Granted, there exist size queens, but what if that’s just a natural byproduct of belonging to a gender that has to fuck a cock rather than have one? What if the importance that men place on dick size comes from another source entirely?

After all, while there exists small-dick/realistic futa porn, most of it is in one way or another a gross exaggeration of reality. Look at the most recent poll that Miro did for additional G4E DLC scenes; faced with the choice between giving Sayako an even bigger cock, or a smaller one, the overwhelming majority chose the former option. And she’s already packing a fifteen incher! Try getting a guy to admit to this trend in person, and you’ll be hard pressed to get a similar confession. The privacy of the internet, however, reveals a different truth.

Coming back to the Romans, not only did they adorn their vehicles with Fascinum pendants, they even worshipped large-cocked gods. Priapus was known for his permanent, colossal erection, a virtue equated with fertility and health. Mutunus Tutunus, literally a dick, was a deity seen as a sexual initiation for women; in mythology they were made to ride him to banish the shame they associated with sex and lust. Note how this correlates to the point I made above: it’s men thinking that big dicks are what women need, and bringing them to their deity. It’s not women lining up to bone him.

To say that men like big dicks appears to me to be an understatement. Size is sacred, in a way, and despite centuries of sexual repression, subconsciously we haven’t much changed.

So what about the ladies?

Ladies, do you relate to either of these two girls? To both? To neither? I'm curious.

Ladies, do you relate to either of these two girls? To both? To neither? I’m curious.

I suspect that if I’d stuck to making only regular, biological femalesโ€”no matter how prettyโ€”my blog wouldn’t have exploded the way it did. Just a month ago, it counted 60 followers. Now I’m rapidly approaching the 500 mark. Renders with dickgirls in them get shared and liked into the high heavens, renders without much less so. That’s not to say that people like women any less. I’d wager that the vast, vast majority of my followers identify as being interested in women. It’s just that they see 3DX as a means to escape the constraints of the physical world, so why spend your time looking for things you could just as well find in regular porn?

The appetite for dickgirls appears to be much more widespread than I previously suspected, and it stands to reason that if Miro had made G4E a regular boy/girl title he wouldn’t have become such a big player in the 3DX field so quickly. It does beg the question, however: clearly if you want to be seen in this industry, dickgirls are the way to go, but what of those artists who aren’t interested in this kind of material? Do they have to sell out, as it were? Compromise on their own taste? I’d like some feedback from other 3DX artists on this who aren’t interested in producing futa content, or simply haven’t gotten around to it yet.

And, of course, what about female porn consumers? Ladies, do you feel unaccounted for in my assessment of the situation? Am I making a mistake by assuming most of my audience is male? What does futa porn do for you? My assumption is that a straight woman is less interested in a cock attached to a girl, simply because the female body turns her off more than male genitalia turn her on. How do you feel about the popularity of futa porn among men? Does it mean anything?

I’m looking forward to people’s take on this. For now, it’s back to rendering. In the spirit of this article, I’ll try to have a cock sculpt ready to show next month.

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  1. ArtGuru

    You seems to be a 3D rendering prodigy! I love your work. I hope you get a chance to do some bondage and sex dungeon scenes ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. RwnMcLghln

    What is it that WE love futanari? My honest opinion: maybe it’s the dynamic of having an ‘actual’ dick or two with the fewest number of men possible (none is perfect); maybe it’s the girl-on-girl fuck without the need of any kind of strap on, but involving a LOT of cum, which is one of the best part of the fetish/fantasy (oh, and the precum… WOOOOW!!! kudos!). I personally love the see a beautiful woman spurting her love juices from her parts, from as many parts as it’s possible, and I find it AMAZING to the see a futa dripping wet of pleasure, from her pussy, arse, dick or ever her titties (seriously!)… Anyway, my point is it HAS to be futa for me. I can easily fantasize about n futa girls fucking each other in the pussies or arsehole (FYI, I actually like the balls on a futa girl), but to me, there has to be pussies. Otherwise, it’s just a ladyboy with tits, and that doesn’t work for me at all. I seriously tried. Doesn’t work ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

    And also:
    http://thedude3dx.tumblr.com 10/10 (y)

  3. Xipibug

    A girl with a big dick and pussy is a unrealistic thing that awakes fantasies. A girl with a big dick and bolas is just a guy with boobs.

    Futa on female is great and futa on futa (ever using her pussies) is curious, a feminine male in female is classic and boring.

