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Affect3D Staff Picks #4: A New Hope

Welcome back to another edition of Affect3D Staff Picks, the whenever we do it column where our staff members find something interesting that you might enjoy. Here’s what we have for this edition!


Miro’s Pick: Quake Live

“If you want to kill a bit of spare time but don’t have hours, put that twitching trigger finger to good use and lay down the law old school quake style. Yes, it’s the old light weight quake 3 based FPS game in the vein of unreal tournament, that you can play inside the browser (sort of). Be prepared for some frantic but skilful and strategic game play though, otherwise you’ll be blasted into bits faster that you can call your granny to say “I’m dead”.”



Supro’s Pick: Agawar or Ragawa

“Extremely talented artist from Japan. And yes, while I’m a sucker for artists who did a pic of one of my characters, they’re definitely worth checking if you love T&A! So visit their tumblr or DeviantArt page!”



Fredfred5150′s Pick: The Avengers Facebook Timeline

“When not saving the world from alien invasion The Avengers like to relax by spending time on Facebook!”



Alpensepp’s Pick: The Tera Physics adjuster

“Did you ever feel the boobs in TERA are not big enough? The Tera Physics adjuster comes to your rescue! Download it below!”



Morfium’s Pick: Luis Royo

“Dark Fantasy Art, mostly sexy, sometimes even very near to porn.”



Blain’s Pick: Sexy Sniper

“Think she is a bit over dressed for the battlefield! Been playing a bit of Battlefield 4 and came a cross this little pic ;)”



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