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Dickgirl Revolution

“Have you played Majora’s Mask?”

This was the question I badgered everyone I knew with for a week. If you don’t know it, here is what you need to know: Majora’s Mask is a game in Nintendo’s RPG series, The Legend of Zelda. The game follows the adventures of Link, an unwitting hero roped into saving the world after encountering Skull Kid, a mischievous imp who’s been possessed by a creepy, evil mask. In their meeting, Skull Kid steals Link’s magic ocarina, then uses dark magic to transform him into a forest sprite. From there, Link sets off to get both his ocarina and his normal body back. In the process, however, Link uncovers the mask’s evil plot to destroy the world by crashing the moon into it.

There’s more to the game, but the only other thing you need to know is that the moon is a looming, ominous presence in the game. As each day passes it grows bigger and bigger in the sky as it gets closer to destroying the world.

Dreaming in Futanari

Now that everyone is roughly on the same page, I’ll explain why I was asking my friends about this game. A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about Majora’s Mask, only with some slight changes to the plot.

linkle blowjob

Linkle blowjob by pockYin

In my version, Link happens upon Skull Kid just as he does at the beginning of Majora’s Mask, but instead of being transformed into a forest sprite, he get turned into a dickgirl. From there he…er, she embarks on an adventure to get her old body back, but with every passing day she becomes more and more encumbered by her dick, her breasts, and her sexual appetite, all of which are growing bigger and bigger.

It was a pretty hot dream, and I woke up with my pussy as wet as it gets.

Now what’s notable about this dream is it was the first time I ever had a futanari sex dream. As someone who hasn’t always liked futanari, this feels like an important moment for me. I don’t think it means anything in particular, but I do think it highlights how futanari has saturated my life. I write about dickgirls, I think about dickgirls, and now I’m dreaming about dickgirls. “It’s a dickgirl revolution,” Miro once said, in response to me telling him how futa had gone from something I had mild feelings for to something that now resides on “Marie’s list of things she can look at to get off in 2 minutes flat.”

Correlation isn’t always causation…until it is

I think this is an interesting transition because the first time I saw futanari, I didn’t like it at all. (This was years and years before I started working with Miro on G4E, mind you.) I often hear people saying “I can’t help what I like” as justification for why they don’t like something. I don’t think that’s true, though. For me to go from disgust to lustily daydreaming about dickgirls suggests that personal taste is malleable.

Futanari linkle

Linkle by pommegenozide

Now sure, maybe I’m a unique, outlying case that doesn’t represent the majority. Or maybe I always liked futanari, but I experienced some sort of dissonance caused by cultural programming. I think it’s probably more likely, however, that everyone’s tastes can change under the right conditions. In my situation, I think what opened the door for dickgirls was overcoming the shock. The first time I saw futanari, I likely clicked away from it very quickly. After more exposure, though, I started to come across the occasional dickgirl image that I liked. Nowadays I’m absolutely fixated on futanari, probably getting off to it maybe 20% of the time I orgasm. I suspect there is a strong correlation between this mentality and my increased exposure to dickgirls through Affect3D.

So I want to run an experiment. My hypothesis is that continued exposure to dickgirls will foster a love and adoration of dickgirls in humans previously disinterested in dickgirls. Now I just need to find an organization to fund this….

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  1. Skylär Astaröt

    I think that the assimilation of dickgirls, cultivate a love to futanari human, It is what happens to me with a trans friend, I would like to devour your huge cock and drink all your hot milk, it would disillusion me if she did not have it. I disclosed the futanari for Girlfriends 4 Ever, I have seen all the chapters and I felt myself in the skin of Sayako, I want being like her!!

    I want to revive that moment with my girlfriend, are thinking very seriously doing a series live action, but he would have to look for a producer to carry it out, while I am developing the dash of all the chapters, as well as background, situations and adaptations of erotic books, and music of course done by me.

    If there is something in which he can make a contribution, count on me, Marie.

  2. redfourcatx

    Okay Tara’s transformation looks incredible. I really hope this story comes soon! Please can you offer any teasers?

  3. UndercityIV

    My bad, can someone delete the other one I just posted before this? Thank you. Its the one below this post.