  4. bacikcer

    I think you hit the head on the nail. I love the genre. for me, the bigger the better. I do wish there were more content out there. I wish you the best with your work and look forward to seeing it. I do want to ask about your tumblr blog, if it is up and running because i’m unable to find it.

  5. tesseract

    Your comment on futa porn and dick attached to a girl and not an ugly man is accurate. Also studies confirm.
    Check my comment on Miros G4E DLC “event”.
    I urge u to not just have men with tits. I vote for futanari – having both. Women with dicks. Vaginas and dicks. Balls to your choosing.

  6. miro miro

    it’s not that people don’t care for quality, they most certainly do, but they will settle for the right fetish/ characters/ composition over little details… the best quality won’t help if you’re working with a fetish nobody likes

    just my opinion… but the huge dick thing is quite simple, men including myself like exaggerating everything beyond reality also called imagination… the entire super hero genre is an exploration of expanding human capability also the big monsters genre including a big ape (king kong), big lizard (godzilla), big shark (jaws) and of course the most vicious of all the big monster donger ๐Ÿ˜€ … a bigger dick just means more pleasure in fantastic not realistic terms

    well I think boy/ girl is still more popular and dick girls is certainly not the only ticket to success, but there’s tons more “competition” for regular fetishes so to stand out you’d have to try a lot harder/ be more unique… but yeah, dick girls and 3DX are essentially a perfect match ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The Dude The Dude

      I think you’re right, but I didn’t mean to imply that people don’t care about quality -at all-. They definitely do ๐Ÿ˜› And I do, too, or I wouldn’t obsess over tiny details so much. It’s as you say, if something is poorly done but appeals to a fetish better than something that’s well done, quality takes a back seat to arousal. Obviously if something appeals to a fetish and it’s done well, it’ll always win out over what isn’t done well.

  7. Vaeraun

    Personally I would have preferred Sayako staying @ 15 or even go down to twelve, but then again I don’t have a hyper fetish that most people seem to have. I like Big dicks, not colossal dicks, dicks that a human being could actually possibly accomodate, dicks that can be hilted balls deep.

    Being bi i’m into both futa, men and women to varying degrees. As well as monster sex, oviposition ect ect. Skyrim and New Vegas mods provide all of this. Both have tons of monster sex and futas and hung dudes, though New Vegas offers far more in oviposition content while Skyrim excels in big hunky dudes thanks to Shape Atlas Male.

  8. anon255

    I have thought about this before, i also don’t like straight porn because seeing a dude with a hairy ass make sex faces and moan is really not my thing, so why do i like futa so much?
    I like watching women orgasm, i like watching women in ecstasy, the problem with porn is that there are more videos of women faking feeling good than actually feeling good. The advantage of being a man is that feeling good is very easy and obvious to the opposite sex, a woman with a penis can’t fake being turned on, she can’t fake an orgasm, even though i don’t specifically like looking at dicks, it’s clear that a lady with a 12″ hard on is feeling kinky, and that turns me on.
    I’ve always liked busty clothed women, something about being able to see a girls sexy body without seeing it nude is sexy to me, this also carries over to futa, a woman also can’t fake her feelings when she’s pitching a tent and looking embarrassed about it.

    • ammon17

      Here, here. Another thing about paid porn is that even if the women are somewhat into it, (and also in good physical shape), they always give off that vapid promiscuous vibe that is just so unappealing. Plus the guys in paid porn are almost always circumcised, meaning reduced pleasure for him as well. That is how they last 10-40 minutes at a time. And does the woman ever genuinely orgasm in all that time? Not usually. And when they do it is only because they are one of those people who orgasm while riding a bike.

  9. ammon17

    If artists ever put as much attention into making interesting male 3DX models that weren’t ugly as gorillas, then maybe more guys would be fine with ‘3D guys with big dicks’ pleasuring the virtual women they see. I am not one to get jealous just because some contrived guy with a bigger cock is having sex with a hot virtual woman or two, and I think more than enough guys could agree with me on this.

    Egos aside, what matters is seeing bodacious, smooth-skinned women being overwhelmed by a whole ton of mind-numbing, cock sponsored sex. I also happen to like it when maximum effort is put into making the woman seem appreciative of her male lover(s).

    From what i gathered in a previous article here on Affect3D, it seem a good number of women actually like humanoid monster on ‘regular female’ 3D porn. Giant ugly orcs, trolls, goblins… all fucking elves, pixies and human females, seems to really get the ladies what they need.

    I think it is the female fantasy of being both overwhelmed by the epitome of brute masculinity, yet also ultimately in long term control of the situation; able to share their body with a powerful male lover, and in the process winning the loyalty of such lust driven, masculine monsters.

    Makes sense. Women often want/need to feel safe and respected, but also want the wild adventure of getting maximum pleasure and awe from a commanding cock. It seems 3DX assists both men & women with such escapism; allowing guys to see women’s fantasies coming true, which is many a guy’s greatest fantasy. There is “nothing” better than an orgasmic woman!

    If you want to talk about impractical, futanari having both an enormous penis and a regular ol’ tiny clit seems exceptionally absurd — speaking both biologically and aesthetically. Yep, I am apparently into something super rare: Women with enlarged, feminine clitorises, in the 4 to 6 inch range. That’s right; the thought of women having large pert nipples, giant pretty pink clits, and hourglass curves seems the perfect ideal. Why can nobody ever share this opinion with me? It seems a lot closer to normal, while still well within the realm of exotic, yet people mostly just yawn at the very notion. ๐Ÿ™

    I would def buy The Dude’s image sets or animations someday; especially if he can consistently capture the right facial expressions, and keep his 3D ladies shiny and curvy.

  10. Austin

    I think the reason why 3d futa is popular is because a beautiful girl is amazing, but when that beautiful girl has a raging hard dick, our brains tell us that she also has the sexual aggression and willingness that accompany a man…without actually being a man.

    It’s amazing!!!!!

  11. xDreamZ

    Really great article! Probably because I wish I had written it myself since it reflects almost to a “T” (or should I say D?) my tastes, and personal discovery of another side to my own sexuality. I also have a dislike for mainstream hetero-porn for many reasons, but the main one is that I absolutely adore and love women.

    My preferred porn has since my youth been solo and lesbian films. I have no use for a guy to abuse my beautiful discoveries. On the odd occasion that I have watched mainstream porn, it’s always from the view of how the girl reacts, what she does, is she also being satisfied and what makes her tick turn to tock. There was also one other underlying “feeling” though, and that was the mind-game phantasy of, “I wonder what it feels like to be the one inside”.

    It is this “feeling” that I experienced when I stumbled upon G4E a couple of months ago and I thought my head was going to explode! I haven’t had a “head-flash buzz” (pun intended) like that in ages. Surprising to me, since I almost never get turned on by blowjobs. However the erotic and perfectly timed shots of the Tara and Sayako BJ sequence just literally blew me away. I’ve surely watched it more than any other clip in my life, and feel it really is historic and epic in all of adult erotica. Not because of me, but instinctively I know that I could share G4E with 20 of my mates, and almost every single one would experience the same thing.

    So it’s interesting to me that The Dude put into words the slight confusion and head-trip that I as well as I’m sure other “heteros” might have after experiencing this. I also think he’s discovered something… as Miro has: there’s something refreshing, strange but all too pleasing when you can mix with such realism, the beauty of a girl and the personal feeling we as men know of desire. You have an odd trans-bodily experience almost, having that extra “connection” of knowing what we feel like by understanding our own desires for women. We will never “know” what it truly feels like to have our breasts rubbed, or our clitoris tweaked…. yet we all know the feeling of a raging hard-on.

    Feeling “it” is that extra “ingredient” to the visual stimulation of 2 gorgeous women getting turned on and sharing ‘their’ secrets together.

    To hell with the psychology, I’m personally looking for as much of this “new drug” as I can get my hands on! So keep up the great work “The Dude” and I’ll also be more than supportive. Your “pro” renders look fabulous!

  12. Engineer Smooth

    Can I give this post 6 stars. Honest, humble views and thoughtful open questions. Sexuality is such a fun and yet complex issue. It is interesting that we react to seeing a massive penis differently than we would to actually encountering one on a woman. I look forward to reading more of the Dude’s posts.

    • The Dude The Dude

      Thanks! I’ve only been doing this for two months, so there are a lot of hudles I need to conquer before I get to animating. But yes, it’s definitely something I want to do eventually.