    Bible Black is the reason why I got into it. That bathroom rape scene with the futa aggressively trying to breed the hell out of that helpless bank teller via r*pe? Now that is one scene I cannot stop getting tired of jerking to over and over and over and over again. I wish someone would redo that shit in 3D, would be so damn hot to see. But I don’t think a lot of people on here is into Non-consent sex when it comes to art, and that’s really a shame. Aggressive unwilling sex in art is just a major turn on for me, especially when the victim is a woman and the predator is a futa with her balls still attached to her just forcibly tearing up a delicious pussy. It just doesn’t happen often in animation, too much consenting going on, if only an artist besides me could just step out of the shadows and recreate it.

    Sadly I can only do this stuff still imagery wise, if I had the animation talent like Miro and all the others I’ve seen recently through Patreons? Oh My god I’d go crazy with this stuff. http://undercityiv.deviantart.com/art/BIBLE-BLACK-REMAKE-Kitami-attacks-Miyuki-Scene-650245408 there that link is to one of the remake scenes in BB I did, that swimmer that gets anal r*ped. The part where she cries after Kitami forces her cock in her butt? I always blow my load. LOL. Again I wish somebody would remake all those damn scenes but make them waaaay longer than the originals.

    • I’ve only seen Bible Black once, so I don’t remember that specific scene, but overall I did like it. With the reboot craze that’s been happening lately, I wouldn’t be shocked if the original creators of Bible Black decided to remake it one day. I can’t imagine a 3DX artist recreating it, however, because it’s quite long and you wouldn’t be able to sell it afterward to recover the time and labor cost. Easier to just create new stuff that we own the rights to and don’t have to worry about getting cease and desist letters for.

      As I’ve said before, due to the restrictions of our store and payment system we can’t do much in the way of overt non-consent content. We do skirt the edges but flat out rape would get our store shut down. There are plenty of staff here who enjoy non-consent content, however, but if and when we create it we have to distribute it somewhere else.

  4. borsten

    The same goes for me. When I was younger, I hated olives, but now I think they’re absolutely fine. Haven’t dreamt about them though.

  5. D-Dog

    Yeah, I was the same way. In my teens, when I first discovered porn, I quickly realized I was into lesbian and female-friendly type porn, even though I’m a hetero male. I know that in itself isn’t all that uncommon, but when I started getting into hentai and 3D animation, I was exposed to a lot more futa content than I ever had before. At first I kind of avoided it, and didn’t think of it much; the fleeting impression it left on me was that it was a little too “inhuman” and “irregular” for me to get into at all. But after I ended up on a few videos that turned out to have futa content in them, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It was exciting to find a new genre that I was into, and the content I watched slowly moved into mostly futanari.

    Looking back on it, I think it was just a first impression that scared me away from it. I didn’t/don’t like male gay porn or hetero porn much at all, but I discovered a year or two ago that I don’t mind hetero content, as long as the male isn’t shown very much and doesn’t talk much or make too much noise. My best guess is that the genitalia used during the video doesn’t matter to me; it’s just who’s on center stage.

  6. jack pinder

    Those future cultural studies about us and why we thought the way we did. It is a probablilty a born woman or man may be able to choose to become the futa of our current dreams. We will also be able to choose the cock size we want. Lets hope humanity’s sexual desire stays with us.

  7. pathetic

    I find dickgirls VERY appealing IF they are having sex with other females who are NOT dickgirls. Girlfriends 4 ever I find INCREDIBLY hot.

    However, dickgirls having sex with other dickgirls does nothing for me…it is too much like feminine guys having sex with other feminine guys…it does nothing for me.

    It is not homophobia (I have nothing at all against homosexuality). My brain just does not get turned on by the sight of men/menlike people doing it with other men/menlike people…or men at all.

    • How do you feel about dickgirls with pussies, getting fucked in their pussies? I was just talking with TheDude about this the other week, and I think his style, with it’s focused on ultra-feminine dickgirls works quite well for dickgirl on dickgirl content.

      I don’t have an issue with dickgirl on dickgirl content myself, but I do like my dickgirls to stay feminine. If they get too buff it feels more like a guy with boobs than a girl with a dick. My brain completely switches off for guys with boobs, but girls with dicks is just peachy.

      • The Dude The Dude

        Yeah I wanted to chime in on this. I was having a conversation with some folks at a party a day or two after I had this conversation with Marie. We were discussing dickgirls and dicks. Btw this was a completely regular party, but when you’re a 3DX artist and people know what you do for a living, they tend to force the topic of discussion in a predictable direction, haha.