  13. Female 3DX creator here! *waves frantically*
    I entered 3DX production about the same time as U, Dude. Having seen my Tumblr, U know I have my own share of surprise cock appearances. I’ve had a slightly different experience, however. This could be from some differences between our style choices or our primary sharing location or something else (see below):
    – My main “dickgirl” character is a “shemale”, a straight up (excuse the pun) transsexual. For those who do not know the difference- A transsexual/shemale does not possess a vagina. Hehe Although I do notices spikes in interest in her, her lack of all the parts could be why she’s not spiking as much as I’d expect (oh the puns and innuendo flying all over).
    – Most of my art tends to be posted on DeviantArt and Tumblr at the same time. Unfortunately, DA has a bit more strict TOS for what can be shown. This could be lending to why I tend to see an equal or higher spike in interest with my purely female characters, over my shemale characters. Or maybe there’s just fewer DevinatArt members willing to admit their loves. ๐Ÿ˜€

    For me, as a female pron consumer… I like male, female and everything in between. For me it’s less about the bodies and more about the emotions and intimacy shared between them. And there’s NO reason why that can’t exist between any 2+ characters, no matter what shape they possess. ๐Ÿ˜€

    In the near future some of my image sets will have to have portions posted only in Tumblr, due to things going a little farther than than DA will allow. So maybe that will create a stronger interest in my shemale characters, closer to your experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The Dude The Dude

      Hey DB! Good to see you here ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m curious, would you say your liking women also extends to real life or is it a porn niche only? And would you say that a transsexual is a hotter idea, conceptually, than a dickgirl? Or does that have nothing to do with it?

      • My love of all genders/sexes definitely comes from RL. I consider myself pansexual. ^.^

        Would I say that a transsexual is a hotter idea, conceptually, than a Futanari**? Yes and no. It all depends on the context of your fantasies and what floats your goat. ๐Ÿ˜€ For ME, I find TS’s hotter because being based in reality, it is easier for me to attribute emotional and personality traits to them. Whereas Futa to me are more a sexually charged fantasy race, akin to Succubi or the modern Vampires. That’s not to say I don’t love Futa (I prefer the versions with penis & testicles, separate from the vagina. Just makes more sense to me. Yeah I know what I just said about making sense >.<), cause there's some awesome futa artists out there!

        **-I try not to use 'Dickgirl' cause it's a confusing term that can include TS's in its definition, depending on where U live in the world or whether or not u are talking about porn. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Agent47

    Wow, the images you included in this article look fantastic! I would definitely buy an image set from you in the Affect 3D store. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep my finger on the “Send Payment” button while I wait for your first set!

  15. Ogre

    Hadn’t seen any of your work on the store front before, but pleasantly surprised. Grabbed my attention better than a lot of what is currently out there.

    • DB Spencer DB Spencer

      Dude’s stuff is definitely AWESOME! I think he’s ready now to start selling stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€

      (Look! I finally remembered my password)

    • The Dude The Dude

      Wow, thanks mate! I’m hoping to make a debut set sometime soon, so this is definitely a strong incentive ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Matt

      And in that I would disagree. Seeing a giant cock growing out of a woman’s clit or just resting above her vagina is just odd to me. Funny actually, because a woman having a dick at all should be strange to me ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Velius

    So the Ancient Romans had their own version of TruckNutz, whodathunk? But I digress. Futa is by no means the weirdest thing I’ve ever fapped to, but IRL, I tend to somewhat old-fashioned when it comes to intimacy. I don’t bother trying to rationalize my fetishes and I don’t apologize for them, but I also don’t advertise what I’m into for the same reason I don’t walk around with my cock hanging out of my fly: that would just be asking for trouble. So I figure everybody is some kinda freak. Live and let live, amirite?

    • The Dude The Dude

      Live and let live for sure. For what it’s worth, I’m a lot more open about what I do, and I’ve found that friends respond overall positively to what I’m doing, even if they’ll add to their support that futa porn is something “they would never fap to.” As time goes by, I’m finding that harder and harder to believe ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. Kriddius

    This is a brilliantly written article and, as I’m sure many men out there will likely refuse if asked in person, *exactly* reflects my own thinking on the issue. Great big, powerful cocks on a gorgeous woman banging another, equally hot girl is the best of both worlds. You get twice the beauty of the female body, with a dick I always wanted but reality says I can’t have. I’m fairly “new” to futa porn myself, less than a year since discovering them. My roleplay companion whom I play several MMO’s with enjoys writing erotic stories with me and our characters are many and varied. Since discovering this genre, my futa characters have multiplied until they rival the “straight males” in number, with a demon, vampire and an android thrown in for good measure, two of which, are also dickgirls.
    I love the genre, keep them cumming!

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