        So anyway, we were discussing dickgirls and dicks and one of the girls asked me if I am turned on by what I make. I tell her yes, I am. Mind you, this is a common question. People readily accept the fact that someone might pursue a career in 3DX, but a lot of them have the expectation that even if I do make 3DX, I should at least be turned off by what I make. They somehow think it’s more acceptable if I just soullessly accept my audience as being sexual deviants that I want nothing to do with. Which I find weird.

        So she asks me how it’s possible that I, a heterosexual male, am into giant dicks. I tell her that almost all heterosexual males are into giant dicks, and that porn search statistics show that men use it as a search term before they start searching for female genitalia. Compared to women, men even search for giant dicks more.

        So why is this? Well, it’s because sexuality is (I think) more oriented at bodytype than genitalia. Which is why FtM transgender models are popular among gay men. Dudes with pussies, the inverse of the shemale trope, works really well for them.

        This all goes to the spirit of the comment made above: one dick is enough. But is it? I don’t mind a whole buncha dicks so long as the girls are properly girly, AND they have pussies. Multiple shemale/TS characters is more gay than multiple futa girls together, if you get what I mean. And I think the sales performance of my futa/futa sets suggest that people feel less strongly about penis quantities than they suggest online. The reason for this is probably that we’re introducing loads of new people to the genre who aren’t comfortable admitting to the full extent of their new fetish yet. Or they might not even realise how far it goes.

        But ultimately, what futa porn reveals in all of us is that we like dicks more than we want to admit.

      • pathetic

        It just does not do it for me.

        I get your point, but two penises with two ‘women’ looks like two men to me…no matter how feminine they look.

  8. Degenernate

    I’ll add a data point. Had you asked me my stance on dickgirls five years ago, I would have equated it with TS porn and told you I’d yet to see even a shemale-on-female scene I wanted to watch, I ain’t fappin’ to no cartoons, etc. Then one day someone posted something about G4E on Adult DVD Talk, and it was a revelation, not just because it was the first proper fulfillment of the promise of CGI porn, but because it was my first real exposure to the futanari concept. This quickly led me to Supro’s (amazing) work, and before long I was digging through Rule34 and acquiring a taste for quality futanari artwork. I’ve now (likely forevermore) got futas on the brain, and I generally have futa-related porn on at least one of my monitors when I’m getting down to business (but note I still have zero interest in TS porn). Miro is quite possibly responsible for introducing more people to dickgirls than anyone on Earth, but we’re still just getting started.

    In short, I tend to agree with Fasolt’s Dickgirl Exposure Hypothesis, but I wouldn’t go spending any grant money trying to prove it. Much better to spend it on simply churning out more top-tier futanari porn – all the proof you need will be in search term rankings five or ten years from now.

    Sweet dreams!

    • “Miro is quite possibly responsible for introducing more people to dickgirls than anyone on Earth, but we’re still just getting started.” — I’m making sure he reads that, lol.

      I think you’re right, the connection between futanari and TS porn is extremely strong, and unfortunately it’s an uphill battle to correct. There was a really great article in The Atlantic last year about how Tube sites like PornHub propagate a very narrow view of sex and porn by continuing to use older, incorrect descriptors as search terms. (article here: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/04/pornography-industry-economics-tarrant/476580/ ) Even if we choose to only tag and title our uploads with “futanari” and “dickgirl” there are so many users uploading futanari content and incorrectly tagging and titling it as shemale. We only have so many resources to take down all the illegal uploads of our content, and have no foundation to flag content that doesn’t belong to us, so it’s hard to redefine the terms when we’re battling the masses. We’re also faced with a conundrum… Do we not use shemale tags and miss out on all those search queries, or do we embrace it, hoping it’ll help us grow, and tackle the naming problems later? It’s a tough decision, made worse by the fact that a lot of the time we don’t even have the most views on our own videos because search engines often prioritize full uploads of our content, even if it’s pirated. So we’re coming up below pirates in search, and those pirates are calling our stuff shemale porn. >_<;That all said, I think you're probably right. Funneling resources into more futa production to flood the market will likely produce more desirable results in the short and long term. When the dickgirl revolution really gets rolling into a worldwide phenomenon there will probably be a dozen cultural studies academics trying to figure out what happened anyway, so we'll just leave that to them.

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